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  1. Hello, I've had two small (1 - 1 1/2'') fancy (bubble-eye) goldfish in a 30 gallon tank for over a month now. My water tests are done with a liquid API test kit. pH stays around 7.0, temperature is 72 (maintained by heater) Penguin biowheel power filter rated for more than enough filtration and two airstones ammonia fluctuates from 0 - 0.25 (hard to read, even in sunlight at times) no nitrite or nitrate whatsoever I change about 25-30% of the water at least twice a week. Sometimes my fish act fine, but the past few days one bottom sits or likes to swim near the top of the tank. There should be no problem with oxygen saturation in the tank, and ammonia never gets above 0.25 - 0.50. I feed them a varied diet once a day, just enough for them to eat in 2 minutes. They never refuse food, but at times the fins on this same one are clamped. What is going on? Weird. I kept the salt level around 0.2% for a couple of weeks (slowly bringing them up) to help relieve some stress when I first got them and to ward off the dreaded ich, and I've been bringing the salinity back down slowly. I read on several forums that the minute salt level should not effect the biological filter. The weird acting fish seems to be happier with the salt added so I added a bit back to bring it up to 0.1% again. I did add some Tetra Safestart a couple of days ago to hopefully boost the bacteria, but I tested the water today and I keep getting no ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate. I'm baffled! I've kept all kinds of fish from freshwater to marine over the past 25 years, so I feel like a somewhat experienced aquarist, but I've just come back to the hobby after a 5 year hiatus. So confused!!!! Any input is much appreciated. I've never had this much trouble with goldfish before, and I even kept bubble eyes and celestials for many years in the past. Maybe they are fine and I'm just fretting over them too much. Or maybe they have flukes? I do not see any visible parasites, but the funny acting one does flare his gill covers sometimes and yawns. Something is irritating him, and I don't think it's the water parameters. But the tank isn't cycling for some reason. Thank you, Heather
  2. I am just wondering: How does the water temperature affect the tanks nitrogen cycle? I have read that goldfish will slow down or stop eating in the winter when the temperatures are lower. If my tank is colder, does this affect the filter as well?
  3. ....an entire two chapters of your graduate level zoology class are dedicated to the nitrogen cycle of aquatic vertebrates- i so got this !!! it's always nice when something you're passionate about becomes useful in your scholastic life
  4. Hello! I am very new to this whole fishy thing. Let me give you a little "background". It all started when our daughter won some feeder fish at after prom and brought them home for our 8 year old son. We bought a 29 gallon tank and all 4 feeders were dead in a week. (I'm assuming they were sick when she brought them home. They ended up with ich and we treated the tank and did whatever possible to keep them alive but with no luck) Anyway, after burying the little guys in the back yard, we emptied the tank, rinsed everything in very hot water (no soap) and left it all out in the sun to dry. We then set the tank up again, let it run for a week, adding a "beneficial bacteria" product given to us by the pet store and followed the directions to a T. Next, we went to an aquarium store that specializes in fish, since we were afraid to buy the new little guys from Petsmart or another "chain" store. We purchased two fantails (1 calico and 1 red capped) so. . .this is where we are: 29 gallon tetra brand aquarium whisper power filter 30 (with carbon cartriges - hangs on back of tank) 1 bubble strip and 2 decorative bubblers all artificial plants - no live plants 2 fantail goldfish - approx. 3-3 1/2 inches in length feed pellet and flakes, sometimes peas - feed 2 times a day (they eat it immediately - nothing sinks to the bottom) no heater on the tank - room temp usually aroung 76 degrees use API freshwater master test kit daily to monitor levels Since I'm new to this whole thing, I am paranoid about stressing these cuties out and possibly killing them, so I have been doing daily 8 gallon water changes to keep the ammonia below 1.0ppm. I'm usually aroung .5, never lower). It has been 6 weeks since we put the fish in the tank and I still have a nitrite reading of 0 and a nitrate of 5. I have read that water changes are necessary to keep the fish healthy but also that water changes will prevent the tank from cycling. I am at a loss here and am desperate for help. We have 30 days before we leave for vacation and I need this tank to cycle. Please help me. I am so ignorant when it comes to fish and everything I read contradicts each other.
  5. I have been all over this forum lately, and I apologize if you're all getting sick of me by now! You've been true lifesavers, that's for sure. I have a question about my 30 gallon tank. I got it as an upgrade from a 10 gallon (I had no idea what I was doing) and started cycling, with the fish (already had them) in it, mid-February. First few weeks, everything's going smoothly. I start getting nitrites....okay good. But it has been 10 weeks altogether (keep in mind, I did have a filter break around mid-March and had to switch it out, but I transferred the media into the new filter. I also bought extra biomedia and added it to the filter during this process, and added crushed coral as a substrate last week) and my nitrites are STILL spiking. Strangely, the only time they disappear is when I'm running a round of prazi in the tank. Then, ALL values are zero. What is going on??? Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nitrite: 0.25-0.5ppm Nitrate: 5ppm pH: 8.2 ^This is roughly 8 hours post-WC. The cycle is driving me INSANE and I would imagine it's driving the fish insane, too. Is this normal? How much longer is this going to last? I have API Quick Start that I have added to try and help the bacteria become established. The tank has also been a 0.1% salt solution for nitrites for about 1.5 weeks now....is this too long? I feel uneasy about it... Thank you all SO SO much for any help.
  6. Here's a video of my aquarium. Be easy on me, it's my first video with my phone and there are already some errors in it. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRCh2mDiN90&feature=youtu.be
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