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Found 5 results

  1. I just received an Eheim feeding station in the mail on Thursday. I have two goldfish, Asimov and Kritlaq. At first I was very pleased with the new feeding station because it allowed Asimov (the smaller one) to get food without being shoved aside by Kritlaq/having to chase the food all over the tank. The problem is, Kritlaq has rammed himself into the feeder whilst I fed them twice now, each time knocking off a scale. Tonight, I sneezed while feeding them, frightening Asimov, and causing him to knock off two scales as well. Now I know for a fact that these wounds were caused by this and not by flashing, because you could clearly see the differences immediately before and after. I'm not ready to give up on this experiment yet, because Asimov understood it so quickly and because it has allowed him to get his fair share, AND it has significantly reduced the amount of excess food waste being introduced to the tank. So my question is this: Should I go ahead and add some API Stress Coat to the tank to help them heal? Or salt? Or should I just leave well enough alone? I'm giving this one week, and if they can't figure it out without hurting themselves by then I'm calling it quits on the feeder. What do you guys think?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum (and goldfish keeping for that matter), so forgive me if there's some stuff missing in this post. Me and my girlfriend have 3 commons and one sarassa sitting in a 220 liter tank. We got them less than a year ago and they seem like they are happy we got them :-). Recently we went abroad for a week and once we got back I noticed our biggest fish (Bradley) was missing some scales. Now he's always had some missing, growing back as well. But the patches seem somewhat larger this time what got me worried. They were showing some signs of breeding behaviour and I recently found some eggs as well. Water quality is fine, I do 50% water changes every 2 weeks and they get a varied diet. Flakes, floating and sinking pellets, frozen bloodworms as wel as some fruit or vegies now and again. No other special treatments except for Sera Goldy Aquatan when I do the water changes. It might be noteworthy that they're not behaving any different as they ever have before. Should I be worried and give them some treatment or do you guys think they just lost the scales due to playing around? Many thanks in advance!
  3. These scales have been sitting in the tank for months and I had no idea what they were and assumed the filter would suck them up since my gravel vac wasn't. I finally picked them out today and realized they were scales! I also checked my QT tank and found a couple in there as well. These scales most likely came from my white common. They are quite larger than I thought they would be.
  4. Hello, I'm a relatively new goldfish owner (this is my second goldfish), and this is my first time posting, so let me know if there's any information I'm missing. Here's all the background info, filled out as well as I can: Test Results: pH between 6.5-7 Hardness 30-40 (soft) Alkalinity 140-160 0 Nitrates I used a 5 in 1 test strip from Mardel I've had a black moor goldfish named Arthur for about a month and a half. He's by himself in a 5 gallon tank, which I had set up for about a week before I got him. I use tap water with a water conditioner, and I do about 20% water changes every 2 weeks or so. I did the most recent change this afternoon. I have an aqua-tech 5-15 gallon filter, and I add aquarium salt at the recommended dosage of 1 tablespoon to 5 gallons. I feed him once a day: 2 small goldfish pellets from omega one. About a week after I got him (so almost a month ago) I realized he had some small cuts from the plastic plant I had in the tank, and they had gotten infected with fungus. I took out the plant, did a partial water change, and treated him with Jungle fungus eliminator. His fungus cleared up, and his cuts have healed. About two days ago I noticed that his poop was a little lumpy, and two of them had bubbles caught in them. I thought it might be a digestive issue, so I fed him half a pea. I haven't noticed any odd poops since then. This morning I noticed that the front half of his scales look slightly raised. They're not nearly as raised as the full "pine cone" effect I've seen in pictures of fish with dropsy, but I'm worried that it could possibly be an early stage. He hasn't had any discoloration and appears to be acting normally: swimming around, looking for food in the gravel, etc. He does sometime gulp for air at the top, but he only does it occasionally and doesn't seem to be doing it any more than normal. I tried to take some pictures, but I'm not sure if they really show his scales. Hopefully they'll help a little bit though. If you have any ideas for what could possibly be wrong or how I should treat it, let me know. I don't want to go overboard and start treating for possibilities, but I at least want to know what to keep an eye out for. Thank you!
  5. One day I saw my goldfish, Finny, shivering around like a vibration. Then I saw a red patch of ripped off scales that made a stream of blood. My other goldfish, Orango, was trying to help. I don't think my koi fish or algae eater fish did it. They were really nice. I googled Itchy Scales and I found out about a parasite. I rushed Finny out of the tank and into a bucket. I put some towel wrapped ice on his side gently. He didn't make it. About 3 months later, Orango, Yoshii the koi fish, and Flick the algae eater got huge and my house had no space, so we gave them away.
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