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  1. i saw this in thinfrog's video and i really want to set this up. this is a very dumb question but where can i find something like this with the sticky on the back? i'm planning to put filter media and frogbit as he did in his video, as they'll remove ammonia etc. how much would something like this help my tank? if i'm going to commit and buy it i want to make sure it does a good job. i don't mind it being in my aquarium, i simply want the best for my fish's health. planning to raise ranchu! i have my 90 gallon tank already set up! this may be a very stupid thread but.............
  2. I know that duckweed is low-maintenance, but I was wondering if and how I should go about doing some water changes on it. I just got a cup of organic duckweed from eBay (seemingly reputable seller), and it's in a shallow 12x18" tub filled with dirty tank water. I plan on keeping it near the window that gets some sunlight in the morning. It seems like it would be difficult to use a siphon in the duckweed tub, but I suppose I could rake the plants to the side with a sieve or something? Or do I just need to add an ammonia source to the extant water without replacing it? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I'm in the process of making an overhead sump filter for my 55-gallon aquarium as a supplement to my canister (and because I love a good project). I'm basing it on a video from The King of DIY on YouTube, I'll leave the video below. Basically, it's going to be a 2-foot plastic planter suspended above my aquarium, with water pumped up from the aquarium below coming in one end, flowing through some filter pads, then through lava rock, and then back into the aquarium. I'll probably do a separate post going into more details on the specifics of this build later on. Here is the video: My setup will be slightly different, but the core concept will remain the same. Also, if you've never seen his videos, they are SO worth checking out! ANYWAYS my question is this: What plants would you all recommend I grow in this filter? He suggests pothos, and I was considering lucky bamboo as well. The roots will be submerged in the water and lava rock, but the actual plant will be sitting normally in the air. I'm looking for a simple, hardy, "drop it in and leave it" plant, preferably a cat-friendly one. Pothos is apparently poisonous to kitties, so if I go that route I'll be keeping it well-trimmed. It has to be legal in Virginia, the cheaper the better, and preferably have low light requirements, though I may be able to attach a couple of basic clip lights to the frame I'm making, if absolutely need be. Oh, and it needs to be able to live without high humidity/heat, spray bars, fancy things like that. Again, drop it in and leave it! So! Any suggestions? Any of you have something similar running on your tanks? Let me know!
  4. Hello! I purchased six Pothos plants and dropped the roots into the tank. Some of the leaves hit below the water line. Is there any issue with the fish nibbling on leaves? I read it's not healthy for dogs and cats. Thanks!
  5. So I stole this idea 100% this idea from this thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124402-brainstorming-anubias-things-opinions-please/?hl=anubias I really like this idea a lot, so I bought 100 euros (110 dollars) worth of Anubias (bateria and nana) and java fern, spend the better part of an evening attaching them to suction cups and a few to rocks. Then came the fun part of adding them to my tank and really designing how my tank should look. I am very pleased with how it came out and very happy to share it with you all - I hope you like it as well Here is the 5 min video I made of the tank from different angles - hit the HD button! It is filmed in 1080i resolution, so it is best viewed in this Maybe I'll add some more plants later, but I'm giving the newly added plants a chance to grow a bit before I do it. I used a few plants for my snail tank, which looks pretty much the same as my goldfish tank (I have a certain style that I like apparently!) which I'll share a video of later, but it is not as cool as this.
  6. So I've ordered some Java Moss & Watersprite from AquariumPlants.com, and I was wondering what's the safest way to do a bleach dip on them? I can't afford to get potassium permanganate, and I already have bleach, so that's what I'm rolling with. I'm assuming a 1 minute dip in 1 part bleach/19 parts water, then straight into 5x Primed water, then rinsing under the tap, and then soaking in 5x Primed water to wait as I go through all the plants and to watch them for any melting. Do you guys feel this is sufficient? Will this kill any snails/parasites without killing the plants?
  7. My mother in law was throwing these away so I opted to home them in my filter media. I'm hoping this is a good thing.
  8. So I'm thinking of doing something simple at first, I would love any suggestions/improvements/comments/ideas about this! I have a Fluval Roma 200, I really want to go for a planted look but as it's bare bottom I wanted to go for a more modern/minimalistic style. A rectangular vase that's made from glass, like below. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00F51JEBU/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=329FKDBZNYZN3&coliid=IQ117WUCUOE3C Plants- I was thinking Anubias Barteri, Vallisneria Torta, Amazon Sword, as I think these are okay options for goldfish? Maybe something tall for along the back..Not entirely sure. Substrate- I don't know whether I'll get away with having black glass pebbles in there to tie some plants too so they can grow roots down through the gaps, or would it be better to have layer of peat/something at the bottom? But then I don't know if it would be better to just use fewer but slightly bigger rocks (I have the white ivory fluval pebbles)... I honestly don't know much about how that side of things work so input would be appreciated!!
  9. So I have owned goldfish for over a year now and wanted to upgrade tanks. I got a much larger one, 60 gallons, and want to go to a lowish tech planted tank. I just had a few questions. One is when I cycle, do I do it with plants in or do the plants go in afterwards. Also, will plants do ok on fluorescent bulbs? I was hoping to use the ones that came with the tank. Lastly, does liquid CO2 work ok? At the moment I don't want to invest in a system and the plants I am looking at are not very high maintenance.
  10. I am still learning a lot, but I got a sword, crypt parva, and a few crypt retrospiralis to fill out the background yesterday, and I think I am finally happy with how all of this looks! I have been excited all day so I thought I would post a picture. Duchess and Vickie like it, too! I've been pruning the hygrophila corymbosa in front to make it bushier, which I think it starting to work, and my dwarf lilies are finally starting to grow. It's all in the early stages but everything has been (mostly) been living to good effect for a couple of months now. Thanks, plant subforum, for tolerating all of my questions so far! I have moderate lighting (two lamp AquaticLife T5-HO), dose premixed macros and micros 1-2x per week depending on parameters, gH booster with water changes, and liquid CO2. I also use root tabs for root feeders since I have a sand substrate. Happy happy! :)
  11. Quick question. I've been using fishing line to tie down my anubias plants to wood or rocks for the most part. However, the wood and plants I recently purchased have not been as easy to do this with. Do you guys use any sort of glue or adhesive that is safe for being in the water with the fish? If so, recommendations?
  12. I seem to recall someone here had done this. Can't find the post though. I have few questions; 1) Is this acceptable substrate for goldfish tank? 2) If I use this, do I need to cover it with sand? (the manufacturer seems to recommend it, but I worry if it becomes too deep layer with sand and creates nasties in the tank). This is example of the substrate. If it helps, the tank I'll have will have base measurements of 140cm (long) and 50cm (wide). The most "demanding" plant I'm planning to try in there are dwarf lilies (tiger and thai). Aside of that I am thinking vallisneria, types of anubias and maybe some type of crypts or swords, and just pray that when I'll finally get fish the plants will be established enough and the fish small enough to not turn into expensive salad. I'd be grateful for any and all opinions and help, as usual
  13. Hello everyone, Just got my plants today. Decided on some Jungle Val, Anubius round leaf, and some crypt wendtii. The val have weights on them put the roots are very short. I'm having trouble keeping them in the sand and I haven't even turned on the pump yet Do you think it's OK to put the roots under the sand and then a small stone on top to keep them anchored? Kat
  14. Hi all, I realize that this depends on parameters, lighting, and other environmental circumstances, but I was wondering if anyone would care to share their experience with so-called "fast-growing" plants like creeping Charlie, pennywort (if this is in fact fast growing...), and even thinks like wisteria, which my fish have always destroyed/dug up before it had a chance. For my own part, I'm curious about how quickly stemmed plants will establish roots, although I would be interested in any thoughts on carpeting plants... though these are the plants that my fish seem to enjoy destroying the most. I have a T5-HO light (7,000 K) with a supplemental Finnex LED. I use root tabs and water column fertilizers (Flourish comp and Excel... though I am chaste with the Excel dosing). I also use a neutral sand substrate (Estes "Stoney River" that is both marine and freshwater safe). I'm fishless cycling right now, so the ammonia is around 3-4 ppm and the heat at 82 F, and I am hoping that the plants will have a chance to steel themselves from the fishy onslaught that is coming in a couple of weeks. Thoughts? I am a plant beginner.
  15. As some of you know I am setting up a river tank and I am just wondering what aquatic and terrestrial plants I can use for this tank thanks
  16. Hi all, I was wondering if some of you might share where you have bought your lovely plants. My current plants have come from either PetCo or DFS's LiveAquaria division, and I've had good experiences with the latter's delivery/packaging. However, they don't seem to have much of a selection compared to the kinds of plants I've seen here (like vals, which I think are super pretty, money wort, or Creeping Charlie, etc). I don't have a car so the PetCo thing is generally out, and there is even less of a selection (and the quality is VERY hit or miss). I have not been able to find plants like duckweed anywhere, and am skeptical of eBay/Amazon sellers without vetting. I haven't really kept elodea/anarachis with a lot of success--not sure what I was doing wrong there, but I did used to kill a ton of plants in the past with my terrible gravel substrate and lack of proper lighting/fertilizers. So.... I guess that's an option? I don't like how it loses a lot of leaves. I currently have low to medium lighting (T5-HO 24" lamp that is I think at 7,000K and a supplemental Finnex LED that I use mostly to see my fish better... I know that a 10,000K lamp would light them up better but I want the plants to be healthy, etc; the tank has about a 16-18" water depth). I also use Flourish Comprehensive and Excel. The tank has a sand substrate in which I plant Seachem root tabs. I am afraid of things like compressed CO2 and my tank is only 29 gallons, so if I were to go there I'd want to wait until I can afford a big tank. My current plants have been doing much better, accordingly, other than my wisteria (the fish like to kill it) and dwarf sagittaria, which just looks mowed down and sad. Anubias, java fern, and some kind of broad-leaf sword are all doing OK. So anyway, TL;DR: where do you buy your plants? I don't have a lot of money, so bang-for-buck would be preferable.
  17. Where can you buy cheap plants in the UK?? Because a bunch costs about £2 and potted plants can range from £3-4 and I really need a planted tank so I can move my ever growing pleco fry population into the tank without the angelfish noticing. thanks
  18. So my 29g planted tank has absolutely no aquascaping or planning. Basically, I threw in lots of plants and waited to see which ones would stick. And that was fine, at the time. . . But now I want a tank with structure, grace, and lilys that aren't in the foreground. So how does one safely remove deeply rooted plants without harming them? Thanks guys! E
  19. On the 15 of August I purchased from fishman724 (Bruce) an order of 10 banana lilies. They were shipped the following Monday and expected to arrive Wednesday August 20. Imagine my concern when they didn't arrive! Not Wednesday, not Thursday, not Friday. Finally on Saturday I contacted the seller. "Hello fishman724, I just wanted to know that as of tomorrow, it'll have been a week since the banana plants were shipped and they still have yet to arrive. I don't have much hope for their state when they finally do arrive, either. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know why I hadn't yet left feedback on the item. I hope this can be resolved happily for all, above_all_else" Being new to ebay, I accidentally started a case instead of just messaging the guy. Monday the plants arrived, but I wasn't home to see them. However, I had my father send me pictures over email and they looked okay. And then today fishman responds, "Please advise if you received your plants yet and if so are they ok ? Bananna plants are extremely hardy but if your are not ok please advise and I will replace at no charge to you. Bruce " Everything about that response (other than spelling ) is perfect. First of all, his first concern was for the health of the plants, He first asked if the plants were okay rather than pulling some crap response about shipping and deflecting blame onto someone else. I'm impressed. Then he goes on to cater to the buyer's (my) possible needs, offering to replace the plants at no charge if the plants are damaged. And again, I'm impressed. So thoroughly impressed! Of course I couldn't respond to this when I first got it, as I wasn't actually home to see the plants yet (Stupid work -_-) but as soon as I got home the first thing I did was check the plants.... and wow, was I surprised! 10 Healthy beautiful banana plants with non-melted leaves, strong roots and thick banana rhizomes. Little to no melting. Happily sitting in my tank. These plants spent a week in the mail, probably lost by the postage service, and yet their impeccable care prior and great shipping still landed them in my home and tank in tip top shape, better than the plants I could purchase at lfs times 10. So naturally I responded like this; "Holy crap, Bruce, what are you doing to these plants! A week in the mail and they arrive perfectly healthy with strong, non- melted leaves and healthy roots. I can't say I've ever been so impressed with a shipment, and I've purchased a lot of things online. Many of the plants I've bought have arrived much faster and still been in inferior condition than these plants. 4000% impressed with the quality of your plants. Not only that but your response to my not recieving the plants was to ask if they were okay rather than to blame the postal service. That's so admirable. Caring for the plants first and foremost is so cool of you. I'm very impressed with you as a seller and definitely plan to buy from you again soon. Sorry to open a case in the first place... (it was actually a total accident... pretty new to eBay and only meant to send you a message. I hope this doesn't affect your feedback or anything negatively -_-) Awesome to work with you, hope the plants continue to flourish. Above" I've never been so impressed with a buyer's quality, ever. No holds barred, best transaction I've been part of. Definitely check him out for all your plant needs! fishman724 http://www.ebay.com/usr/fishman724?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 They don't have much up now, but I assure you, what they do have is well worth it... Even if it does take awhile to arrive!
  20. Hi Guys! In addition to fish keeping, a hobby if mine is assembling and caring for small terrariums and indoor gardens. I made this one in an old teakettle yesterday Do any of you do this? Its lots of fun! Pics to share?
  21. What different plants can grow without substrate? I know java fern, anubias, and any flooting plants, but are there other rhizome(sp?) based plants, or simply other plants, that can grow without substrate, glued to a rock? I want to add some variety to my tank, but I don't know what plants are suitable to add. Any help is appreciated!
  22. Working on my Anubias collection The 55 gallon tank as of August 13th, 2013: Types of Anubias so far: *Anubias barteri var. glabra (aka Anubias lanceolata) *Anubias barteri var. nana *Anubias barteri var. nana 'petite' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'micro' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'golden' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'snow white' *Anubias afzelli Anubias Wishlist: *Anubias barteri *Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia *Anubias hastafolia *Anubias barteri var. nana 'stardust' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'marble'
  23. ashlee18 Sent me some water sprite (thank you so much!), so I thought it would be cool to take a look at the water. This is from the root area.
  24. Hi all. I cleaned out the betta tank today and noticed a bit of growth in the crypt plants that goldfish7 sent me a while ago. Of the 3 plants, one had melted entirely and I threw it away. The other two I left in the tank because I had heard that they often recover from the trauma of melting. So one plant, which had retained one leaf, now has a new leaf coming, and some new roots growing. The second one, which had melted to a nub with a few roots, now has some green appearing on the nub, and more roots! I'm very glad that the plants are recovering. I look forward to them growing out. From the pictures Goldfish7 sent, they are really unusual - kind of bright green with bronze stems and veins. I haven't had much luck with plants in the betta tank, so it's nice to see something happening.
  25. So today I was feeling a bit down and left work early. I think I'm getting a cold or something. Anyway, to make myself feel better, I stopped at the mom and pop lfs on the way home. It's a little storefront in a horrible part of town, jam packed with tanks, fish and plants. They breed guppies and have some kinds I've never seen before, and their planted tanks are so lush and green. I get plant envy every time I go there. Anyway, I looked at all the tanks. They usually have only a few goldfish, but today they had some cute little ranchu!!! Gold, calico and bronze. They also had a tank full of what looked like plakat bettas, but there were lots of them all together in the tank. I forgot to ask what they were. They also had 4 different types of White Cloud Mountain minnows - regular, vietnamese, long tailed and gold. I was there for plants, and picked up 2 more onion plants, 3 jungle vals and a really nice anubia with long leaves that have a kind of silvery sheen to the underside of the leaf. I brought them home, dipped them in bleach solution, and put them in temporary pots in the tanks. I am waiting for my order of eco complete to arrive so I can plant things permanently. Here's the Anubia - see the lighter underside of the leaves? It's very pretty! It's a mature plant with several rhizomes that I can separate into new plants. Here's the jungle vals - there are 3 plants in here. I just put them in one pot temporarily. I like the way they sway in the current, yet the leaves are not as long as the onion plant. I hope Fluffy doesn't eat them! And here's the test results from tonight. Progress is being made!! Ammonia - 1, Nitrites - 20 After all that therapy and planting, I was tired, so I got myself a pint of Ben & Jerrys sorbet and sat for a while watching the tank cycle and the new plants swaying in the current. It was a very successful trip to the mom & pop lfs!!
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