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  1. Ever since Hikari down graded their food to little more than wheat and useless filler ( I have a review regarding this issue some where around here) I've been using Omega 1 Goldfish sinking pellets as a supplemental food to the diet I feed my fish. I picked up some Omega Betta food and was alarmed to see the formula included "Ethoxyquin" which was listed as preservative. It's not a preservative - Ethoxyquin is a pesticide and it's lethal. I immediately checked the ingredients on the Omega 1 Gold Fish food and there it was listed as a "Preservative" Ethoxyquin has been controversial, it's been used in low quality dog and cat food for years to prevent fats from becoming rancid which is exactly what vitamin E does. So I did hours of research and here are the facts. The FDA has issued a warning that Ethoxyquin destroys the liver and enforced a minimum allowance of 775/PPM yet many pet food manufacturers continue to use it and ignore the FDA warning.Ethoxyquin stores in the liver and compromises liver function over time, it's deadly stuff - period. Ethoxyquin is considered dangerous for any animal food by the following agencies: *The FDA *The National Pesticide Information council *The Natural Resources Defense Council *The Veterinary Pesticide Portal What is more, a study you can find on Wikipidea and link to - concludes that Ethoxyquin is lethal to fish. Here's the link: http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Ethoxyquin Ironically, the food has excellent ingredients - whole fish by name salmon, halibut and others. Plus lot's of high end quality ingredients.Why Omega Sea chose to compromise such a well balanced food with a known and lethal pesticide is beyond me. I have written Omega Sea four times over three weeks. Not a single response - why? because they can't possibly justify it. I would urge anyone to stop immediately if you're currently using this food. If you're not - avoid it like the plague as it will in time, kill your fish.
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