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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I used to be a frequenter on this site but I have not owned goldfish in years. Suddenly today I rescued three goldfish living in terrible living conditions ( In bags with a previously lived in 10 gallon tank, no filter, never been cleaned, etc) So far I have done a 100% water change and cleaned the sides of the tank but left the the rocks in the bottom of the tank which will hopefully help maintain the tank's nitrogen cycle and put an aerator and a filter for a 30 gallon tank in. Is that ok? and then probably like 90% water changes every two days? I have a 20 gallon but I am trying to get at least a 40 gallon to transfer them into as soon as i can set up the nitrogen cycle. I have found myself frantically trying to remember everything about goldfish and I would really appreciate some advice on what to do next. The fish themselves look really healthy, their fins are in excellent condition and they are very energetic. They even appear to be closely bonded. I used tetra aquasafe plus to treat the water because it is what they had at the petstore and the food they came with. I figure it is best not to switch right away, even if it is something higher quality. Any brand recs would be greatly appreciated. Can you still buy pro gold?
  2. This poor guy had a rough start with pop eye, dropsy, fungus, and deadly water. With daily 100% water changes and metro meds for 14 days and a few months later, here he is now in his new tank! The story behind him is I pretty much yelled at a manager at a store and he said well take care of it and I pretty much flat out said no you won't you're going to put him in the back on the self to die. I said I'll take him for free. After some thinking the manager agreed and let me leave with him. Probably because it was 10:30 pm First day I got him the water levels were deadly. pH: 6.0 Ammonia: literally off the chart, It was a dark blue. Nitrites: 5ppm Nitrates: 100ppm and now for the after!! i know it's not much, but it's better than death. . He's in a 1 gallon filtered mini now with TMS and some live plants. I'm going to be getting many more plants for him and maybe a nerite snail.
  3. This March hubby and I stumbled across a Petsmart in another town, about an hour away from home. As always I wanted to check out the fish, just to see what they had. Their fish section was rather small compared to what I'm used too, but in their tiny single tail tank I saw this gorgeous, cute tiger shubunkin. Not sure if the term "tiger" really applies to shubunkins, but she is almost fully golden orange, matte, with only few reflective scales, and a bunch of black markings. She has mostly white fins with black and some orange markings, and only a teeeeeny blue fleck on her back Aside from falling in love with her coloring (I love tigers in fancies), I started to worry about her because at the LFS she already had caved in corners of the mouth. You might have seen several topics about fish developing this issues, where the corners of their mouths cave in, making their mouth look beak-like. Well, this little cutie got to go on a nice ride home with me, spent a good while in QT with extensive flukes treatment, and eventually joined the gang in one of my big tanks. She is SUPER active and hyper, and it is hard to take pics of her. Even with her deformed mouth she is a great eater and has grown significantly in the half year I had her. Not as much as I would have liked, but considering she can get only 1-2 pellets into her mouth at a time, this is pretty good. At the time she joined my flock, she was the fourteenth goldfish. I could never come up with a proper name for her, so "Fourteen" is now her name When I first got her. Look at how tiny she was! And today About to receive the award for the most uncooperative goldfish of all times Peeking up from behind the wood and plants. She loves to cruise around between those, since she still is much smaller than her tank mates. And for size comparison, near Spicey (ignore the bruised anubias leaf, it has been cut off since)
  4. okay, so I was in walmart and saw this poor betta. I went right to a manager and b****** them out about it and he said oh we'll take care of it and I said no, no you wont and he said if you can help him I'll give him to you for free. I intend on saving this poor thing. His water quality.... don't EVEN get me started.. I am livid! I will be posting pictures.. the ammonia number... I am not sure what to even say.. it's BLUE. I didn't care about the pH difference I figured whats worse... poison water with a slow death or fresh water with a big change in pH. I went with the fresh water. I have no where to put him except in a .5 gallon bowl. I am changing his water again before I go to bed. I added like 3 granuals of epsom to the water and he is still very much interested in food. I am so glad I got a new bag of metro meds. I broke one tiny pellet into numerous pieces and fed him. it sank to the bottom but he is slowly nibbling on it and eating. I have high hopes for him. but I was wondering what else I could do? I think he needs some melafix. not only does he have popeye, but there is fungus around the eye itself. I will be posting pictures soon.
  5. i am very excited to show you all my newest friend (no name as yet), he? is a rescue from a friend of my mothers - complete with tank. well the lady has been asking me to take the tank for a couple of weeks, but its been a little difficult to sort out with her working all day and me being stuck at home with the children in the evenings, i feel really guilty now as the tank was HORRID! filthy dirty with a dead fish in it!!! so i've brought him home and he seems happy so far, but anyway here he is, if you see the pics, i was wondering about his mouth he has the biggest mouth i've ever seen on a goldie, very strange, maybe some sort of cross??, let me know what you think. http://s1336.photobucket.com/user/ema0140/media/0CB9443E-9E24-49F7-BACF-163DCA548F19-25407-00001019CE35A8D3_zpsa35106c1.jpg.html http://s1336.photobucket.com/user/ema0140/media/22D7603D-F2B1-41BB-87D6-DF3E06172A0F-25407-00001019C2BDFBAC_zps01ec2a72.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 Thank you
  6. Guest

    New Rescue Betta Fish

    So I have a question and didn't know where to put it so I put it here. I have a 2.5 gal tank that now has no goldfish as the residents didn't listen and grew up. Now I want to get a baby betta that's sick or an adult. I just want to know how smart this is and what would I likely need to treat it. How would I treat ammonia or nitrate poisoning. Like would it go away on it's own?
  7. Ok, i had a 2.5 hex tank laying around with a 3 gallon filter, it has no heater because room temp water is still at the 72-74 degree mark. (A previous betta of 2 years who had a swim bladder problem died in it 2 months ago R.I.P. Fugi ) I got the idea to get a the most un-adoptable betta from a chain store who improperly takes care of their bettas. (so basically the one who dies under another betta's cup cause no one chooses it or even looks at it.) Its an all white crown-tail betta who is almost see through with a black spotted flare and pinkish-white tips to its fins. Its not an albino because the eyes are Black. Points of concern: -he has a small bulge that sees through as black when the light is on near his head that's not normal -he's very shy likes to hide all the time - WILL NOT EAT (i've tried bloodworms, flakes tropical and betta specific, and betta pellets) Maybe Problems -is black at the flare normal if not present ANYWHERE else? -is pink tinge normal for an all white or is that a sign of fin rot? - how can i even spot ich on this guy? His name is Snow-flake and any knowledge on how to access his health and fix him up is appreciated.
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