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  1. Just wanted to share some of my favorite photos of my little guys with you all My little guys when I first got them... so tiny! And so cautious about the big lady coming to peek into the tank all the time. First picture of my calico, once I'd had them about a week. And first picture of the orange guy after a week. At this point, I still didn't know if they were male or female. They look so cute grazing for food that isn't there sometimes. And begging to be fed. Always begging to be fed. xD See? "Mommy, I'm hungry!" They still love each other and hang out together in the tank all the time. (Surprise kisses!) Those fantails... I just fell in love. And both my little boys have developed breeding stars on their gill plates, and some along the leading rays of their pectoral fins as well. Reminds me of all the boys in high school getting acne. "I told you I was a boy! Geez!" By now both of my water babies have begun to fill out a little, too, which makes me smile. They are such cute little studs. And they know very well that they are loved. Hope you enjoyed the "pseudo-story" of my fantails, I enjoy every minute with my hands in the water. Even cleaning the tank is kind of fun (because I weigh them and track how much they've grown every other water change). These two little fantails are my pride and joy right now, and even if I get more expensive or well-bred fish down the line, these two were the ones that started it all. ~ CaliGold ~
  2. Now by the help of this wonderful site lots of us have started breeding our own.For future reference, better assumption, moreover in order to preserve good quality fish we need to share the photos of our family photos of goldfish. Mine are still too young as they will reach 3 months old i will upload the whole family photos of them . Note: please do-not upload any fake families as well as if you are not sure who the parents are.
  3. I thought we could start a topic like "Show me your oranda please" and the other similar threads for fantails and pearlscales, but with people's photos of their telescopes, and pin it in the same area. I'll start it with mine. Goofball (and one of the Lavender babies I re-homed): Shadow: Velvet: Tovi: Perdita: Willow:
  4. Where to even begin... I've been away from Koko's for a while after losing my orandas, been focusing on my birds and ducks instead. But I'm back now, so this is just a general update for all my current fish, excluding the new babies I don't know whether to include the before&after / growth etc here or on a new thread... D; I only have one inside tank running at the moment, which is my 200L/40gal. Only two fish in there at the moment - Tywin the veiltail and Ben the black moor. Unfortunately I have a stubborn green dot algae issue and can't take in-tank photos just at the moment... The fish weren't happy about the little tank I had to put them in. Tywin: Ben: The rest of my fish live in my 750L/200gal pond, which is doing very well now it's got itself probably established. Hoping to get a waterfall or fountain set up for the opposite side to the filter, as well as a few marginal plants for more nitrate control. When I have money and time that is. So we have, my ranchu Sei and Minke, Sam and Dean's baby Damon (oranda), Fili the shub, Ghost the fantail/comet mess, Arry the pearlscale, Luci the common, Henry the blue tele, and a little mystery fantailed baby who has no name. First off, Damon. I am SO so glad I kept HER (!!), especially since her parents are gone now. She's super cute and has Dean's amazing tail. <3 Minke. She's doing really well. and I'm very happy with how she's turning out. Finally getting a wen ;D Sei. It was touch and go for a while there - she didn't seem to like tank life very much, but she's thriving in the pond Arry is the most recent fish to go out to the pond. After the initial settling down period, she seems to be doing just fine. Fili! When I bought Fili and the the rest of his group, I didn't actually want any shubs and before they arrived was even considering euthing them! D; But luckily I fell in love with him as soon as I opened the box, and here we are today. He grew a wen, really really cute. <3 I'll continue with the rest in a new post
  5. I just realized that I've left you guys hanging regarding my little cuties We recently had a photoshoot, and I wanted to share the results. Pickle says hi! My lil' ECR, Dorito, and fantail Clem are NOT amused! Speckle is zooming! Mr. B says HEY!!! Mr. B is the 'big man in the tank'! And as a bonus...any of you guys remember that little three-legged kitten I had bottle-raised over the summer? Here she is - her name is Juno
  6. Hello everyone! Here's a long-overdue update on my little water piggies I got my camera hood in the mail yesterday and wanted to try it out. They're LOVING the new 75 gallon tank....enjoy!!! Pickle and Clem Mr. B swimming along! The man of the hour You can see his cataracts well in this one. Bright lights throw him off and he really didn't like my camera flash. I LOVE this one!!! hahaha he and Speckle are two peas in a pod.... Really good one of Clem. He's developed a lot more black and orange since I got him in June. Lil' P! Pickle butt!!! And....a bonus mystery snail loving the TMS:
  7. Hello everybody, I've just been doing some research and it turns out that my little 'white' comet is leucistic. Apologies for the terrible photo. "Leucism is a general term for the phenotype resulting from defects in pigment cell differentiation and/or migration from the neural crest to skin, hair, or feathers during development. This results in either the entire surface (if all pigment cells fail to develop) or patches of body surface (if only a subset are defective) having a lack of cells capable of making pigment." - Wiki Another example of a leucistic goldfish: (Source) You can see that they have black eyes, which if they were albino, would be red. And they can be partially leucistic like my comet, who has an orange spot near her tail . Do you have a leucistic goldfish? Why not show a photo? (If I'm actually completely wrong about leucism, please let me know ).
  8. Hi Guys! Sorry I've disappeared as of late. My internet has been stupid and I've had little time, but to try and make it up, here are some pictures I took recently! I've also being in the process of redesigning my tank - the gravel is all gone and I'm looking to get some driftwood and plants
  9. I was finally able to get some shots of my Comet, Goldie (so much easier said than done)! "Yes, I'm lookin' at you..." You can see the remaining scars (mostly head, and right side of body) from the ammonia poisoning. Makes me sad to see her that way, but at least it led me to the discovery of this site! I still think she's beautiful though... I especially love her tail and all her fins! She looks amazing when she moves in the water... very sleek and fast.
  10. With my big fish going out into the pond I suddenly found myself with a lot more space in my tanks. I told myself I was going to go to the LFSs and get fish that I actually got to see before I bought them for once, since all my others came from online auctions. Buuut I didn't get that far. While doing my usually sweep of fish auctions I found one for 5 fish - 2 shubunkins, 1 pearlscale, 1 veiltail and a black moor. I put a watch on it out of curiosity to see how high the price would go. With 2 mins left, the bidding was only at $35. I put a bid on, thinking someone would outbid me. It didn't happen. I spent a couple of days fretting over my impulse buy, but when they arrived on the 27th of February I was so so glad I got them. <3 They're SO tiny I couldn't believe it. And so cute. My naming themes this year are Game of Thrones and The Hobbit. The black moor! Benjen! I'm super happy with him(/her). He has massive eyes and I've always wanted a moor with giant bouncy eyes lol He's got long fins and will be a good match for Henry when he grows up. The Veil, Tywin! Slowly gaining more white... The pearlscale, Arry! Originally thought to be a girl, turned out he has breeding stars already. I am in love with this fish. I'm gunna put the others in a new post.
  11. After a water change I got to take some decent photos of the little guy. He is feisty and will not hold still for a second. The tear in his dorsal has almost fully healed and the ammonia spots are mostly gone as well. The tear in the caudal has healed a lot as well, and he has put on a bit of weight. Willie sure is one of the goofiest looking fish of mine. He already has quite big eyes. If they turn out to be the same size as Kupo's, I will be forever laughing every time I look at him I swear, it sure is worth to take a close look at those feeder tanks from time to time. Obviously you can find the most unlikely goldfish in there
  12. Hello. I haven't properly introduced myself. I am Hyde. Fairly new here and I just wanted to share with you all some pics of my two fish. I have had them for about three months now.
  13. Walmart sure makes they $$ from me buying tubs there... Usually we do not go to Walmart but my brother in law is going to marry and sent us a gift registry scan card for WM, so we went there to see what he wants. The computer said that there are approximately 4 pages of wishlist, but the printer on the terminal was out, and at the service center they could not connect to the internet to download the info. I guess he ain't getting anything Anyway, checked the fish as always. After my last complaint, it's quite cleaned up but unfortunately still a bunch of fish with fish lice D: D: D: Not as severe as it was before though. Sooo... but there was a willow in the feeder tank. I have never seen one of those except for on the RG site whenever Steve has some for sale. Initially I walked away and distracted myself buying some everything-french-bread at the deli, but while standing in line at the self checkouts, I turned around, went back, got someone to help me in the fish department, scooped the little guy out myself within two seconds, and home I went with a 38 cent Willow, and another QT tub since all my tubs are currently in use Yeah... he looks a bit beat up, fins torn a bit, but other than that fine. Haven't seen a louse on him but I'll be very careful here. I don't need a fish lice infestation in my nine other "tanks" He is quite little, I am guessing maybe half a year or so. Very skinny even for a single tail. I stole some of Norm's duckweed so he has some cover and food for tonight. Oh and yes, my Walmart sends their fish home inside Ziploc bags Off to enjoy my everything bread
  14. Please post your findings too and we can all laugh together! A few to get the ball rolling... ^^ Actually this one might be slightly iffy, but the head shape seems more koi than goldfish to me, and I think I see barbels too... ^^ (p.s. I think we all agree that fish tattooing is unethical, please no debates about this here though!) ^^ This one is by far the most egregious! lol
  15. As said, this guy is growing like weed now and I am feeding only twice daily. Once some BBS, the other meal is SG. The rest of the daily food consists of whatever he finds in the planted tub, and apparently that is quite a bit of yum yums. He is starting to darken into his fry coloring now too. I love looking at this, seeing him in this tablespoon which he is quickly outgrowing now, and really thinking about just how tiny each little scale is. And of course I love love love his cute little big tail
  16. I took a few pictures of my two special needs babies Wakka and Chibi today. They are doing quite well and are as always the cutest things ever Completely random order.
  17. Honey When I first got her: Honey now Abraham then Abraham Now Tiger then Tiger Now Google Then Google Now Bamboo Then Bamboo Now Cali Then Cali Now
  18. This fish does not cease to amaze me. I swear all the money in my pockets that although this fish is from the same store as (almost) all my other fish, he must be from a different source. 3" total length; 2.5" body length. And what a chunky little guy! Compared to Banana still obviously smaller, but he's catching up quickly. And I love the curve of his back in top view! And just as obligatory comparison Only five weeks ago (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Less than three months ago when I first got him
  19. Unfortunately I couldn't get all my babies because Cali is a camera hog and whenever I focus on one fish she swims in front all "ME ME ME ME I'M BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPH ME HELLO I'M HERE POINT THE CAMERA AT ME. ME ME ME" But here are some I got xD Tiger Honey Cali
  20. Now that I switched from a high veggie to a higher protein diet (a lot more blood worms in addition to gel food, pellets and veggies), this fish is growing like crazy, even though I already have her for like a year and a half or so. This photo is from five months ago And this from just now. As you can tell, she grew roughly one inch in the last five months! She is such a cute fattie! And this one is kind of cool, really showing the empty eye cavity. Of course she makes it look like I am choking her LOL
  21. As the title says, only the single tails. These guys sure are my favorite breed/s. I hadn't realized how big the little guys actually have gotten, until I saw them together with Hugo and Kimahri. Little Finny is (despite the missing tail) almost as long as Kimahri. Of course the photos do not really show this because fish naturally do not want to stay perfectly still next to each other for proper comparison shots And me camera is so AMAZING when it comes to perspective, that even 10.5" Hugo looks teeny when she is near the back of the tank I can also confirm for good that Kimahri, Trooper and Buttons are boys, all three of them sport quite some breeding stars, and I am guessing Finny and Tilty are girls. Like I just said, my camera made Hugo shrink to about half her size Kimahri is such a beautiful fish Kimahri, Tilty and Trooper guarding the bubble disk What's left of the pothos roots - the fish successfully managed to destroy that plant These two look so amazing together. Shubunkins FTW Buttons' left gill plate is curled outward, but it does not seem to be an issue. Also, epic photobomb by their mommy. "I FOUND THE MAGIC GLOBE!!" Finny sure inherited Hugo's psychotic eyes Everyone loves nibbling on the algae wall Kiss me I'm a princess 'sup. Them colors Tilty has the same herp-a-derp face as Orange Fishie had.
  22. As posted as my status a little while ago, I had purchased a bunch of anubias barteri var. nana from ebay, and they just arrived. I have not been this excited over plants in quite a while. The plants arrived in excellent condition, packed securely, not a single one dead even though they were shipped by standard mail from Taiwan, which took only one week. The deal was for 14 plants + 6 free, although I have actually received 8 free - a total of 22 plants for the price of $ 36.99 (!!!!!) and free shipping (!!!!!), so each plant cost me an average of less than $ 1.70 Anyway, I am so impressed by the quality and size of these plants, I took photos of some of the smallest and some of the largest ones, and you will see that even the small ones are quite impressive. I had to prune only 9 leaves total from all these plants together. Each plant has on average 7-9 leaves. The biggest one has 11 leaves, the smallest 4. This is the only plant with a brown spot on an otherwise healthy leaf. This is the plant with the lowest number of leaves, but is surely not a small plant at 6" from one end to the other. A huge pile of plants This is the deal on ebay. In my opinion absolutely worth it. Needless to say, he is going to get one excellent review http://www.ebay.com/...=item20b73f797b
  23. The other day I removed the guys from the big tank in order to suck some TMS out with the unprotected hose. I used this to take a few pics of Vanille. For those newer that do not know her "story", I bought her as a mostly red and some white ryukin a couple years ago. It turned out though that she is not a ryuking, but what Steve Hopkins from Raingarden Goldfish refers to as "true ribbontail goldfish". She has a body similar to a ryukin, but minus the hump. Egg shaped, pointy nose, with a tail that is deeply forked and 1.5x (or longer) the body length. A few months after I got her she started to lose her red, and now only has a few orange blotches left, which I am sure will eventually fully disappear. She is the prettiest pearl white, but has now gotten some very obvious yellow coloring from the Soilent Green (which I do not mind). This is her during QT when I first got her. She was only 1.25" body length, but you can see the potential for her tail right there, being almost as long as her body (this is how I pick my goldfish LOL). In this photo she is in a standard 1 gallon drum shaped fish bowl - just to let you know how small she was when I got her. Now these photos are from two days ago, she is now about 7" total length. Here a somewhat side view. As you can tell, her tail is actually hanging down into the water, making it look shorter in the photo than it really is. It probably is about 1.75x her body length now. It's also an awkward angle of her, she is much rounder and has a deeper body than this The SG caused color change at the base of her tail And a couple top view pictures LOOKATTHATTAIL
  24. Not the best by far, I didn't use macro and she zooms around her side of the 55 really quickly. Currently she has most of the plants cause she doesn't eat them like the commons do XD She is the only fish who will swim up to the tank to see me :3 I love her chubby face! But I am not positive she is a girl. Her vent isn't quite an outtie but it looks more like a female vent than a male vent, and her shape seems more female. Argg. Guess I have to wait to see if she gets breeding stars or not!
  25. Can you tell that I am in a photo mood? Three pics of the teles each. Kupo is most likely a boy. Sometimes I can make out breeding stars on his gills and pecs. With Chibi I am still not quite sure. I thought I had seen faint breeding stars on his pecs a good while back, but not anymore. I am not sure if Kupo is a butterfly or broadtail, but tend more toward the broadtail. It probably doesn't help that his caudals are not split, but that's ok. His big blue eyes make up for that Chibi is generally a weird fish. He is so petite. He is my third oldest fish, got him for three years now, but he is so little compared to all the others. Aside from the baby chu he is the smallest fancy I have. Everyone else has long but passed him, growth-wise. I got Kupo from the same LFS more than a year later, and Kupo was much smaller than Chibi when I got him, yet he too has about twice the body volume as the little orange guy. He is such a sweetheart though and will "play dead" when I hold him for longer than five seconds The body : tail proportions on this fish are ridiculous.
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