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  1. Hi, I'm definately in need of guidance please. I found a betta a big chain store that appears to have swim bladder issues (floating & on his side at the top of the cup) but I also see the scales sticking out by the swim bladder when he goes from a normal swimming position to floating back to the top then turns on his side. I am wondering if it is possible dropsy or if the scales stick out just because he gets into a certain position. From what I could tell, the scales didn't stick out when he was in the normal position but he wasn't in a normal position for very long. I feel sorry for him and would like to get him, understanding the swim bladder issue needs but if he has dropsy or the start of, I will not get him as I've never had positive results with dropsy treatment. Also, he would have to come home with me by airplane cargo because I'm out of town. Would that be harmful to him? Thank you for any help
  2. I upgraded my 4 goldies (1 small, 2 med, 1 large) to a 75 gallon 2 weeks ago. Parameters matched old & new tank. Api test (drops) on 5/29 (set up) : ammonia 0, nitrate 10, nitrite 0, ph 8.2. I moved the established filters & media to the 75g, filtration is 800 gph. water test on 5/30 was nitrate 20, ph 8.2, ammonia & nitrite 0. Water test 6/1 results: same. Water test 6/5: same. Water change 6/8 of apx 12 gallons. I tested the water today & all same except ammonia at 1.0, my large oranda has lifted scales/pinecone. I check the fish daily and he/she wasn't like this. Water is r.o. with seachem gold trace, buffer, prime, salt. All fish are eating, I am unsure of the age. I did a 20 gallon water change 2 hours ago & double dose prime. the ro ph is 6.0 so I need to do small frequent water changes bc of the ph difference, I do have a better idea of how to do larger water changes that are safe for the fish, I didn't get it done since 6/8 because of long work schedule and my geriatric dog was having some health issues (he's ok now). Anyway, I have kanaplex and metronidazole (seachem), what should I do to help the fish: qt, meds, both, anything else? Thank you for any suggestions
  3. I have had this ranchu in QT for the last 7 weeks.. The first days he was super active, strong & even a little of a bully to the roommate, a smaller ranchu At the second week of QT, he started to pinecone so I started treating as usual (metro, kana & epsom combo) Pinecone went away but the ranchu wasn't interested in food.. not eating at all from Oct 10 to Oct 25 I tried syringe feed several times hoping something went in He started to eat kinda normal on Nov 3 after starting a prazi powder round but stopped again on Nov 6 and he hasn't eat anything since then The symptoms are: No eating, Swollen body, Heavy breathing, Extra slime Here below is the treatment I followed since day one so you can see what have I done Sep 24: Arrival Sep 24-27: De-stress days (just WC & double prime) Sep 28: 100%WC + 76g salt(morning) + 76g salt (evening) Sep 29: 76g salt (to reach .3%) Sep 30: 100WC + 228g salt + prazipro double dose (1st round) Oct 2: 100WC + 228g salt + prazi redose (double) Oct 4: 100WC (removing all prazi) + 228g salt Oct 5: Starting to feed Metro flakes Oct 6: 100WC + 228g salt + Metro flakes Oct 8: 100WC + 228g salt + prazipro double dose (2nd round) + Metro Flakes Oct 9: Here I saw the pincone in one of the chus & the other one laying sideways, plus spitting out the metro flakes Oct 10: 100WC (remove all prazi) 1Tsp Epsom + Metro powder (1st) + Kana powder (1st) Oct 12: 100WC + 2 Tsp Epsom + Metro powder (2nd) + Kana powder (2nd) Oct 14: 100WC + 2 Tsp Epsom + Metro powder (3rd) + Kana powder (3rd) Oct 16: 100WC + 2 Tsp Epsom + Metro powder (4th) + Kana powder (4th) Oct 18: 100WC + Prazi single + Metro powder (5th) + Kana powder (5th) Oct 20: 100WC + Prazi single re-dose + Metro powder (6th) + Kana powder (6th) Oct 22: 100WC to get all meds out Oct 24: 100WC Oct 26: 100WC Oct 28: 100WC Oct 30: 100WC Nov 2: 100WC + 76g salt + Aqua prazi (powder) Nov 4: 100WC + 76g salt + Prazi powder (re-dose) Nov 6: 100WC + 76g salt Nov 8: 50WC Nov 9: 100WC + 76g salt + Aqua prazi (powder) Nov 11: 100WC + 76g salt + Aqua prazi (redose) THIN BODY SWOLLEN BODY HEAVY BREATHING PLEASE HELP US!!!
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