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  1. Mr.B


    Hi. I have been keeping goldfish for the last year and have unfortunatly had terrible luck. I have bought six and four of them have died over the last few months. At first I thought that the black moors that i had been buying had developed swim bladder problems. They would be fine for a while and then they would begin floating to the top and tipping to one side, and then i would find them at the bottom of the tank and then they would die. I now believe that my fish have been dying due to the fact that I have not been feeding them a proper diet. One of my red fantails died a few days ago after going through the same symptoms that the other fish went through. I feel awful about not doing enough reserch soon enough, so I thought that I would post this and see if any of you think that i might be on the right track. I have a 75g tank. ammonia is testing at 0 and so is nitrites. I have not tested nitrates GH or KH. I keep the temp at 72 and change 50% of the water weekly. The tank is moderatly planted and the goldfish tank mates are 3 golden dojos and 2 bristlenose pleco. I was feeding the fish flake food four days a week fasting one day a week and feeding forzen food and peas twice a week. I am going to start feeding only frozen veggies and appropriate frozen foods (have to check which are appropriate) and continue to fast one day a week. I will probably also add some sinking pellets for the dojos. Sorry this is kind of all over the place. ANY input would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
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