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Found 6 results

  1. Here is my new babies. They are in quarantine and doing great so far! At only an inch big they already have my heart. So friendly and sweet. Just looking at them makes me giggle We picked out some fun names for them, the chubbier one on the left is Dame Edna and the one on the right is Curly Jo.
  2. I'm a huge sucker for pearlscales, particularly the variety known as "golf ball," "ping pong" or tikus pearlscales, the kind with super-round bodies, no wen, and little pointy heads. There's something about their goofy waddling that just thrills me. Unfortunately, they can be a challenging variety to keep alive, as their roundness predisposes them to all kinds of problems, particularly swim bladder issues, and as a breed they're notoriously unhealthy. But the heart wants what it wants, you know? I had a super-hard time finding healthy ping pongs, until my favorite LFS finally got a batch of good ones. I did an extra-long QT on these guys, more than two months, and I'm just about convinced that they're probably going to live. I mean, there's no reason for me to think they won't (they're super-active, eat voraciously, and are thriving), but past experience makes me wary. They just graduated from QT and took up residence in a lovely bowfront tank that I've (of course) decorated in as kitschy a manner as possible. So now I have (drum roll, please) a Tacky Tiki Tank o' Tikus! (Thank you very much, I'm here all week. ) Introducing Big Tuna, Smoothie, Hole Punch (named by my six-year-old niece when I asked her to think of round things to name them after) and Jamba Juice:
  3. I moved the little ones to a food safe storage bin that's bigger than their old tank, because it had moisture underneath and I decided to switch things up. Enjoy the pics!
  4. Hello all! For those that may read this and have never seen me here before, here is an overview of my tank situation. I just wanted to make a post to update anyone at all interested. So today I got back from the long weekend away from home and did an 80% water change. I checked the param's shortly after, and found my ammonia and nitrite to be both at 0! I was excited to see that my cycle has finally been established and I can breathe a bit easier when thinking about my fishes' health. The nitrate was at 5 ppm... I can't remember the max level of nitrate that's safe exactly, but I plan to change their water regularly. I even started a tank journal to record when I do water changes, tests and adding anything else to the tank, cleaning filters, etc... Speaking of cleaning filters, when is a good time after the cycle has established to begin cleaning them? I wonder if adding the second filter (the Eheim) sped up the cycle's establishment? I only cleaned the floss in the filter and some of the tubing before running it in my tank, so there was probably a little bit of the old tank water in it from before I got it. Could this have kept the media live? I'm hoping the bacteria are growing in both of the filters and not just the canister one. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. After the really unusually painful loss of Bastion. :c I called around the pet stores to see if anyone had pearlscales in. And I got lucky as my LFS had just gotten a shipment of them. so I went to have a good look at them. And they really did look excellent. So I caved. and I got two. >< The large on we have named Gaston. And the little one we have named Emile. And Emile already got dragged towards the filter so I had to turn it off and go and get a sponge to put over it. sigh. But they are so precious. And so, so fat. I just love them.
  6. My crowned pearlscale, Woland, is a bit under 2 inches/5 cm long. She swims slightly sideways because she is missing the bottom half of her right caudal fin, but seems to compensate just fine. When she pauses while swimming, sometimes her head end drifts down, but she otherwise has nothing that seems like it could be a buoyancy problem. However, she sleeps vertically upside down at night. Her lionhead companions both sleep horizontally. I wasn't very concerned about Woland's odd sleeping position until one night, when she woke up and wiggled over to the front of the tank to see me. The white part of her face was all pink, like it normally is over her left gill (it went back to normal quickly). It appears that while she sleeps, gravity causes the blood to rush to her head! Is this harmful? Is it a type of buoyancy problem? Does anyone know of other fish, especially pearlscales, who have this sleeping-upside-down quirk?
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