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  1. So I'd taken in interest in goldfish at the beginning of the year and did a lot of research then but did not buy any. I'd had different plans than what ultimately happened.. mainly putting them in a 55g not a 40g breeder with diy in tank sump/riparium system. A little over a week ago I went to a non chain petstore to buy some live black worms as I needed to restock and my husband was drawn back tot eh goldfish section. He was drawn in by a 'vert inelegant looking' blue oranga that was probably 5" minus fins. Sadly the only other goldfish in its size range there were not types my husband or I liked. But the hubby was really into that oranda but wanted 2 goldfish. We left the store after buying black worms talking about getting them next week and my husband told em to turn around in less than 5 minutes and buy a smaller blue oranda and a calico we were eyeing. I already had a tank set up at home that had several large anubias going through a 1 month quarantine period in (anubias is susceptible to a contagious disease called rhizome rot-its already good to qt any new anubias for a month). The tank has substrate, filter with media, heater, all we needed was a lid so my husband and I stopped by home depot on the way home and grabbed some Lexan (great cheap minimal lid-doesn't bow like thin acrylic, and doesn't shatter like glass). Hubby cut the lid to fit while I acclimated. I scavenged some media from other cycled tanks to help kick start the beneficial bacteria colonies for the goldies and was/am doing 15 gallon water changes every day and every 4 days about 25-30 gallons. Dosing Seachem Prime daily to bind ammonia and nitrite during cycling too. First 2-3 days the oranda was a bit shy and would go into the anubias when I took the lid off to feed. Now its more bold and will come take food from y hand, both it and the fantail will peck at my hand, and the oranda also lets me it gently pet its fins.. fantail isn't quite at petting comfort level yet. But I'm surprised how quickly they go to this, some of my bettas let me pet them but usually. Still no names for them until I can be sure on gender.. fantail I'm 85% confident is female.. the oranda not so sure (hubby says its a he.. because he wants it to be male) Current diet is Hikari sinking goldfish pellets (purple bag), repahsy soilent green, in frequent Hikari blood worms or brine shrimp, and a rarer treat of live black worms. There is always some cucumber in the tank for them to nibble on, and I am hoping to grow lettuce and spinach for them on the tank to change that up a bit. Tank Info: Tank: 40 gallon breeder Heater: Ehiem Jagar 150 watt Filter: Aquatop submersible pump- 315 gph (with lots of foam and ceramic/bio media) Lights: Finnex Planted + LED 36" + 1x 14 watt 6500k cfl in reflector lamp Substrate: Black Diamond Stand: re-claimed 40" table Fauna:1 Oranda and 1 Fantail goldfish Submerged Flora: Anubias barteri 'broad leaf' Anubias barteri 'wrinkle leave' Water Sprite Riparium?Aquaponic Flora: Ornamental Sweet potato vine Freindship palnt coming soon(all organic): Black seeded simpson Lettuce Palco hybrid Spinach Greek Oragano Ferts:Seacehm Flourish line Various tank and fish photos from first several days lettuce seedlings floating on foam rafts in black worm culture tank until they get a little bigger Ornamental sweet potato vines and friendship plant Oregano and spinach elaves waiting to sprout Fantail finger nibbling+ both food begging. just got the first riparium plants set up after a 1 hour submerged dip in water to drawn out any possible pests.. They are not my first fish or plants. I've been keeping planted aquariums since 2012 including various tropical community fish, dwarf shrimp and dwarf rainbow fish, white cloud mountain minnows, and lots of bettas (each with their own tank). Enjoying the goldfish a lot in this first week+.. might have to sell off my tropical community fish so i can convert that to a goldfish tank.
  2. Just wanted to show you guys how my aquarium is coming along! I added some cabomba (it's a risk, I know, but it's making a comeback!), ludwigia (which might not make a come back), and another kind of plant that I can't remember the name of. It gets tall and has star shaped leaves and gets a pinkish color to it. My fiance also came home with a few additions to the family >_> Anyways, enough of this, and on with spamming the pics! Hope you enjoy! [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://
  3. So I stole this idea 100% this idea from this thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124402-brainstorming-anubias-things-opinions-please/?hl=anubias I really like this idea a lot, so I bought 100 euros (110 dollars) worth of Anubias (bateria and nana) and java fern, spend the better part of an evening attaching them to suction cups and a few to rocks. Then came the fun part of adding them to my tank and really designing how my tank should look. I am very pleased with how it came out and very happy to share it with you all - I hope you like it as well Here is the 5 min video I made of the tank from different angles - hit the HD button! It is filmed in 1080i resolution, so it is best viewed in this Maybe I'll add some more plants later, but I'm giving the newly added plants a chance to grow a bit before I do it. I used a few plants for my snail tank, which looks pretty much the same as my goldfish tank (I have a certain style that I like apparently!) which I'll share a video of later, but it is not as cool as this.
  4. Thought I would start a blog for my own benefit to have a record and something to look back on and see how far we have come, hopefully posting here some other people may be able to get some benefit or enjoyment out of the process as it continues also!! In less than 6 month’s our goldfish experience has been full of twists and turns! During this time we’ve made plenty of mistakes, gained a lot of experience whilst our tank has evolved into a larger form 3 times already! Brief History: - We started with a 3 gallon, “all-in-one” tank and a black moor called “Soka”, as a Christmas present for my partner’s child. Unfortunately he passed away whilst we were on holiday in Thailand. - We then purchased a bubble eye, “Hype”. We also upgraded our tank to a 9 gallon tank we received for the price of peanuts. - This tank has now been converted into our QT tank at the moment, as our new 55 gallon (210L) is nearing the end of its cycling process. Our 55 gallon tank in the beginning, kitted out with fake ornaments/plants that we received when we purchased the tank second hand. image url upload Since the picture above we have done the following : - Added another 6500K fluro tube giving it a brighter, natural lighting colour to the human eye. - Removed all the fake accessories whilst we hunted for more natural, aesthetically pleasing decorations. We went hunting along the Yarra River and were successful in finding some “driftwood” pieces that we liked the look of, as we did not feel like paying $30+ for a piece of wood at our LFS. Here is a picture of Grey sampling our new find, as we soaked the wood to remove some tannins whilst we waited to place it on the fire at night and tried to boil them. image host We were unable to find any suitable rock’s on our driftwood expedition so we bought these from Rayonne Aquarium. post img We also purchased some Prazi powder from guppsysaquariums as it was the cheapest option by far, especially compared to our LFS. We also decided to get some subwassertang and riccia sent to us while we were at it, as we are experimenting with plants that may or may not work in the tank along with our goldfish. Thought we would try out luck in attaching the riccia to the stones and see how it fares... photos upload Here is a picture of the tank as it stands currently, it is a bit cluttered at the moment as we were a bit rushed before I had to return to site. adult image sharing We have a lot more re-arranging planned in the near future as we add our driftwood, more plants and finally our fish in once the QT process has finished! I shall post pictures as this progresses
  5. I am still learning a lot, but I got a sword, crypt parva, and a few crypt retrospiralis to fill out the background yesterday, and I think I am finally happy with how all of this looks! I have been excited all day so I thought I would post a picture. Duchess and Vickie like it, too! I've been pruning the hygrophila corymbosa in front to make it bushier, which I think it starting to work, and my dwarf lilies are finally starting to grow. It's all in the early stages but everything has been (mostly) been living to good effect for a couple of months now. Thanks, plant subforum, for tolerating all of my questions so far! I have moderate lighting (two lamp AquaticLife T5-HO), dose premixed macros and micros 1-2x per week depending on parameters, gH booster with water changes, and liquid CO2. I also use root tabs for root feeders since I have a sand substrate. Happy happy! :)
  6. I seem to recall someone here had done this. Can't find the post though. I have few questions; 1) Is this acceptable substrate for goldfish tank? 2) If I use this, do I need to cover it with sand? (the manufacturer seems to recommend it, but I worry if it becomes too deep layer with sand and creates nasties in the tank). This is example of the substrate. If it helps, the tank I'll have will have base measurements of 140cm (long) and 50cm (wide). The most "demanding" plant I'm planning to try in there are dwarf lilies (tiger and thai). Aside of that I am thinking vallisneria, types of anubias and maybe some type of crypts or swords, and just pray that when I'll finally get fish the plants will be established enough and the fish small enough to not turn into expensive salad. I'd be grateful for any and all opinions and help, as usual
  7. Woo Hoo! I managed to get the val to stay in the substrate, that sure was frustrating. Went to the sale at the LFS and spent too much money - tee hee. Here is what I did today. I had called the store yesterday and asked if they would have marimo balls and they said they did but when I got there, they were charging $5 each for a tiny 1/2" ball. I decided to order of etsy, much better deal. So the sponge you see around the rocks will eventually be covered with marimo. I'd like the val to grow in and create an arch over the rock on the right. I think if I had it to do over again I might have just done two corner filters with HMF. It takes up too much room in the center but eventually I hope it will be masked by the val. Thanks for letting me share.
  8. Ever since I joined Koko's I've been really taken with all the beautiful planted tanks from members here, so over the last few weeks I've made it my little project to convert my barebottom 55gallon into a planted tank. This is what my tank looked like when I first got it with fake plants: This is what it looks like now with anubias tied to driftwood, an amazon sword and a green crypt (the tiny pot on the left is a baby amazon sword cut from the mother plant that Kaji keeps picking at and uprooting, so I buried it deeper in the pot and surrounded it with bigger rocks in hopes that this will protect it). It's really simple and the plants are pretty ordinary, but I really like this new aesthetic and can't wait to see these plants grow!
  9. Hi all! I've recently gotten into aquatic plants and I'm trying my hand with a low tech tank. Hope you enjoy my plant adventures! I might even try to make some videos too. Substrate- Just some black sand. It was the National Geographic brand I believe. Plants- Currently I've gotten 3 types of anubias all glued to rocks: (from left to right) afzelii, nana, and congensis. A tree with java moss attached. And a few bunches of staurogyne repens planted in front. Crossing fingers that the fish leave them alone... I am also expecting some pennywort, and water sprite in the mail. Lighting- Some cheap yellow LEDs that came with my tank hood and, http://www.ebay.com/itm/251811006487?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I got it for a steal at $26, but unfortunately the seller raised the price. Co2 and Ferts- None yet. I may get root tabs for the repens, and maybe some seachem ferts. We'll see how everything goes and I really don't want to deal with Co2 anyway or do I have money to buy a system right now. I trying to stay as low tech as possible. I'm having some green spot algae problems with the anubias and my tank walls, but my horned nerite snails are coming with my plants and after I quarantine them they should help with that. Stock- For the most part the fish leave the anubias alone though they nibble at the roots so I've tucked them into the sand , the java moss they pick at lightly as well (nothing detrimental), and well see about the repens... Pics- (sorry some are bad) Wish me luck! Any advice welcome!
  10. So I finally purchased the ingredients for my planted tank! The only problem is, the dirt I got is not Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix. It's a non- name brand called 'Just Natural' and I got one that said organic and without fertilizers. Neither Walmart nor Lowe's carries the organic miracle gro by my house. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm going to be doing the preliminary testing with layer work today, to make sure that I have it correct before putting it into my tank. I'm a bit rushed, however, because I purchased some plants and they arrived way too early, and are currently floating in my 10g! You can hardly see the fish in there there's so many! So, any advice? Ratio of dirt x gravel x sand? Anything would be appreciated.
  11. Hi Guys, First time poster, long time reader. I love this site it has helped me save a few fish! So, I am about to move to a new place and I decided that I would like to go bare bottom in my 60 gallon and I have a few questions. I have tried to grow plants to no success in my tank with stock lighting that is only 30 watts. However I noticed recently that I am growing plenty of green algae, so I'm wondering perhaps if I added an LED system to it maybe it would help? Or just go LED all together? I was thinking about something like this. http://www.petsmart.com/supplies/lights/national-geographic-trade-deluxe-programmable-led-aquarium-light-zid36-21386/cat-36-catid-300073?var_id=36-21386 I have experience growing plants in a 10 gallon tropical tank, that is getting 2 watts/gallon, my amazon sword is growing out of the top! So I am familiar with growing in a low-tech setup, I was only intending to plant something like swords, crypts, etc. in my 60 gal. since these are goldfish we're talking about!!! My second question is how has going bare bottom worked out for some of you guys? And with potted plants what kind of pots did you use? Will normal ones from places like Lowes work? Thanks a bunch I look forward to hearing your replies!!
  12. Hello all, I am switching my fertilization method from EI (estimative index) to PPS-Pro. No problems, I have had excellent growth with EI dosing but want to scale back on the nutrient excess and mandatory weekly water changes to reset the nutrient load. I could tweak the EI doses, which I have to regulate nitrates, but I feel better having a standard schedule to follow. Anyone here using PPS-Pro in a planted goldfish tank? Did you have to tweak anything to keep the nitrates at a reasonable level?
  13. New planted goldfish tank. Pressurized co2. Two T5s 6500k, EI ferts. Let plants root for two months before adding goldfish. Also have a few Siamese Algae Eaters.
  14. Hello orange ping pong ball... Click for the video...
  15. Hey all So recently, I've been toying around with the idea of a planted tank... Mind you, I've never kept any aquatic plants before- so the entire concept is a bit new to me I was thinking of starting with some lucky bamboo in my filter box? And then eventually some anubias or moss balls ! But my question is, where do you guys get your plants? I always see tons at my lfs, petco, and petsmart.... However, the ones at petsmart always seem inundated with snails What are your top picks for plant vendors? Thanks !
  16. Working on my Anubias collection The 55 gallon tank as of August 13th, 2013: Types of Anubias so far: *Anubias barteri var. glabra (aka Anubias lanceolata) *Anubias barteri var. nana *Anubias barteri var. nana 'petite' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'micro' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'golden' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'snow white' *Anubias afzelli Anubias Wishlist: *Anubias barteri *Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia *Anubias hastafolia *Anubias barteri var. nana 'stardust' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'marble'
  17. I read somewhere that temperature can be important for plants. This got me wondering, what temperature do you guys keep your tanks to keep both plants and fancy goldfish happy?
  18. Hi All! So excited! Bought a bunch of new tube plants today! Because I realized I am a "minimalist" golfish keeper...I decided to stick with just Anubias and Java Fern... Well...I picked up about 5 Anubias of assorted varities and NOT Java Fern as I intended....I got turned about and ended up buying Amazon Swords on accident thinking they were Java Fern....I am such a dodo! hahaha.... So my problem is...I already superglued one of my Amazon Sword to my decor in my tank....but Swords typically need to be planted in substrate right? Will my Sword survive if I leave it glued to decor or should I move it and pot it? I have very very very thin substrate in my tank...so planting in substrate I would like to try to avoid if possible...but I already bought and opened the plants (they are the PetSmart/TopFin Tube ones) ...so I'm stuck with them haha! Such a stupid mistake!!! What would you all do?
  19. Good morning (or whatever time it is for you), I have a little bit of a silly question, but I figured I would ask, I mean...why not? So here it is: I have a 50 gal setup and recently I decided that I wanted to plant it. While its not my first planted tank, it is the first time I have tried it in a darker room or with Goldfish in the tank. I added a plant substrate under my old, larger gravel (I didn't want the goldfish to choke on it). I originally had only two, 18" Marineland daylight T8 fluorescent bulbs on the tank (15 Watts a piece, and I am not sure what the color temperature is on daylight, but I think it is around 6500k?). The bulbs are at least 2 or 3 years old and I have heard that they start to loose their spectrum or strength or something, does anyone know anything about this? So I decided to pick up a pair of Aqueon T5 fixtures. Each one has a 14w Colormax and a 14w 6.7k lamp in them. I am not sure what the color temp of the colormax is, either (they do a terrible job advertising these things. lol) so the total wattage for the T5 lights is roughly 56 watts. I decided to keep all 4 lighting fixtures on my tank to give me roughly 1.76 watts per gallon (I know its not awesome, but I figured it would get me started with lower light plants). I am not sure if it matters were I place the lights? Currently I have the T8's on the back row and my T5's in the front (on a glass top). Then I thought, I wonder if it would work better to have them reversed so the "brighter" lights could bounce off the wall vs. diffuse into the room? Not sure if it even matters, but I dont want to lose what little light I have. Not sure if you can see what I mean in the very bad picture (taller T8's in the back, low profile T5's in the front) (picture is from before I started really planting. Once I get it all planted Ill post pictures-still waiting for some to come in the mail) So, does it matter? or should the light diffuse through and be adequate no matter its placement on the top of the tank? also should I switch out any bulbs? My anacharis, java ferns, and crypts seem to be doing well and are growing. The Anubas haven't really grown, but also aren't dying, but my sword looks a little "thin" and doesn't have any new growth. (its been almost 2 weeks since I added them) Thanks everyone!
  20. I took a couple pictures of my community tank again yesterday, and compared them to the photos from a week ago when I planted everything. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the cabomba. I have never ever had a plant that grew at this rate. You can see to the left how far the plant has spread out, how much taller it is. To the right I marked the height of two stems with a red dot at their tips. And I was planning on buying more of it I guess I'll just have to wait a few more weeks and half the tank will be overgrown #probablyjinxedmyselfnow 12/08/2012 12/15/2012 The anacharis has mostly turned brown and lost the leaves, but it already was rather brown. It is producing a lot of new, green off shoots so I just let the stems float in the tank for now. My beautiful crypt wendtii was insulted over being moved and has partially melted away. It is only about half the size, but it looks as if it is recovering. The giant hygro has grow too, it can't be properly upright anymore. I will have to cut it down and plant the new piece But the cabomba seriously blows my mind. EDIT: And I haven't even gotten the new light for it yet. Still just working with the two 36 watt tank light and the 23watt CFL (100watt replacement) desk lamp that I keep on top of the tank, and alternate the light to shine in on each side of the tank every other day.
  21. So now that everything is starting to come together I finally moved Tui and La into their private home in the 36. The bristlenose pleco babies are smart and quick enough to avoid being chomped on, so I feel completely comfortable with these two in there (: Not to mention they probably don't have the best combined eyesight Anyways, the Lionhead/Chus thinned out my cardamine.... The buggers....... They traded places with Tui and La (: I also added a bubbler, the driftwood, and another rock along with the 2 baby BN's (: <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN2442.mp4">
  22. I finally uploaded my pictures onto photobucket!!!! OF ALL MY CUTE PIGS!!!!! hahhahahaaa!! anyways tell what you guys think!! KOKO AND STAKOS AND DNALEX hope you comment! you guys asked me for pictures but never got to it! i finally did! take a LOOK!!!!! there is also 2 pictures in there of my tropical planted community tank with platys, guppies and white clouds!! http://s1076.photobucket.com/albums/w456/monkey1987/
  23. Hey guys i have a pretty moderate - high planted tank... i was wondering about Co2 and aeration?? i know i cant have the air pump running while injecting Co2.. so i was wondering.. do i turn off the air pump during the day and put the co2 ON? and at night do i reverse it? turn co2 off and oxygen on?? i figure plants dont produce O2 at night?? and so the air pump would be a good idea for fish? or am i mistaken?? what do i do?? co2 on all the time? even at night? HELP! confused..
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