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  1. Can my fish be saved? Due to his dark colour I couldn't see him in the pond until I took all 6 fish out today for the startup maintenance. I kept him in a separate container in case he's contagious. Prior to today I didn't see much of him as he would always hide. Only once and a while when the other 5 fish were actively feeding would he make an appearance. But he moved around slowly and would not eat. He always stayed down deep. I pray he doesn't have dropsy but only his one side bulges out and the scales almost look like they're pineconing. Can he/she be saved? Unfortunately I cannot find a veterinarian around here that takes fish. I cannot get antibiotics without a prescription. All I have on hand to treat him with is aquarium salt.
  2. Greetings from Canada Hello hope your all doing well dispite all the ups and downs of living during Covid times. I took the clip a couple of weeks ago shortly after I had the startup maintenance done with involved starting up the filter, skimmer and pumps for the waterfalls. After finishing with the water treatments I added most of the fish back into the pond. This shows some of the Goldfish residents that are happy to have the water levels increased after the long winter hiatus of living under the ice. (Seriously, I don't know how they manage to go for so long without food in our frigid Prairie winters...) Here they are, happy and healthy in the shallows 🙂
  3. Hello Canuck Pond enthusiasts! I'm so excited that April is here and the ice and snow are gone. Soon the summer season will be upon us and I can start up the pumps to the waterfalls and buy some flowering water plants. The fish in the pond are fine and coming out of hibernation. But my questions are more about the water plants. What grows good here? I hate wasting a bunch of money on annuals for one season... unless of course they are really showy and special. I think I may have a perennial water lily that is coming back from last year?! Is there such a thing in central Alberta?? This is my first pond so I'm anxious to learn all about them as I just bought this property and moved in during the onset of winter. The pond is roughly 750 gallons. I still have the aerators and heater running that were on all winter. I look forward to reading any and all suggestions and comments.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm kinda new here but not really, I just never really posted anything (shame on me) So I decided to show off my pond! I had an orange fantail and an all white oranda when I was 16, I didn't know what I was doing at the time, but I loved them so much. Unfortunately they didn't last more than a year and I was too upset to get new ones. My love for goldfish came back this year when I went to a fish store to buy guppies for a 25 gal mini pond, and the store employee convinced me to buy goldfish instead, so I wouldn't need a heater. Of course, I was like YES!! I'll take the goldfish instead, but after I left the shop with 4 tiny pearlscales, I started doing my research on them, and realized how I messed up on the tank size. Fast forward to today, I have 5 fish (2 of the original pearlscales, a crown pearlscales and two orandas), I lived and breathed studying about goldfish this whole time, and also pond designing, because I wanted to give these guys the best life. We finally finished building our pond recently and it's currently cycling. We just need to make the rest of the yard this nice! It has two oversized bog filters, an automatic water change system and 625 gallons in the middle. The waterflow is very gentle for these guys, I have an aerator I want to add after the dirt settles. I live in zone 10a so winters aren't so harsh, but I want to provide them with a heat gradient anyway, specially because the 2 orandas I got have lived in 76F water their whole lives. I want them to live the best life possible! They already eat better quality food than I do. lol I could have up to about 20 fish probably, but I plan on going slow, hopefully no more than 10-15, and if I can't control myself, I will definitely up the filtration. My 5 babies will have a goldfish mansion all for themselves for a while though, at least until spring. Hope you guys like it, and of course I'm always open to helpful advice if you have any!
  5. I have two comets that have been in a 55 gallon tank for six years. They are in my office and since COVID-19 I’ve been driving down there on weekends for maintenance. They do not seem happy and I worry about some thing going wrong. We’ve been told that we’re not going back to work until there’s a vaccine so I’ve decided to bring them home. A few years ago they had babies so I put together a 350 gallon “pond” in my backyard with tons of filtration and air. They seem really happy and actually had babies themselves. I’m very worried about moving the older fish in there. I’m worried about them getting stressed out. I’m worried about it being a completely different environment and I’m also worried because one of them is pretty much blind. I am looking for tips on how to make the transition as healthy for them as possible. It is going to be much warmer outside than what they’re used to in the office.How much time should I take to ease them into it and how should I do it?
  6. Hello All. Now that I figured out how to post photos, I thought I would share my pond. My pond is watergarden, not a formal koi pond although I do have several koi and many goldfish. While I love my fish, my "water dogs", my focus is a little more on the plants that I can grow in and around the pond. The pond is full sun, relatively shallow and filtered only by a bog. Seems to be working as despite the conditions, I have had no significant algae blooms this year and the fish have been healthy (and spawning, spawning, spawning...). Nevertheless, it is a work in progress and there is always something to be done.
  7. I have previously treated the pond with blagdon fungus and bacteria treatment but the sore still hasn’t healed. Can anyone tell me what this disease is and how to cure it? many thanks
  8. Hello, I have been keeping 2 goldies in a 4.5 gallon aquarium for 2 years and decided to find someone who would be willing to take care of them and offer appropriate conditions. I found someone locally who has 300 litre pool with only goldies in it and would welcome my fishies. I use public transportation to move and don't know what would be the process of transporting and handling fishies. Is there something to consider when introducing fishies to new place of habitat that have to do with their adaptation? Is there a caution to consider in how other goldfish will respond to new goldfish? I heard stories where fish would eat other fish. One last thing. I use Prime dechlorinator to dechlorinate water. Today was first time that I forgot to use it when I changed 100% of water. I left goldfish in it for 1 minute until I put 2 drops of Prime into fishtank. Is there something to be concerned about? Thanks!
  9. Hey All! I'm thinking about having a small pond, beginning next spring. I'm a planner, so I'm already thinking it through and have some questions for you pond pro's out there. I have 8 fancy goldfish. I plan on rotating weekly and keeping 2-3 indoors, and 5-6 outside in the pond. The reason I want a pond is because I want my goldfish's colors to strengthen, and I have seen so many accounts of large, healthy, colorful fish that are in ponds out in the sunlight. Below are some questions I have, and am asking for opinions as well: 1. What do you guys think about this one below. It fits the size I'm looking for, and I think it's affordable: 2. This will be above ground, right up next to a raised deck. It will get direct sunlight at noon. I live in Ohio, and in the summer it can get in the upper 90's. Any chance of the water overheating in an above ground 170 gal container? 3. I think I'll probably bring everyone inside during the winter, so I won't need to worry about a heater during the winter. But what about spring and fall? Sometimes the temp can dip into the 50's during the night and climb back to the 70's during the day. Since this pond will be above ground... will the temp fluctuation be unhealthy for the fish? Should I still get a heater and set it to 70 so the temp doesn't lower at night? 4. Filtration -- I plan on using a submersible pump that draws water through a flatbox full of ceramic beads and a filter pad, and then I'll direct the output towards the surface to promote surface agitation. Below is what I'm thinking, does this look good? *I would remove the pre-filter piece and attach it to the flat box. 5. I'll probably drain 50-80% of the water weekly and replace it. 6. I'll cover the pond with sturdy netting unless I'm outside. I live in a neighborhood without any water near by, and I have dogs that are frequently outside, but I'd still worry about some bird finding the pond. Is netting usually sturdy enough? Or should I get chicken wire or chain link fencing and secure it with that on a wooden frame? Thanks for reading my long post. If anyone has any suggestions or opinions, please let me know as this would be my first pond and I'm hoping to avoid beginners mistakes. Thanks!!!!
  10. Hi guys! Its been a while since I last posted on here. I have tried to do college without keeping goldfish due to their space requirements, but I am having some difficulty keeping them out of my life ...So I bought a 40 gal stock pond/tank online this weekend, and I am planning to set it up as an indoor water garden/goldfish pond in my room. I have never kept long-bodied fish before, as I have always considered them pond fish, and I only kept a 20g one fancy-fish aquarium through high school. So heres my question: Could I keep 1-2 comets in a 40g setup? The filter I have is 400gph, and I plan to do 50% water changes weekly, and 100% monthly. I have read on some websites that 55+ gal is recommended for comets, and on others that 30g is good for one fish, and 40g is good for two. If the general consensus is that this set up would be too small for a comet (or two), I will stick to ryukins, but would love to keep comets if I can. Thanks!
  11. We are approaching the end of summer so of course my pond looks fantastic! My 2 ranchu and 2 butterfly teles inhabit it in the warmer months. Chunk and Mario Chunk coming up to make an appearance
  12. Hi all! Hope all is well. I'd never thought I'd ever post in this section. So my fish having been living in a 29 gallon for quite some time now, and much to no surprise, they have outgrown it and are due for an upgrade. I had found a wonderful deal on a 90 gallon on Craigslist, but my mother refused to let me get it. So I'm back to the drawing board now. I easily can fit a 40 gallon breeder on the current stand that I have so I could always upgrade to that--but, the problem is that I'll be leaving for college in about a year or so (I'll be a senior next school year) and I'll most likely not be home to do routine maintenance on the tank, as I do not plan on taking my fish with me. So that leaves my mother to do my tank maintenance for me while I am away, and I'd like to make it as easy as possible for her with little risk that she'll mess something up and potentially harm my fish. So that brought me thinking to a pond. It would give my fish the best quality of life that I could offer and have less maintenance than a tank would (basically just clean the filters regularly, feed the fish and do water changes, right?). I'd love to see them grow in a pond as they are a bit small for their age. I am completely clueless when it comes to ponds, however, so I have lots of questions! Okay, here goes: 1. I'm looking at a pond somewhere over 50 gallons but not really too much over 100 gallons (just a tub on my patio, not in-ground) . How much water do you pond people usually change and how often? I've heard somewhere around 10-20% a week. I probably won't get any more fish unless I absolutely love one, so the pond will be lightly stocked. 2. Is it best that I just take the fish inside for the winter or buy some sort of heater? 3. How do you plug stuff into outside outlets without them getting wet when it rains? 4. I currently buffer my water with crushed coral or else it will drop to 6.0. How do you buffer water in ponds? Baking soda? Or does it not matter? Does rainwater affect pH much? 5. Do debris build up very quickly in a pond? Can I use a gravel vacuum to suck it out? 6. I really like the look of Laguna tubs, however I can't find much if any, and which ever ones I have found are really expensive. Do you guys have any links to any ponds that are not...err.. that ugly? 7. Okay, so the concept of filtration for a pond had been bothering me for a while because I cannot for the life of me DIY one. BUT-! I finally found one that is actually quite doable and did not hurt my brain reading the assembly in this thread. How often would you have to clean a filter like this? 8. What is a protein skimmer? Do I need one? I'm sorry for so many questions. I'm sure I'll come up with more later. Thanks for helping!
  13. So me and my mum saw a heron a few weeks ago on a neighbours roof but it hadn't gone to the pond as far as we could tell but since we have been draining the pond and refilling it we have definitely lost fish. The fish we have lost are twp orandas, 2 of our breeding commons, our friends sarasa comet and maybe some baby goldfish as well. How do we get rid of the heron as frogs just get caught in netting that we tried putting over that didn't fit and apparently the decoy herons don't work what should we do??
  14. I have two young butterfly koi in my pond and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make sure their tales will be very flowing and long?
  15. Hey everybody it has been a while since I have been on here, been really busy. Anyway here is a video of my pond underwater. My guys have gotten huge this spring as you can see compared to my newest oranda addition if you can spot him lol. Enjoy! P.S. don't mind me at the end of the video I was too lazy too edit it out haha
  16. Tropical storm Arthur is scheduled to come through RI on Friday, should I bring the pond comets inside for the storm?
  17. Hey everyone! I've been saying I'm going to post pond photos for a while now and I finally got some new ones today! But first a little info about the pond. It's been running since spring 2007 and has 6 adult koi in it. At 3500 gallons some say that's understocked, but I attribute my lack of problems to this. I don't have plans to add any more fish to it for now for that reason. Low-maintenance is good! Without further ado, here it is! This was the pond in early April. And here it is today! Now some adorable photos of the koi. (okay I cheated those last four were from last summer but the water has been so cloudy from all the rain.) And bonus winter snow shot! This was the massive storm that swept through the SE USA this past winter. This is the most snow I've ever seen on the pond. Normal snows in my hometown look more like this:
  18. Well I've been converted I am going to set up a pond on my deck for the spring/summer. I am so excited! Planning on getting a 50 or 70 gallon stock tank and building a filter. I'm not much of a DIY'er but I think I can do it. Hoping to get to the farm store today to look at the tanks Stay tuned
  19. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fwORHqPkuxs&persist_app=1&app=m this was right after i feed them the ponds doing well so far this year I'm Building a 700 gallon pond with a stream so this might be the last update of this pond it just depends on how soon the new pond goes in . You can see the small fry throughout most of the video I rescued them from the biology lab at my school there's five of them. . And at the end you can see my shubunkin flash make a short appearance
  20. Where to even begin... I've been away from Koko's for a while after losing my orandas, been focusing on my birds and ducks instead. But I'm back now, so this is just a general update for all my current fish, excluding the new babies I don't know whether to include the before&after / growth etc here or on a new thread... D; I only have one inside tank running at the moment, which is my 200L/40gal. Only two fish in there at the moment - Tywin the veiltail and Ben the black moor. Unfortunately I have a stubborn green dot algae issue and can't take in-tank photos just at the moment... The fish weren't happy about the little tank I had to put them in. Tywin: Ben: The rest of my fish live in my 750L/200gal pond, which is doing very well now it's got itself probably established. Hoping to get a waterfall or fountain set up for the opposite side to the filter, as well as a few marginal plants for more nitrate control. When I have money and time that is. So we have, my ranchu Sei and Minke, Sam and Dean's baby Damon (oranda), Fili the shub, Ghost the fantail/comet mess, Arry the pearlscale, Luci the common, Henry the blue tele, and a little mystery fantailed baby who has no name. First off, Damon. I am SO so glad I kept HER (!!), especially since her parents are gone now. She's super cute and has Dean's amazing tail. <3 Minke. She's doing really well. and I'm very happy with how she's turning out. Finally getting a wen ;D Sei. It was touch and go for a while there - she didn't seem to like tank life very much, but she's thriving in the pond Arry is the most recent fish to go out to the pond. After the initial settling down period, she seems to be doing just fine. Fili! When I bought Fili and the the rest of his group, I didn't actually want any shubs and before they arrived was even considering euthing them! D; But luckily I fell in love with him as soon as I opened the box, and here we are today. He grew a wen, really really cute. <3 I'll continue with the rest in a new post
  21. I added my first goldfish in April 2013 to my outdoor fountain. When our pilot fish Halley lived more than a week and I had my API test kits...it was back to the LFS for more. And while the esteemed Stephen M. Meyer frowns on the "stamp collector" mentality of some pond keepers, I am proudly in that category. Halley the comet was 1st, then Flip-flop the Shubunkin (shoe-bunkin, get it?) then Millie and Vanilli (the albino) both comets. Next came big Shinto, a tancho-style male comet. I just couldn't stop. I rescued two feeder fish: 15 cent and Tancho. Why not, there was plenty of room in my 900 gallon fountain. When I thought a bird or raccoon had eaten Shinto I brought Queen B. home and he sure came out of hiding then! Love at first sight! I'm now raising their fry but that is a story for a different post. Then we added Cali the big calico Shubunkin, and Skeletor the wild-eyed Kin Kikokuryu. Note the bright yellow spot on his nose...he is just now starting to express his yellow-ness on his sides. I couldn't stop there. I added Gwen, the Ryukin who just locks consciousness with me as soon as he can see me and constantly vies for my attention. Is your latest fish ALWAYS your favorite one? I sure love that little guy. That makes nine goldfish and a koi, and if you count the 7 fry I'm at 15 goldfish in less than 8 months. If you'd like to see photos of the pond and the fry and their tank, please click the outdoor fountain link above. I make my own goldfish food and feed them 2-3 times a day by hand. I'm constantly learning more about what is best for them and that's why I'm here. Best Fishes to all of you! -Mysterygirl
  22. hello pond gurus never thought I'd be posting in this section of the site.. lol.. ok, so I need some advice I have an old retired fountain that is concreted into my front yard. this 'fountain' pond is what started me in the goldfish hobby so many years ago. during my 'ignorant' stage to which I was fortunate enough that nothing died..lol.. the pond is concrete, was running for about 12 years and has been retired for about 10 years now. it has cracks which have made it through to the outside, but I can seal those with some repair cement and that will be fine. what concerns me is the inside. so, my question is, is there a paint on sealant I can use on the inside of the pond that is safe for goldfish? can anyone direct me to this product by providing links? I really do not want to use a pond liner due to the fact that I have to make a donut and then I don't know if it will leak water between the pond wall and the pond liner (a risk I am not prepared to take). if there is no goldfish safe sealant, I will not be using this feature again and will most likely have it removed. as it is not a dug out hole, it will basically be concreted over and I will not have any outdoor fish again. here is what it looks like, currently.. now, as you can see, there is some sealant in there. our garden keeper (very many years ago) after our fish were given away.. when we came back from Europe, I entertained keeping single tails out there again and asked him if he could seal the walls of the fountain's base. he used something and I was unsure if it was goldfish safe. so, I left it in there for a few weeks, only to find that even with the water running, the sealant began bubbling and lifting. either he filled it whilst the sealant had not dried enough or it might have been the wrong sealant.. this was about 10 years ago I look forward to your replies
  23. Video of my pond this afternoon. It's 95degrees water is at 85degrees. Fish are happy so am I lol. It amazes me how they can handle a wide range in temperature outside and how much they grow outside. I'm already planning on building a bigger pond next year for them possibly adding a koi or two in there as well. I'm guessing it will roughly be around 3,000-5,000gallons. Wife doesn't like the idea , but oh well lol
  24. Update on my pond. Fish are getting bigger and loving it outdoors. Ignore my ghetto filter!!! P.S. it works....
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