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Found 2 results

  1. So after green water and dropsy plagued my tank, i've been working on a project to make my outdoor aquarium more appealing to look at. I decided to give it a background. I thought about what color it should be and decided on blue. But I didn't want it to be just blue. I considered my options and decided wood and poster board were not for me. The space and the placement of the tank limits what can fit behind it, especially now that it is on the stand against the wall. After ruling other options out, I was struck with an idea. This is what I came up with: So what could this be other than poster board and wood? Well, nothing. The background is painted ON my tank. It was fairly easy to paint when I got the hang of it. I used acrylic paint and sponge brushes. Paintbrush spread the paint too thin, making it easier to rub off while layering. Basically, I painted backwards. Thats what it looked like from behind, and on the front: I tested, and it's actually not that hard to get off. Where there are more layers might take a bit of elbow grease if I ever decide to change it, but warm water, soap, and lots of rubbing seems to do the trick. This is what it looked like before layering the blue. And I learned that a dollar store mop was my best friend for cleaning the glass and scraping algae off of the tank. It is the greatest invention ever. Add some plants, glass marbles, and fish, and you have one pretty tank: (BTW, my filters are set like that because they don't fit behind and the cord isn't long enough. And Tux likes it better like this. And with the space and new plants and toys, you've got some happy fish. Especially Tux. Tux is very happy. He's been up and around the tank instead of hanging out near the bottom. Thanks for reading.
  2. Well, I've pulled everyone out of the green water to drain the tank and scrub the walls to get rid of the algae, so I decided to take pictures of everyone to see what everyone looks like. Nova was taken out and placed in QT because he was bottom sitting. He's perked back up. He's probably going to come inside and stay in the 30 gallon tub along with Cream, and Sunny is coming inside and staying in a 20 gallon tub. Everyone's colors have gotten so vibrant. The pictures kinda don't reflect the changes in real life, but in person the differences are staggering! No constipation problems here! Caligos wen has just exploded in growth! It is truly fantastic. Sunny seems to be a girl! She has also began turning more orange underneath her spotted green coloring, previously it was yellow. Look at that belly! Mushu is filling out his ryukin shape, also becoming increasingly more red vs. orange. Renji and the nubby fin! The orange on the side is new. Renji may be a girl, and I'm not sure if I'd rename her or what. BF says Anoue. I say Nub. Unagi has gotten very dark. He is actually developing orange where the white in his fins were. It's a very interesting color! Cream battled dropsy and won, she has gotten pretty big, becoming the largest of the lionhead babies. I'm ecstatic about this, as her brother, Strawberry, passed away from dropsy ): Fio is looking plump and lovely. The small amounts of black she had have gotten much darker. I know the blotch on the side looks green, but it's actually black and on both sides. I've looked at it closely, and it is pigmentation. Sashimi was originally a panda. The orange used to be yellow as well. Tux! He is as gorgeous as ever. I think he even got bigger. His coloring has become more matte, I think this may be affecting his eyes to some extent but I'm not sure. Goodness I just love watching him swim so graceful... Anyways, I am trying to get the funds to build a pond so my stocking situation will be relieved. The green water was fun while it lasted, now hopefully I never have to deal with it again!! My wishlist now consists of tons of nitrate eating plants. Woo! Thanks for looking!
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