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  1. Amonia - 0 Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- currently 10ppm (was about 100 24 hours ago) Nitrite tap- 0 Nitrate tap - nearly 0 ph - 7.6 AVI test kit (crap! forgot to get a water temp, but it's just room temperature, no heater) 125 gallon, set up for about 6 years Magnum 350 canister and Eheim pro series 2078 (takes up over 1/3 of the cabinet space under the tank). In the Eheim I have added Nitrate neutralizing bags 36" bubble wall for added air I was religious about weakly water changes until about a month ago when my job changed. Today is my first day off 12 hour days in several weeks. I normally changed anywhere from 15-25% water during frequent changes, but last night I changed 50% inhabitants: Shane: 8.5 inch blue oranda (the one who is sick) Fluffy 6.5 inch red oranda Nemo: 5 inch red ranchu Solomon: 8.5 inch red/white veiltail telescope Cleo: 5 inch orange fantail Minnie: 3.5 inch orange pearl scale 3 small cory cats Live plants: 4 marimo balls and 1 pathetic sword API water conditioner and aquairum salt (maintenance salt, not medication doseage) Feeding: New Life Spectrum pellets, offset with algae pellets, freeze dried shrimp, steamed broccoli and boiled/shelled peas on occasion No new fish and no medication in the tank Last medication to the tank was well over a year ago for lice. One treatment cleared all. No new infestations. Never had ick, flukes, fin rot, etc. I'm not a huge fan of medications, just clean water (or at least I was) I was religious about weakly water changes until about a month ago when my job changed. Tomorrow is my first day off after working 12 hour days for several weeks. Before this work schedule change, I normally changed anywhere from 15-25% water during weekly changes, but last night I changed 50% I came home from work at midnight last night to find my 3 year old big blue oranda listing lazily to the left. He would rest on the bottom of the tank, then slowly turn almost completely on his side. I found a few red streaks where his tail fins meet his body. No other signs of physical distress. He seemed to want to get up but the task was too daunting for him. He seemed to want to eat but again, did not have the strength. I tested the water to find my nitrate threw the roof, probably about 100 ppm. I did a 50% water change and cleaned the Magnum filter. I did not clean the Eheim filter as I didn't want to "over clean" anything. I did not medicate the water, only replaced the salt I took out during the water change. (about one rounded teaspoon for every 5 gallons). This morning, he was not better. The nitrates were now about 10ppm. Back to work...... At midnight tonight (24 hours later) nitrate is still at about 10ppm. Shane is even more listless than before, but I suppose it could be that it's just late. He is on the bottom of the tank on his side. He is not bent in half and he doesn't seem to be breathing heavily. He is not pineconing. No other fish in the tank seem to be affected in any way. My research is telling me he is suffering from Nitrate poisoning brought on by my own lack of water quality control. Right now I'm looking for suggestions on what to do to help him recover. Do I quarantine him in a hospital tank? I would think moving him would stress him. Do I medicate? If so, do I use medicated food or a water supliment? The only hospital tank I have is a cycled 10 gallon. That might be pretty cramped for a boy his size. Tired does not even begin to describe me. I hope I've typed this with a modicum of sensibilty and a low amount of typos. I'm off to bed and hope to rise in the morning to some good advise from people who care about "just a fish", like i do. I might be able to get a video tomorrow, but not tonight. I feel so badly for Shane. I feel like I failed him. Good night.
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