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  1. I really am not sure where to post this, so feel free to move it Originally HappyPercy and I had planned to meet up at the show, but unfortunately she came down sick and couldn't go Anyway, the Trade Show was great, I had a ton of fun! Unfortunately it was very focused on saltwater and cichlids, but still nice. It was less of a show than a trade event, most fish were readily bagged up to go, so it was hard to take photos of them. I got a few though. We entered only one of the raffles, but didn't win anything I still didn't leave empty handed, as I got more than a pint (!!!) of duckweed and some other floating plant similar to it, that is native and only found somewhere in the Carolinas, according to the seller. Probably right out of the public pond behind her house Very pretty looking though and from overlooking it, I found only one ramshorn snail in it. It was only $ 5, that is quite cheap compared to buying duckweed online, where they will charge you $ 2 for a tablespoon full of it. I also got a good amount of frogbit for $ 3 and a couple pieces of water sprite for $ 1. Wanted to buy the most beautiful long finned bristlenose pleco. He was yellow, not albino, and had black eyes. Unfortunately he was already sold They also had one single goldfish there He was a gorgeous fat short tail ryukin, all orange, with big breeding stars on his fins. He was begging to be taken home, but A) he was from Fintastic, aka the cess pool B) he was $ 40 and I had a spending budget of $ 36 C) I don't have room Overall it really was great, but I think they need a bigger place. It was only one large room with one small room for the speakers. It got so packed so quickly, because they had a lot more people visit than they expected. Unfortunately OF COURSE there were a gazillion of people that took their kids out for a fun weekend, and I encountered half a dozen people with baby strollers in this tiny place. D: D: D: The following are most of the photos I took, in the order I took them. My camera had a big problem with the blue light that was used at a lot of the saltwater vendors. See the gorgeous ryukin?? These girls sold beautiful homemade aquarium backgrounds, that were made of styrofoam, expanding foam and rocks. Also got my duckweed there. This fish I loved. I always loved how they look but I have no room for them. Some of the few show setups and some bettas. I loved the seahorses! Part two with photos follows in a couple minutes.
  2. So I finally restocked my planted puffer tank. I had a horrible tragedy at the beginning of last semester when I initially added the live plants....cyanobacteria overtook everything and choked all my plants in a slow and agonizing death that involved melting and getting little brown bits of dead plants EVERYWHERE. So I used my nifty discount at the petstore (wholesale prices!!) before I left for school and got $130 worth of plants and supplies for only $40!! Here are the specs: 20L tank AquaClear 30 (150gph) running biomax and floss only Fluval Stratum underneath white Super Naturals sand 100W Stealth heater (going to replace this soon!) 30in Coralife light fixture with 10000K and 6500K bulb (also replacing soon) Dosing: 2mL Flourish Excel daily 1.4mL Flourish comprehensive supplement twice weekly Livestock: 3 adult dwarf puffers 1 male feeder guppy (that thinks he's a puffer) Plants: Vallisneria spiralis Italian val. Zephyranthes candida Dwarf onion plant Vesiculara dubyana Java moss Rotala indica Ceratophyllum demersum Hornwort Chladophora aegragrophila Moss ball Nymphoides aquatica Banana plant Nymphaea stellata Dwarf lily Anubias bareri v. nana 'petite' Anubia pygmy nana Ok, on to the pictures: My dwarf lily is the only plant that survived the cyano! Steve bought it for me about two and a half years ago. It's changed tanks more times than I can count! Instead of using fishing line or twine to tie my anubias onto the driftwood, I used galvanized steel tacks to attach the tuber to the drift wood. Galvanized steel does not rust, and the small diameter of the tack ensures the tuber is minimally harmed. This way I don't have to remove any string later, and don't have to look at string now! Thanks for looking!
  3. Sherby's fins look ridiculous in this pic. Julie and Pippin~ Telescope trio~ There's actually four fish in this picture! Ninja Quaxo blending in. It didn't occur to me while the teles were in QT that Pippin and Sherby would look awesome together. Now that they're in the same tank, I want them to have babies one day!!! --- Sherby and his mini-me. Sherby and his ridiculous tail that just grows and grows and grows~ Quaxo and Pippin~ Blurry but I thought it looked cool. Merry and Quaxo. The size difference looks ridiculous. Merry: Miss Julie. I can't decide if she's adorable or ugly. I love her though. Can't wait to see her all white!! Swoosh~~~ PS. I lost Bilbo. I had been coming home every couple days during Christmas break and doing water changes and feeding the fishies, but I was gone for four days in a row once and apparently that was too long, ick broke out and I lost him and his tank mate that night. RIP, baby. I was looking forward to seeing you healthy and happy. Thank you!!! Happy New Year!!!
  4. Cleaned the tank today and moved the decor around. Thought i would share some pics of the fishies Black Phantom Tetras and Tiger Barbs Female Black Phantom Tetra with red fins Male Black Phantom Tetra with all black fins displaying Male and Female BPT Male Blue Gourami Female Golden Gourami And my Leopard Sailfin Plec Thanks for watching
  5. Finally added a background to the 55 gallon tropical tank and planted some of the bulbs. Not much difference with the plants, so no focus pics of them. Instead lots of pics of the fish, and the new guy! Yes, a new guy. A beautiful high finned sunburst platy. High finned is an understatement though, his dorsal is so tall that he can barely erect it. Instead it looks like a long, yellow veil on his back Here we go: This is actually 4 photos edited together to give a nice non-flash view of the full tank. You can see the onion plants and aponogetons between the flower pot and the driftwood. The new guy, still nameless. He really stood out to me at Pet$mart. The other platies. Rocket (silver-blue base) is such a cool looking fish, and Lucky (red) is turning into such a pretty little runt. Goldie loves the divider randomish shots The black neons are still a full dozen! I am proud of my angels for not eating them The angels again. "Moon" is really the most perfect name for this fish "It's a trap!" The two big boys like to stare each other down through the divider. They do this literally half of the day LOL
  6. I cleaned the tank today a took a bunch of picture. 99% didn't turn out since I no longer have a nice camera. Here is a couple I liked. Top view of Ranchu Top view of Big Bob (Blue Oranda) Top view of three of the fish. The giant one is Leviathan the Black Moor. Side view of Leviathan. Side view of Big Bob. Leviathan's new love. The hand made fishy plate. Gift my wife bought me. In my display case or fish tank as others may call it. Couple guppies Rubber Lip moved to the Guppy tank for clean up. Found the yummy green algae really fast.
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