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  1. Now this is turning into a goldfish keepers nightmare. Guess what? Yes, they have spawn again as they have been doing every Tuesday for 3 weeks in a row. My female, for I can tell, is already fed up by the male who wouldn't leave her alone. I'm a bit worried that she may get sick or something as all this spawning must be bringing her to exhaustion. I'm on the virge of taking Gogo out squizing him dry of his thing as they do on that horrid video about manual breeding I found on youtube, and put in him back in. I have no spare tank ( the on I had is already taken by the fry) and I don't have a place to put it otherwise I would have separated them long ago. I thought may be lowering the temperature of the water could calm him down? I currently have it at 76F. If there's been any temperature flow it was never more than a degree or two. Please tell me what to do. Thank you!
  2. HI everybody, Today i need your help again. Hope you guys will definitely find a solution. Few days before i recognized that i have 2 female and 2 male goldfishes in my tank when i saw chasing behavior so i tried hand spawning with a single couple , everything was so perfect but i made a mistake that i tried to pour the eggs to 5 gallon tank since the eggs were in bucket and i lost all the eggs. Now, yesterday again i saw a chasing behavior so i planned to retry. But the problem is, among two male non of them have milt inside so what to do? Please help me i dont want to wait untill next season ,Because i know and i am sure one of a female have more than 1000 eggs with her cause she is big in size with round belly chasen by both male but since she is so big and males are smaller then her they are not being able till yet only two eggs i have seen but infertlie. I have not taken any eggs from her before myself. Questions: how many days may take to form milt inside male again? How to boost male to form milt again? Is this not possible this time?
  3. Hello everyone, I recently got a new Wakin goldfish, (feeder tank rescue) and he seems really healthy except that he has a tendency to, as I refer to it, "flounder;" by which I mean he leans slightly to one side when he swims. There is no side in particular that is the problem, but when he swims he always leans to one side; usually it is the direction away from the back wall of the tank. He doesn't seem to have any trouble with his swim bladder (he can move up and down without using his fins), and he has no fin tears that might unbalance him. Could this be a parasite problem? I really don't know much about parasites, but seeing as he is from a feeder tank, it seems possible. -The ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels are 0. -The pH is 7.5 The problem has gone away over the past week (I did a 30% water change on Monday and Friday), but I would like to diagnose it if possible, so that if it happens again I know what is happening. If anyone has any ideas at all, I would really appreciate it if you shared them; I am drawing a blank on this. Thanks, -Cyprinidae
  4. i have 60 gallon fish tank with 11 comets 1 black moor 1 ryukin and 1 fish bigger than ryukin but i dont know its name. i have a heater the water is always at high 60's. i went to petsmart yesterday to get the water tested, they said the water is fine. the problem is all the fishes in the tank especially blackmoor dont want to swim they are always at the middle of the tank and seems like they are sleeping. the problem is not sbd cuz once they swim they swim just fine... what could be the problem? ;(
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