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Found 12 results

  1. Comet goldfish was subjected to high levels of nitrite and is now acting very strange. Lays still for a while with rapid gill movement. Then will spazz out and shoot across the tank. Sometimes knocking himself out. Nitrites and nitrates are now at 0 ppm but his weird activity persists. Is there anything I can do to help him recover?
  2. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0ppm * Nitrite Level(Tank) .10ppm (was at 2.0 ppm three days ago) * Nitrate level(Tank) 0ppm * Ammonia Level(Tap) .15ppm * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0ppm * Nitrate level(Tap) 0ppm * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.6 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.4 Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Freshwater test kit (Drops) * Water temperature? 71.8 * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 55g / running for a month now * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? AquaClear 70 HOB * How often do you change the water and how much? 20-40% once a week * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Yesterday, 50% (there was a Nitrite spike) * How many fish in the tank and their size? two goldfish; 13g pearlscale and 13g oranda * What kind of water additives or conditioners? SeaChem Prime * What do you feed your fish and how often? Hikari Fancy Goldfish pellets, 2-3x a day * Any new fish added to the tank? No * Any medications added to the tank? Only a .01% salt treatment to possibly help with detoxing Nitrites. * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Two weeks ago, 0.03% salt treatment, for Ick. * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Red spot on body. Was not there a week ago. * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? He has been hanging out in the bamboo plant about two inches from the surface. Not gulping air or anything, just staying near the top. From what my internet sluthing has come up with, it may be Nitrite Poisoning? There was a large spike in my Nitrites just 4-5 days ago (Nitrogen Cycle) and I didn't catch it to do a WC. I'm uncertain how long they were subject to the spike. Video of Krang and Petrie (Red Spot visible)
  3. Here are the details: 10 gal tank set-up on 8/18 with a HOB Top Fin filter that came with starter kit 1 Ryukin added 9/1 after 2 positive water tests 1st water change Sun 9/8 10% aged with Top Fin water conditioner Since my 1st water change, I have had elevated nitrItes. I have done 25% water change between Sept 8-9. The last 10% I did was with Prime rather than Top Fin water conditioner. Recently (since 9/9 after work) Golden has been hanging out near the bottom of the tank behind the plant where she sleeps. (We only have 3 artificial plants, no live) I watched her from 10:30a - 2p yesterday and she will swim around occasionally (but vigorously) only to return to the corner near the bottom. She also seems to have shallow breathing. I don't think I've been overfeeding her as we feed her once per day 3-4 sinking pellets. I gave her peas on 9/4 (pellets every other day) and have only given her peas since she started this lethargic episode. She eats everything readily and does not leave food at the bottom of the tank. She will still swim over to eat and find food even with this lethargic episode. Other than elevated NitrItes (Ammonia and Nitrate levels, pH has been normal) my other concern is the temperature of the tank. It stays 75-80 degrees. We have air conditioning, but her tank is on the top floor where is stays warmer. I have closed the blinds to reduce heat during the day and her tank is not near a window. Right now as I type I am floating a frozen bottle of spring water with Prime in the tank and removed the hood. I have the standard incandescent lights that came with the starter kit and noticed yesterday that the hood gets pretty hot on top. I will go later today and buy some fluorescent lights. So my questions: - Should I keep the light off during the day on hot days? (i.e. which is worse for her overheating or not having a light?) - Should I keep performing daily 10% water changes until the nitrItes normalize or will I mess up the nitrogen cycle? Or should I add 1mL of prime to the aquarium daily? - Should I feed her? I was thinking I would fast her today just in case the elevated nitrItes are due to overfeeding - Any other recommendations??? I hope this forum can help! The pet store people are of limited help and many forums & websites contradict each other. I found Koko's to have the most consistent advice. I have read 3 Goldfish care books based on postings in your forum. I have not been able to sleep and have been running around town getting twice daily water tests (last night I purchased the API master freshwater kit so I can do my own testing). Attached is the result of the nitrIte test as of 4:30a today. I added 1 mL of prime directly to the water this morning. Thank you, Golden's Grandma **UPDATE** Haven't slept! After reading your article on cycling, I did a 40% (only had 4 gallons prepared) water change at 6:30a. Golden swam around quite a bit and scavenged for food (more typical behavior). I noticed she did go up to the top a few times as if looking for more oxygen. I did not turn on the aquarium lights today, but left lights on in the room. After about 30 minutes she was back bottom sitting in her corner with clamped fins, but her gills were opening quite a bit more than last night when it almost looked as if she wasn't breathing at all. I will test the water again in a few hours. I forgot to ask earlier about bacteria supplement. I used 10 mL Top Fin to start my tank and the bottle says use 5 mL with each water change. People/ forums say do not use it again, one guy in pet store said only use it when I change the filter cartridge (my filter is all one piece so I can't save any good bacteria). I don't know what to do, but my logic would say if my nitrItes are high and I need bacteria to convert it to nitrAte, perhaps I should be adding it??? Thanks so much! Golden's Grandma
  4. Hi. I just did a water test and things are screwy! I don't know what happened but last time I tested things were great (a week ago?) I don't recall what those results were but I have these now... PH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0.50ppm Nitrite: 2.0ppm Nitrate: 15ppm Don't have the right kind of test to know KH or GH. Tap water: PH: 7.5 ish Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate:0ppm Anyway... what should I do to fix it? I heard this is the goal... PH: 7-8 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 12 ppm KH: 70-120 ppm GH: 200-400 ppm Anyway. Thanks
  5. Nitrite: 2 to 5 pH: 8.5 Nitrate: 0 Ammonia: 0-2.5 I recently noticed my goldfish was a little red inside his mouth. I have had an established/cycled tank. I immediately did an 80% water change. The next day (today), I tested my water using API's Master Test Kit and the nitrite level was way higher than usual! The ammonia is barely noticeable above the 0 on my chart. There are 2 goldfish, a nerite snail, and 6 small plants (with 2 root tabs), in this 36 gallon tank. What do you think? Should I simply do 50% water changes daily until it corrects and see next week?
  6. So about 3 weeks ago I got really excited to start seeing nitrites, and hoping my cycling was coming to an end. In a matter of a few days my super high ammonia dropped to zero. And my nitrites skyrocketed. We're seeing both nitrites and a few nitrates (10-20) but they never get very high because of all the water changes we've been doing to keep the nitrites in check. For a few weeks we've been doing nearly daily 60% changes (sometimes a bit more) with almost no change in the nitrite level. It is still between 2-5ppm. Last night before the change it measured between 2-5ppm, and after a 90% change is measured .25ppm. It's the lowest it's been. I had hoped it was enough of a reduction to help us stay ahead of it. Well, not so much. This morning, 12 hours after the 90% change the levels are right back up where they were. Our tap ammonia is .5ppm, so I know we're putting more into the tank when we change the water, but would that (plus what comes from my fish) be enough to make it jump that high in just a 12 hours? I know the second stage of cycling takes longer, so do I just need to be more patient (haha hard for me) and keep changing the water, or is there something else I can do to help this along? It's been weeks!! We are dosing with Prime every time we change the water. I've got 2 small goldfish, 2.5 inches each maybe. They both appear to be fine, as a matter of fact, they love to play in the bubbles the water makes when we pour the new water into the tank. You all were so helpful in getting me to this stage, I'm hoping you have some great insight for this second step. Thanks for your input! J
  7. I'm just wandering roughly when do your nitrites appear? I haven't gotten to seed my tank (unfortunately) and I added ammonia so the reading was 2.5-3.0ppm, its been about 5 days? I have no nitrite reading whatsoever. Am I being too impatient? How long roughly do nitrite first appear?
  8. I have just tested the water before I was about to do the usual 50% weekly change. For the first time EVER, it has shown a trace of nitrites. I did the test twice to confirm it. It's between 0 and 0.25. Why is this? What does this mean? My last change was about 5 days ago. My other readings: ammonia- 0 nitrate- 40 pH- 7.6 Googs has been pooping a lot because of the MMs. Do you think this has something to do with it? As my pH is back to normal now (same as tap) should I go back to doing bigger water changes than 50%?
  9. i am cycling my 30 gallon tank with 2 fancy goldfish (if i had known about cycling, i would have done fishless), and last night, after 7 weeks of waiting, nitrite finally appeared, in an attempt to get the nitrite levels down i did a 40% water change and forgot to add dechlorinater. this morning my nitrite was at 0 again and my ammonia was really high. is there any way i can get my cycle back on track or does this mean i have to start again?
  10. Hello to all! I've been looking around these forums for a while now and have found some great info within the threads. First time post so my apologies if I forget to supply any vital info....... I have a 29 gallon tank that I set up a few weeks (3) ago and read all about the nitrogen cycle and how it works. After reading about this I decided to add a couple of danios to get the cycle going and have been monitoring the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph levels daily. I used tap water treated with seachem prime in the tank. The first week or so, the ammonia levels went up and I kept them in check with water changes, after the nirites started showing up the ammonia has been steady between .25 and sometimes a little higher but below .50ppm. The nitrites shot up to about 2.0 and I brought it down with water changes between 25-50%. Just yesterday my nitrite levels were very high at about 4.0ppm and I asked the guy at the pet super market nearby and he said i was probably feeding the fish too much so I did another water change about 80% and used a siphon vacuum to remove most of the food that was inbetween the gravel in the tank. When doin this I found a dead danio stuck behind a bubble wand that I have in there and it seemed to have been dead for a little bit. (poor little guy , So I thought he might the culprit for such high levels of nitrite and figured the levels would fall after the water change and removing the little danio. that was last night and upon checking the water this morning the nitrites are back up to 2.0+. I fear that these little guys are under too much stress and will perish...... I was hoping that I could get some input as to what might bring the nitrite levels up so rapidly, I have been doing almost daily water changes to keep levels down but I'm afraid that I cant keep up! any info or advice would be greatly appreciated! The ph in the tank has been steady at 7.6 nitrates are reading at 5.0 ppm and carbonate hardness is at 70ppm I have to power filters equal to 350gph combined and a bubble wand and disc with larger sized gravel and a couple of beach pebbles bought at lowes just scattered around the tank. thanks for any advice or info! have a great day! Roger
  11. Helloo. I have a 55 gallon with 3 goldfish under 2 inches and 2 small feeder fish under 2 inches. Suddenly there has been a spike in the nitrite and pH levels. Nitrite is at 1.5 from 0 and pH is at 8.4. I just added a new fish and did not include any of its old water. I just added about 3x the normal dosage of Seachem Prime (it said I could...). What could cause this? Also, what are the best testing mediums for all of the basic things? I have api for ammonia but my little glass bottle broke. I use mardel testing strips for everything. I finally have some extra money and would love to get nicer testing kits since testing strips seem to be inaccurate.
  12. My tank just began its 4th week of cycling at 70 F/21 C. I'm also treating my goldfish for flukes, with fenbendazole and 0.1% salt. Would it be prudent to keep replacing the salt after the treatment, to help protect the fish from the eventual nitrites? I read that salt keeps nitrites from entering their bloodstreams. I'll still be doing frequent large water changes, of course. I just wondered if keeping the tank salted would give my fish an extra protective measure when the nitrites appear.
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