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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.fishlore.com/aquariumfishforum/threads/q-a-with-tetra-about-tetra-safestart.58116/ I got the idea that Prime is bad for BBs from the link that I posted above. OK , now the condensed long version of how Sebastian's tank got cycled. Prior to getting Sebastian, I had a betta named Leo in a ten gallon . I used BBs in a bottle to following the exact instructions of the link that I linked. Leo's tank has been fully cycled for a month. When I got Sebastian, I got Sebastian a twenty gallon tank . To cycle Sebastian's tank, I used all the bio media in Leo's tank to instantaneously cycle Sebastian's tank. I'm cycling Leo's tank again with BBs in a bottle. OK now to my question. I intend to do a 50% water change on Sebastian tank. I intend to add Prime at the same time as I do the water change. Do I have to worry that Prime will kill the BBs in the HOB and in the tank ? A picture of Leo below.
  2. Hello and good day! So I did a WC earlier.. which went well. But, while I was filling water into my aquarium I realized that I don't have a water conditioner on hand.. My question, is it ok to add water conditioner later? It would take me in the afternoon to buy and add the water conditioner... I guess the fish are doing alright before I left my apartment(upon observation)... Should I do another WC before adding water conditioner? BTW, I'm going to get Prime and use it as a water conditioner. Thanks
  3. The LFS I was at today didn't have prime, they said they use and carry alpha instead. It seems to be a more concentrated version of prime, 1 mL treats 15 gallons/60 liters (vs 1mL of prime for 40 liters). It says it removes chlorine, chloramine, and ammonia and detoxifies nitrite and nitrate. I did notice it doesn't mention heavy metals like my bottle of prime does. I don't think heavy metals are a particular concern in my area's tap water, but are small levels still worth neutralizing? Also, it says it's designed for saltwater and reef tanks but the guy at the LFS says he uses it for all his freshwater fish too. Is there generally any difference between salt and freshwater conditioners? He's relatively well regarded in the area so I bought it but I thought I would ask on here just in case. Anyone have thoughts? Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone! I have been busy reading the last couple of days and am on information overload. I am having a slight issue with my comet but before asking questions I need to get the APT master test kit as I only have the strips and I don't really like them. Right now I use API products to condition the water (and too many of them I think) and want to switch to Prime. Is this going to be a problem? I changed out about 25% of the water yesterday. How soon is soon enough to start using Prime when I get it? We also have low pH in our tap so I use API proper pH 7.0 (all I can get locally) every time I change the water. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Hi, hope everyone's well. I was finally at my wits end with Amquel Plus when it crashed my pH and went out to Petsmart today and picked up some Prime. The only thing I can't get are the dosages. I scoured their website and found nada. Can someone tell me the measurements for one gallon and ten gallons? How much does 1 mL treat? My tank is 29 gallons and I currently change my water via bucket and milk jug.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm new to posting on Koko's, this is my second thread. My first being an emergency as my goldfish got caught in the intake tube Anyway I wanted to check my water change prep with you guys .I recently moved to a new house and I now have 0.5 ppm ammonia in my tap water. (I know its a nightmare) I checked with both a test kit and I *finally* got through to the utility people, I was previously thought it was 0.25ppm so this leads me to my water question. I use Seachem prime as my water conditioner. I would normally use 3.5ml to treat 126L of water but now as my water contains 0.5 ppm anyway I should double this dose every time I do a water change right? Also Seachem do state that it is 5ml per 200L of 'new water' but I have always added enough Prime to treat my whole tank, do you do the same or do you just treat your new water for your water change? Also has there ever been reports of fish having any problems relating to overdosing with Prime? Other tap parameters just in case: pH: 7.8 Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate:0 ppm
  7. hi! So I have always use prime, and I have heard and experienced that it gives false readings for ammonia in the api test kit. I know that it makes ammonia less toxic and not eliminates it, but I was just wondering if I throws off the reading so it reads higher, because I dont think I have any ammonia in there. if it does throw off ammonia, how long should I wait before the prime wears off and I can test accurately again?
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