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  1. Hi All. Based on your knowledge of fish is this tumor or wen overgrowth? Not affecting his eyesight but shouild it be removed or left alone. FIsh is 3 years old.and around 4 inch long and almost as thick as a tennis ball. He is very active.
  2. Yesterday I received my two new Oranda goldfish. I’m a bit concerned about one of them, he has these large white spots near his eyes. Some background the seller had mentioned he got a bit beat up by another goldfish prior to the sale, and his wen had been damaged. Knowing this I prepared my tank with aquarium salt and purchased some Paraguard knowing he’d be more susceptible. When I received him he has these white spots near his eye. I thought they may be ich but they seem to be bigger and a little fuzzy. Is it fungus? For now I’ve been doing daily partial water changes with aquarium salt and a half dose of paraguard as I’m scared they may have negative effects to it. Thanks in advance! **the speckles on his body are sand, he got a bit of sand on him during the water change
  3. Really hope I can get some more straightforward answers here. So we just bought a perfectly healthy looking oranda to go with our black moor, and now they both have a minor case of ich. They've both had white spots on their tailfins for about 48 hours now, and our black moor, who's a year and a half old, has been getting lethargic and is itching himself against plants and decorations in the tank. We've tried Jungle ick clear in their tank, but they still have spots. We tried to put them both in a 10 gallon quarantine and dropped another ick clear in the 10 gallon, and they were breathing very frequently, and became really lethargic, even after a water change. We've been heating their main tank (a 29 gallon) to about 90 degrees in hopes of killing the ick. We were afraid that they were going to suffocate in the 10 gallon, so we moved them back to the 29 gallon, and they have been very out of breath and lethargic in the 29 gallon still even though they have been in there for 2 hours now. We just turned off the heater to hopefully help give them a little oxygen. My wife loves these goldfish about as much as some people love their dog, and were both really at a loss. Where can we progress from here? Need some good advice.
  4. Arkadaşlar merhaba akvaryumu mu sizlere tanıtmak isterim. https://youtu.be/0-saINrybKE
  5. Wow waiting four weeks seemed to take forever, but we finally put our two new goldfish into the 125G tank to keep our Ryukin “Ranger” company.
  6. Hi all, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, but I am wondering if anyone in the NYC/New Jersey area would be interested in taking on Vickie, my orange oranda. I would like her to have a good home in a cycled, not-overstocked tank, ideally with some friends. She is currently kind of lonely. I used to be a regular writer here at Koko's (my blog is "One Fish, Two Fish"), but I am giving up fish-keeping for personal and practical reasons. You'd be welcome to have any of my aquarium equipment, too (lights, AC 70's, a 29- and 10-gallon tank, medicines and chemicals). I also have a very cute tiger nerite snail you'd be welcome to have and some plants. Vickie is healthy and regularly Prazi'd, but, of course, I would recommend quarantining her in case your tank has different pathogens. I don't have a car, so you would have to pick her up. I live in Jersey City. Below see a fairly recent picture of Vickie in her tank. Thanks.
  7. My little oranda has been having issues with floating upside down for about 6 months. At that time I moved him/her from the 75 gallon tank to a 20 gallon long filled about 3/4. On occasion I put him/her under a sterlite container with holes in there. I did that when the upside down was bad. It seemed to help after a couple days. It's not helping much now, the belly is red, I think from it being in contact with the container. When I don't use the container, the belly is air exposed. I still don't know how to copy & paste/post so here are the parameters: Ammonia 0, nitrate 10-20, nitrite 0. Water change 5 gallons every 5 days. Food is elive spinach flakes soaked in seachem nourish (worse floaty on nls algaemax and goldfish formula). No heater, temp is 70°. Will not eat veggies. No meds in past 6 months except for .1% aquarium salt as needed. I was thinking of putting floating plants in the tank with mesh netting over the plants but all under the water level so he/she isn't exposed to air and it's softer than the container. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hi there! I am new to this website but I have had goldfish for a few years now. However I have never kept any other fish with them so my question is, what fish can I keep with them? I have two orandas and I was thinking about introducing a betta or guppy to the tank at 24-25 degrees C (with a heater) although I am unsure if they will get along.
  9. Hi everyone! I bought a cool looking little guy at Petsmart the other day. I bought a little red oranda with a dark red wen, and a cool mixture of dark red and light orange markings. I put him in quarantine before I put him in my 65 gallon with my other fancies. Looking at him I kept thinking theres something different about this guy, then I realized he's a single-tail. I've done a little reading on this; is this not a desirable trait? Seems like all the stuff I've read on fries with single-tails means they should be culled? I was just curious about this as I've never seen an oranda with just a single-tail before. And don't worry I'm not going to get rid of this little guy he's really cute, and as far as I can tell so far he doesn't swim any faster than my other fancies so I'm not worried about him fitting in with the others. Thanks!!
  10. I was too lazy to bring out the camera, so I used my phone instead Today I added Alvin (Blue Oranda) into the main tank! He would not stop following Moon! I think he was lonely in QT and was just so happy to see another goldfish his size. He kept trying to just lean on Moon and be as close as possible; I wish I had recorded it! It was just absolutely adorable! Here is a little Bushy Nose Pleco hatchling Video:
  11. I just received these to magnificent calico Orandas today from Cynthia at ECR. I love how they look like different fish from side to side. [emoji813] They had to acclimate in a bucket for a while because the temp difference was to great to put them directly into the qt tank. Look at the blue This one had a pink gil plate on this side and is mostly blue/white on the other The other side This one has has really cool tigery markings. I think he's male. See his couple of breeding stars And their first video ....... Is couple posts down
  12. So, Mandy said I have to take a crap load of pictures to get good ones. Half of that seemed to be true... So, here is a crap load of obscenely dark/light pictures. Enjoy! (the same one again, only lightened) i wish you guys could just see how truly amazing Monet's fins are... Mandy and DERP <3 lOOK AT derp'S NICE RYUKIN SHAPE! DERP's funny mouth, lol. Caught mid movement. Mandy's a total doll I tried taking some with flash, too. That face, tho... Mirror image.... they look so judgemental, tho Pretty girl Mandy is developing a hump, too Fat little bellies Fins for miles... They look so creepy with flash on Their eyes aren't actually foggy. Flash sucks. Marley is such a chunker Okay, so.... that's all. Maybe next time I can take photos that aren't blurry, foggy, too light or too dark. It's just my first try, after all. At least you vaguely know what they look like now!
  13. Jersey, my calico oranda that Jenna sent me from NJ last year has never been a super strong swimmer. But it's getting worse. She especially gets overtaken by the force of my aquaclear filters. I feed my goldies a combination of sinking pellets that are all combined into one container so they get a variety every time I feed pellets. Also feed FBW or FBS once or twice a week and Repashy solient green every other day. 85% wc every week. Anybody have any suggestions to help her?! Does it seem like it's swim bladder related?
  14. The water puppies had some veggie tank mates and I thought I'd share the cuteness (although SOME piggies didn't really want to share) Nom nom nom...
  15. I upgraded my 4 goldies (1 small, 2 med, 1 large) to a 75 gallon 2 weeks ago. Parameters matched old & new tank. Api test (drops) on 5/29 (set up) : ammonia 0, nitrate 10, nitrite 0, ph 8.2. I moved the established filters & media to the 75g, filtration is 800 gph. water test on 5/30 was nitrate 20, ph 8.2, ammonia & nitrite 0. Water test 6/1 results: same. Water test 6/5: same. Water change 6/8 of apx 12 gallons. I tested the water today & all same except ammonia at 1.0, my large oranda has lifted scales/pinecone. I check the fish daily and he/she wasn't like this. Water is r.o. with seachem gold trace, buffer, prime, salt. All fish are eating, I am unsure of the age. I did a 20 gallon water change 2 hours ago & double dose prime. the ro ph is 6.0 so I need to do small frequent water changes bc of the ph difference, I do have a better idea of how to do larger water changes that are safe for the fish, I didn't get it done since 6/8 because of long work schedule and my geriatric dog was having some health issues (he's ok now). Anyway, I have kanaplex and metronidazole (seachem), what should I do to help the fish: qt, meds, both, anything else? Thank you for any suggestions
  16. Weehoooooo!!! I thought we'd have a hard time settling on a name. My husband told me he looks like a "bad guy." I could see he wanted to go Gladiators, but that wouldn't do... Tried to think of our favorite bad guys and villains. But I don't want a mean fish. So, who's a bad guy that everyone loves? http://giphy.com/gifs/back-to-the-future-biff-marty-mcfly-66r2EQo5nPQZO (this should be embedded, but I don't know how to use the world wide web, so humor me and click, please ) BIFF TANNEN! Anyway, QT flew by, and he's awesome! In he goes, before I overthink things! I can't believe he's smaller than some of my bigger guys.. I mean they're all pretty small, but he just seems huge. Anyway! That's mah boy.
  17. I have read that Oranda are unusually temperature sensitive and require temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit/18 degrees Celsius. Is this true and if so why? I am currently cycling a 200 gallon (757 Liter) indoor fish pond, which I wish to stock with Oranda; however, the unheated water temperature is consistently at 60 degrees Fahrenheit/15 degrees Celsius. Would this be too cool to keep Oranda?
  18. Yesterday I went to my lfs in search of a tall, skinny, spindly (but not pointy!) piece of driftwood. Of course I went to the back wall, cuz, goldfish. I found some aaaamazing calico orandas, along with some great ryukin too, and the big long-bodied moor who I wish would find a home already. And then I found my driftwood! Went back to the fish! Hemmed and hawed, said no, said yes, then realized how many times I've let the good ones go. So I said, YEAH! Buy the fish! And then I bought the driftwood and left. Long story short, I bought my daughter a taco (but actually I was buying myself some time, okay and a taco for me too ), figured it out, and went back in and got my fish. :panana I am IN LOVE!!! I flipped out when I got him into the qt tank because he is even more gorgeous than I had realized at the store. Basically a bigger, red-wenned version of Aubrey's Jersey. I am a touch nervous as I haven't had such a compact fish, nor such a long-finned fish, or one with an actual wen. I've been thinking this whole time that he may be bigger than all of my fish, except for Blimp. I figured he'd be a Plumbean+fins, but no, he's only 46g. I've only ever bought really small fish (Betty's the exception) so maybe that's why my perception was all wonky. I dunno! Please wish me good luck on his qt! He isn't the happiest guy to be in there, and sometimes I wonder if I'm imagining a little floatiness. But I'm so happy I took the plunge! He's beefy and has cheeks. Oh, and here's the driftwood!
  19. There were a couple new things that I added to my pond which made a huge impact. One being a half barrel bio filter which was an upgrade from my prefilter media that I had used for years and thought to be enough. Second, a larger UV light when combined with the bio filter made a big difference in the water quality.
  20. Or at least a half the country traveler. Jenna bought this fish for me over a month ago and has been taking excellent care of him She shipped him on priority mail one day mail on Wednesday. So he was supposed to get to my house Thursday. he was MIA until my mailman tracked him down last night. I had to drive down town to the main city post office to pick him up because I was scared he wouldn't live another night in a bag He's doing great today! Swimming around and being a good little fishy! He weighs 12.7 grams. Here is a video when we all first woke up this morning I'm thinking about naming him Jersey or Lucky
  21. Since Jenna did at least 3 rounds of prazi on my new fish before she mailed him to me, I moved him into my 55 gallon today with the others and treated the entire tank with prazipro Btw, I decided to name him Jersey since he came from there Here is Jersey [emoji813] Here are all 4 that are in the 55 gallon. I think I'm going to move the ranchu into my 29 gallon soon though. The 55 gal
  22. Hi everyone, I didn't think I would ever do it, but I finally got a 75 gallon Well, I really didn't have a choice as the fishes needed room, The two babies are now 7 months old and I needed to take them out of the 20 gallon and I rescued the blue Oranda so the 40 was too small for Citrus, Skipper and MoJo so bla bla ba I got the 75 with absolutely no grief from the hubby Here is the set up. Now have a AC 110 and AC 70 for filtration. It's coudy because of the Koi Clay I added This is MoJo the blue oranda. This is what he looked like when I got him back in March of this year. The next pic is him now. MoJo now. pic is a little blurry as he never holds still The big guy on the right is Bubba. On the left is Moon-Shine.( They are a mix of Oranda and Ranchu) and are the offspring of Citrus and Skipper Moon-Shine Skipper my love bug Citrus my sweet baby girl Everyone happy as a clam. Sorry for blurry pics Shark bait the Albino bristle nose wasn't in the pics as he's just a baby and is always hiding
  23. So I have 2 golfball pearlscales and an oranda in my main tank. These came from the same source and live well together. They are kind of bumbling goofballs. They take their time eating, each taking a piece of food, hanging out chewing, then search around for more kind of like blind squirrels. I am pretty sure the oranda is a female. She seems to enjoy bouncing the pearlscales around like beach balls (not aggressive, just like... Bump. Oops! Sorry, my bad! Haha...) I have a ryukin in a QT who is similar size to the oranda. I am pretty sure he is male. He is a totally different personality. Like a shark. When I drop food in he has everything scooped up before it even gets halfway to the bottom. I could drop it at different ends at the same time and he'd still get it. When you walk by he's like Hey! Hey! You there, yeah You, I'm talking to YOU! Anyway, so I'm getting to the point where I planned to put them together but I'm a little worried that the ryukin might get aggressive with the others or beat up my lady oranda trying to spawn. I've heard of and was warned about ryukins eating the wen of orandas so that is in the back of my mind too. Would anyone else be concerned about putting them together? I'm thinking I will at least try it and keep a close eye on the situation. If he is too much I could put him in my pond but I'm a little bummed about that and a little worried doing it just as winter is approaching. Ergh. Thoughts? Thanks for reading,
  24. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0 * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0 * Nitrate level(Tank) 5 * Ammonia Level(Tap) - 0 * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0 * Nitrate level(Tap) 0 * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API drop kit * Water temperature? 22.5 * Tank size (how many gals.) 70L/ 18 US Gallons, only been running 4 days as it is my QT tank * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Juwel 200 l/h * How often do you change the water and how much? I've been changing it daily about 80% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Yesterday 80% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 Oranda approx 5 inches, she weighs 90 grams * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Generic chlorine remover from hardware store (Been using it 4 years, never had any problems with it) * What do you feed your fish and how often? Peas every couple of days, this fish seems to pinecone once every two months I think mainly from constipation so I stopped feeding them all sinking pellets as it was hard to seperate this fish from the others when giving them sinking pellets. I don't know if it's ok to just give them peas but they seem to love it and are growing well. I sometimes give them spinich on odd occasions too but not all of them take to it. * Any new fish added to the tank? No * Any medications added to the tank? Seachem Kanaplex for one dose that lasts two days along with Melafix as because she's upside down her belly is starting to get red but I've just read on the forum that you can put vaseline on their bellies to stop that happening so I think I'll do that although her fins are starting to look frayed too and Melafix seems to have helped that on my other fish. I treated with metronidazole yesterday after doing a water change to see if that made a difference but nothing has changed so I thought I'd ask here before I do anything else. * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Please see above * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? She was pineconing really badly although she does do it every couple of months and I fed her metromeds which made her poo a lot and they swelling went down nicely and dissappeared. I've ran out of metromeds now but I got some metronidazole from the US and also the Seachem Kanaplex as I read on here it was good to have in stock. After treating with Kanaplex she started to go down but a couple of days ago she started floating upside down. Her right hand side had stopped being raised and her left had started to go down but it doesn't seem to be budging now. With this and her being upside down and now getting blood streaks on her belly I thought I'd ask on here before just chucking loads of meds at her. She pineconed about a month ago which I treated with medicated food and it went away but maybe the problem wasn't all gone. She is pooing but not very much and she is usually a very messy fish. I didn't know whether to fast her or give her peas or what. * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? She is fine in herself apart from being upside down, she is still swimming around the best she can and keeps trying to right herself, more so today than in the last couple of days. For two nights I put her in a floating net hatchery so that her belly wasn't out of the water but I felt cruel doing it as it's only about 10 inches by 6 inches and she swam out of it one night but I was worried about her belly. With so many problems I wanted to ask on here but I don't know if they're all linked to constipation? Thanks in advance for your help.
  25. Hi all I have a 30 gallon tank (Juwel Lido 120) that has not finished cycling yet. I like Ranchus and Orandas and cannot make up my mind wether to get 2 Ranchus, 2 Orandas or one of each when my tank is finally cycled. My concerns with the three options are: - Ranchus: is Juwel Lido 120 too deep for Ranchus, will I just have 2 fish swimming at the bottom? - Orandas: will they get too big for the 30 gallon tank? - One of each: Will they be ok with each other when the Oranda outgrow the Ranchu. Anyone has experience with this pair? Please let me know what you think. Many thanks! Will
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