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  1. Hey everybody, Thanks in advance for reading. I'll get right to the point. I have two beautiful goldfish and they both have some kind of infection which is causing them to break out in white bumps. I have had fish for many years and I take the care of my pets extremely seriously, like to the point of OCD. I'll let you know right now I have no pictures to share because the spots simply do not show up on camera. I took over 200 pics and none of them show clearly what the bumps look like (so frustrating). But I will tell you everything I can about the situation and I hope PLEASE PLEASE that someone will have some advice. I've had the fish for 6 months. They are both about 2 inches long and I have them in a 30 gallon, bare bottom tank. The tank is extremely well filtered with 2 aquaclear 70s. ph has been at 7.5 for the entire time I've had the fish. Ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates below 5. All these parameters have been consistent. After a month I noticed a few of these white bumps on fish#1's tail. After another month there were many bumps on the tail fins. A few bumps/spots appeared on the side fish#1 as well as on her head, and I've seen something that looks like mild fin rot on her. These seem to be different infections but I don't know. The bumps are consistent in size, maybe 2mm across. This is NOT an ich infection. It looks nothing like ich and the ich treatments I've tried have not worked. After 6 months and many treatments attempted, fish#1's tail is covered in bumps, and now they have started to appear on fish#2's tail fins. I should mention the fish eat normally, swim around fine, show no signs of distress, lethargy or fin clamping. Treatments I've tried: - 1 tspn salt /gallon: no effect - 1 tbsp salt / gallon: cleared most white spots after a week of treatment, but they appeared again almost overnight after putting her back in the regular tank with no salt. * important point: the spots change between bright white and cloudy white, and almost invisible, but they seem to remain in place - Prazipro - Kanamycin - MinnFinn: had to stop mid treatment as the fish were very stressed - Melafix, Pimafix - increased tank temperature (82F) - 82F + 1 tbsp salt Unfortunately none of these treatments have had any lasting effect. None of them have actually had any real effect on the infection except the 1 tbsp salt / gallon and I think that only suppressed them. PLEASE let me know anything you think I should try. I seriously love these gorgeous fish, but if I can't figure this out soon, I feel compelled to euthanize them, which would absolutely break my heart into a million pieces, so please help!!
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