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  1. ... No, really! I'd LOVE for these guys to wiggle in your aquarium or pond: My ryukins spawned early late January (much to my surprise) and I've spent the better part of this year in a crash course on raising fry. 92 fry to be exact (56 from the first spawn, 27 from the second spawn, and 9 from the third... sheesh they were busy). Although it's been a bit of a whirlwind for me, I've really enjoyed every part of raising these guys... even the water changes. Soooooo many water changes. I've grown quite attached and as much as I would love to keep each and every one of them, there is sadly not enough room for me to do so. Which brings me to the purpose of this post: Anyone want to adopt some ryukin juvies?! Right now I have 66 that I need to re-home. That's a lot of ryukin cuteness! The kokomunity is my first choice for re-homing these guys. I won't even let my friends or family pick any until you guys have had the opportunity to adopt first. You have dibs if you want them. They are about 6 months old. Their diet was live baby brine shrimp, after about a month I added in Repashy Soilent Green into the mix. A little over a month ago I transitioned them all to NLS 0.5mm pellets. I'm located in California in the San Francisco - East Bay area. If anyone is local and looking for a new addition, I'm happy to work have you come over, come to you, or schedule a meet-up half-way(ish). I'm also open to shipping. I've never shipped a fish before, but have received shipped fish. I think so long as they are packed properly, I'd feel comfortable shipping them. I would still need to research options, packing materials, and costs. Speaking of cost... these guys are FREE I would only ask for reimbursement on shipping (if shipping is needed). Here are some pics of goldies: And these are the parents: Mama Papa There is one catch! If you end up adopting, you can expect me to occasionally bother you for updates and pics
  2. Bluegrass Aquatics online fish purchase vendor review I had never bought an on-line fish before. I typed in Aquabid.com and found this ad: Red Ryukin Goldfish - Regular 2 - 2.5 inches Here is the marketing photo from their Ryukin Ad This photo is of the type of fish I’ve been trying to purchase. Basicallly what I call a Fantail. I'd prefer more red than orange, and no big hump. Some white is okay. I haven’t been able to find any fantails that look like this locally. So I purchased 3 of these Red Ryukins off the photo from Bluegrass Aquatics, hoping they’d look like the picture, but requesting a photo/video. They were $12 each, plus $50 shipping. I would have preferred that I could have seen a photo/video of each fish that I was purchasing. I did request this via email, but it turned out to be wishful thinking. Vendor gets an F/ fail for not photo-documenting the fish that they’re selling, even after a request. Am I expected to believe that my fish will look so similar to the one in the picture that BA doesn’t have to bother to document what they’re actually selling? You can compare the ones I actually received to their marketing photo above later in this review. The night my fish shipped there were airport-closing thunderstorms in Memphis. This happens to be a major FedEx hub location and I was more than a little concerned about the shipment. I was preparing for them to be all dead, you know? I was prepared for the worst…..but I had faith and anticipated the outcome I wanted. Bluegrass Aquatics gets a solid A / excellent for shipping. That package went from Florida to northern California in 16 hours. It left their location about 5 pm, and was in my hands the next day in the middle of nowhere Northern California at 10:30AM. Perhaps I’m also giving FedEx my stellar review here, but I was so relieved and impressed to receive them so quickly. Bluegrass Aquatics are a bit stealthy about using FedEx to ship live fish. B- minus / above average for packing No leaks, but the bags were small and not containing much water per fish – about 200g/1.5 cups H2Oper fish. All 3 fish had been sedated and did not seem at all stressed upon arrival. Fish quality. You be the judge. On the Pro side: I’ve had the fish for 2 weeks. They are active with no signs of disease or swim bladder disorder. They’re in the pond and swimming very strong and deep. I still find a white stringy poo (?) from one of them. They are friendly and get along amongst themselves and all of the other pond fish. Summary: Overall the biggest objection I have with this purchase was that I’m buying “blind.” If I could have seen the fish first, I’m not sure that I would have completed the purchase, mainly because I was looking for a “type”. That said, the fish arrived very quickly and are both healthy and active, with no swim bladder disorder, Ich or other problems. Fish #1 Stanley 20 grams 2” nose to peduncle tail not fully split Fish #2 Lasagna 19 grams 2.12” nose to peduncle initial dorsal fin spine broken Fish #3 Fuse Tail fused and not fullly split
  3. Hello Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I upgraded my camera, and I have still trying to get the hang of it. The new cam is amazing and has a lot to offer, but it's going to take a while to learn to use it properly. I had a test photoshoot earlier, and thought I would update you on some of my fish. They are all doing very well, and growing nicely. Other than feeding them, doing water changes, and cleaning their tanks, I'm not really doing much, which is exactly how I prefer it. I am still working on getting the right settings. These are off, but I am getting closer. Thank you for looking. The Ryukins (Boss Lisa and Yafa Boss Tammy!). They are clearly the bosses in the tanks! Alyssa the Fantail MagiKarp the Orandashishigashira Random Pics
  4. Woot! I got better pics tonight! So, without further ado, here's a bit of a pictorial update from both my 55 and 100 gallons. I am only updating on the chocolate oranda, 2 telescopes, and the ryukins. I am very happy to say that these have been in my tanks since they were pretty small, and have done a good job growing. Chocolate Oranda I'm not really sure that he's a chocolate, but I really like this color. He is from DO, and is of the longer body type, which I am growing to appreciate much more. White Ryukins These guys also came from DO. There were three, but one unfortunately did not make it. As you can see, one is showing quite a bit of yellow, while the other has remained mostly white. I love these guys! __________ __________ Red/White Ryukin This guy came from an LFS. He is so awesomely fat LOL, and he has a bit of a wen action going on as well. Red/White Telescope Look at those fins. Black telescope I am so very proud of this guy. He has been with me since I started this hobby again, and is just amazing. He doesn't have the prettiest fins, nor the best shape, but then he hasn't given me a single problem since 4.5 years ago (knock on wood). Some years back, he must have hit on something that resulted in that pool of blood in his eye. It hasn't bothered him a bit, AND it hasn't gone away. I think he's going to turn orange soon, but he's been threatening to do that for quite some time now. Thank you very much for looking!
  5. Ok so I went a little nuts! Before anyone mentions overstocking let me inform you that many of these will be going into ponds. I have about 750g of pond systems for this year's growing season. I REPEAT, THEY WILL BE GOING INTO OUTDOOR PONDS!!! Many of the local fish stores in southern California got in shipments of goldfish this past week (just landed from overseas) and I became obsessed w/ collecting and cherry picking a selection of goldfish to learn from. Each has a different trait that I wanted to observe over time. As a side note, buying too many fish may not be good for the individual enthusiast but it is a good catalyst for the fish industry, hobbyists as a group and the economy as a whole. But let's not get into that. Anyway, over the past weeks quarantine, I can see a couple that need to be culled for swim bladder disease and my favorite shubunkin is clinging on to life while the tank was salted for ick. It looks like the fish swallowed a piece of salt rock, got bloated and was losing balance when I found it posted near the sump overflow. I decided to put it out in the pond early in an effort to dilute the salt. So far it is still breathing but it is hard to say whether it will make it or not. My quarantine process consists of salting the tank gradually over the course of a few days; 0.12%, 0.3%-0.4% (for koi I go to 0.5%). I also increase the temperature to expedite bowel movements from their previous living conditions and to make sure all are eating. Once everyone is eating and fish waste appears normal, I turn off the heater and let the tank cool naturally to ambient temps 65-70f. Having the bulk of my fish keeping experience in tropical fish, I'm just noticing that swim bladder disease (predominantly in fancy goldfish) can be manipulated w/ the fluctuations in temperatures. For instance..some lfs kept their tanks @ 75-78f where the fish will swim fine but if the water gets cooler, the swim bladder disorder becomes more prevalent. Two of my fish (black oranda & calico fantail) swam fine at the fish store and during the first phase of quarantine, but found themselves trying to maintain balance during the second phase when my tanks cooled to 65-68f. Here is the stock list of fish you'll see in the video. 5 Red Cap Orandas 1 Black Cap Oranda 1 Chocolate Oranda 1 White Oranda 3 Red & White Telescopes 2 Calico Telescopes/Dragon Eyes 1 Orange & White Telescope 1 Orange & Black Telescope 4 Pearlscales 1 Crown Pearlscale 4 Red & White Ryukins 3 Calico Fantails 2 Orange & White Ranchus 3 Shubunkin 4 Koi And here's a video of what 33 mixed fancy goldfish and 4 baby koi look like swimming in a 135g tank:
  6. These are my new babies I can tell you these photos or the video do not do these fish justice! I still can not believe how gorgeous they are in person The lil Calico seems to be adjusting well and the white one seems to be a bit more skittish but I am sure in time they will warm up
  7. Here are our 3 Ryukin goldfish. Comment! Dory, Ryu and Kin! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkBy3naTi8
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