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  1. Hello everyone! My name's Goth Spice, and I am BRAND NEW to fish keeping, and rather in over my head! I've had two tiny baby goldfish (roughly pinkie-sized) for about two weeks now, and in an effort to give them the best care possible, I stumbled across this amazing site. I am SO thankful I did! A little background: My friend & her boyfriend keep tropical freshwater fish, and had an extra 5.5 gallon tank. I thought, "What the hey? I'll make an aquatic zen garden!" and cheerfully brought it home. Cut to the next week, when my friend asks me if I want to come with her to buy some feeder fish for her Oscars. Like a fool, I said yes, and 45 minutes later we were driving home with 20+ small fry in a plastic bag on my lap. Well, I'm a sucker & a bleeding heart, and fell madly in love with two of the poor little guys (a white one with red on top, and a tortoiseshell). I believe they're comets. Well all they way home I whispered "Oh you poor little things", "Oh you sweet little babies", and by the time we got to her place she had officially decreed them mine. I am SO GLAD I kept them! The rest were subjected to a terrible fate I am NEVER, EVER watching her feed her oscars again! *shudder* Well I had some pebbles and rocks and things around the house, and my friend gave me some water conditioner, so I set it up pretty dang sparse the first night. The next day, I went to the local Petco and asked about goldfish requirements. "Do they need a heater? Do they need a filter? How big will they get?" They told me that you can basically stick 'em in a bucket full of toilet water, and they'd be peachy keen. Because goldfish are stupid, you see. Oh no, they don't get big. They don't live long. .........Something about this struck me as fishy (pun intended), so I started researching online. Holy carp! These little guys are amazing! And they need way, WAY more TLC that that pimply-faced nitwit said they would! So I got them a filter, a couple of plants, and some real gravel, and today I used the last of my paycheck to get a 10 gallon tank, more gravel, more plants, and some organic potting soil. I'm going to set up a dirted, planted tank for them, and once it's cycled switch them over to that. (That's another thing, nobody told me anything about cycling, either.) My long-term plans are to scrim and save all Spring, and hopefully by mid-to-end of Summer I'll have enough money to get them a 40 gallon tank with all the bells & whistles. So I just want to thank everyone here at Koko's for all of the free and truly helpful advice! I'm a complete novice to fish care, but with y'all's help I'm sure I'll have happy, healthy goldies!
  2. Hello everyone! I am obviously posting in this thread because I am NEW! I currently reside in North Carolina. Born and raised here in a small mountain town and have recently moved to central North Carolina in a large city! You can learn a little more in detail about me on my profile. You can find me on instagram as therealhuesofgold right now but I will be soon creating a blog and video blog series on youtube! So keep a lookout for that if you are into that sort of thing! This is my adventure back into keeping goldfish, and I want to document all of it! Stop by and say hello!
  3. Hello everyone! I unfortunately started with 3 fantail's in a 10 gallon aquarium and no cycling... (Eek!!!) when my husband and I decided to get our goldfish it was really spur of the moment. We went and bought the 10 gallon aquarium "starter kit". It came with the light, top and a filter. We set it up and then went out to go get our fish. I knew we were going to get goldfish, so I figured after we picked out what kind we wanted and got them home that I would then learn all about that breed. I shortly after learned what a huge mistake we had made. Long story short, I never knew how much I could love some fish! I've spent more money on them then my cats. I now have a 75 gallon with only 2 fantail's. (One didn't survive the cycling ????) they eat better then I do and fish shopping is now my favorite thing to do! Haha my husband is learning to love my new obsession. I'm still learning a lot about them, but I feel like I have a way better understanding then before. I've even helped a couple people out on another forum I found. I'm really excited to be joining koko's. So many other goldfish lover like me! I can't get enough! Here are my fishies. Sushi and cheeto.
  4. Hi! I have been around for a little while on the forum and I am not completely new to the fish keeping hobby I kept fish as kid (so very long ago!) and actually got back into it over a year ago after a terrible experience with poor goldfish that were kept at my job. It didn't end well for the poor babies... After that I vowed I would do way more research and try to make real efforts towards keeping them in a healthy, nice environment. I continue to learn and really appreciate that this forum has a lot of experience here. This hobby has really benefitted me in so many ways...probably why I have about 3 tanks at home and 2 at work going I have been busy researching and drooling over goldfish on various sites that don't ship to Canada. Anyway after wiping the drool from my chin, I decided I really wanted to get a little oranda and then consider later on getting him/her a friend that comes from one of those sites I look at that make me smile. I thought it would be fun to watch a little one grow and care for right from when they are so tiny. Well yesterday I was cross-boarder shopping and saw her. I think it's a girl anyway. She is now a new immigrant to Canada The picture isn't great but you can see how small she is by the power cord behind her. She's in a temporary tank and will be upgraded to a 45g in the next month or so. I don't have a name yet but I cannot help but love her already!
  5. My name is Hyzong and i currently have 4 wet friends: 1 lionhead/chu(?) named JTR (Jack The Ripper, named by my boyfriend) 1 black moor, named Lucky 1 red telescope, Velona (though I'm pretty sure its a boy haha) and a pearlscale who is currently not named (also a silly nerite snail) I started goldfishkeeping with 3 little pearlscales froom petco...in a Uncycled ten gallon tank >_<: one died durig the first week and then i decided to throw them into the backyard pond because I figure they had a better chance with the green water pond than with a uncycled tank. One of the two that was left (named Moi) developed an ucler and during that time i was preparing for move- also brought another pearlscale during that time (named bubble). While They were in their tub prepping for move, Moi passed away. Three days later after the move Veil (Moi's buddy from the start) die from dropsy. Then I got Lucky a week later...he was so little and no prefect but cute. (Now he's my biggest and such a bully haha) Just lost Bubble last week due to dropsy and an eye injury probably from being pushed by Lucky. -sigh- she was my favorite T-T But on a positive note, everyone is doing fine now, although the new pearlscale I recived from my roommates for my birthday is probably going to have her own tank. The Boys chase her too much- well everyone except JTR.
  6. Hello lovely members of Koko's. My name is Whiskers but a less silly name you may call me is Roni. I am currently a nineteen year old college student who got more seriously into Goldfish keeping about eight months ago. As my title states, I am living in Wisconsin. Right now I have two goldfish, a fancy/Ryukin baby named Candy Corn who's about a year old and a little Oranda named Jelly Bean who's going to be a year or so soon. After my tank upgrade both started to pack on weight so hopefully they keep on growing! Unfortunately I'm still in an undersized tank (20g) due to college restrictions, but according to Aquadvisor my dual filter set up and semi-frequent water changes are keeping them nice and healthy! Can't wait to get my own apartment and go a little fish crazy. Now for some pictures! A thread isn't complete without pictures. This is the fish in a bowl that started it all. We all have that little guilty intro-to-fishkeeping memory right? His name was Stark and was a birthday gift to me. He was followed by Ugly once he died, but when Uggs died as well, Candy Corn took his place. That is the start of where we are today! This is Candy Corn the Fantail/Ryukin. He's crazy in love with attention and people. Mostly food, but even once he's full he'll still try and attract my attention by any means possible. Also loves hands to bits and will play tag with me sometimes. Last I weighed him he was 31 grams - over half of that was in the last two months! This is Jelly Bean, aka "Little Bean" the Oranda. I thought some of Candy Corn's erratic behavior was because he was stressed and needed a friend, so I pushed the limits of my tank to take in this girl with a bum rudder. (She's missing half of one of her tail fins.) Turns out Candy Corn is still a little nutter, now just with a girlfriend following him everywhere. Side view of my tank since I don't have any good head on ones. Since removed two of the little flower pots and took the gravel out of the remaining small one. Otherwise it's bare bottom with some glass rocks. Black background and floor. Looks pretty slick when it's clean if I may say so! Little Bean has had a small spurt since this photo so now she's not as dwarfed by two inch flower pots. Candy Corn is still much bigger though.
  7. Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Makes me so feel welcomed. I fell in love with Fancy Godfish late last year and I've been researching and planning for months now to reduce the amount of freak outs when I finally get my own fish to fawn over. I love to be outside so I'm beginning with a 35 gallon preformed pond that I'm putting on my balcony. I'll be posting pics and videos of my progress so PLEASE share with me any tips or advice along the way. I live in San Pedro, California where the Los Angeles Port is. We have a lot of tropical fish enthusiasts out here but not a lot of gold fish lovers so if you're from Cali please say hello! Much love! Danielle
  8. Hi all! I’m Erin…and brand new here as this is my first post! I have been reading and trying to learn as much as possible for about a week now. I am originally from New Orleans, but grew up and now live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi…about 2 hrs. northeast of New Orleans. I am married, and my husband and I have two boys ages 2 and 5. Weezie (8 year old Pug) and Scout (11 year old tabby cat) also make our house a home! Our boys received 2 fancy goldfish (fantails…I believe) for Easter on March 31. With total ignorance and zero knowledge, I think I’ve done a very poor to mediocre job of caring for our newest additions to our family…Nemo and Nolan. They had to endure the cycling of the tank…which I didn’t learn about until recently. Also, they are in a 5 gallon tank. I know, I know. I feel terrible about it. We are looking to upgrade ASAP. I have been feeding flakes and pellets (without pre-soaking)…I know better now. And, I just bought the API Freshwater Master testing kit last week. Here’s the trouble…the nitrates are too high (tap water is zero for nitrates), and our Nemo was rising to the top and struggling to swim to the bottom…fed diet of peas for 2 days…he is better…but now rests on bottom occasionally. Swim bladder issue? But, he doesn’t lean to one side. Constipation? Therefore peas. Nitrate issue? Definitely…tests 80ppm before weekly water change…40 ppm after. 1. Should I do daily 50% or more water changes? 2. Should I remove the gravel and plastic plants and go bare bottom to help remove any waste contributing to the problem and free up more swimming space? 3. Should I get real plants ASAP…if so what works best? 4. Obviously, I should get a bigger tank ASAP. Sorry to be so long-winded. Looking forward to learning from all of you. I found the site by watching YouTube videos. Lol! I was desperate for info…and they really helped. Now, I am quite surprised that I find all of this a fun and rewarding challenge! I do not want my story to end up in the horror section of the forum!! Thanks so much!
  9. Hello everyone . I'm a student living in a tiny unit in Australia with two cats, my friend and three fish. My love of animals only really came about after I decided to be vegan; it competely changed my outlook. I've had fish before, growing up, but it was pretty much a 'chuck em in a tank and hope they don't die' kind of situation. I'm a changed person now though! I recently took in four goldfish that a family was looking to get rid of. One died that night, the other three had fin rot, fungus and were generally very unhappy. The fantail had a swimbladder problem. Now those three are a lot better and doing well and I'm slowly getting everything together for a large beautiful tank. They are currently in a 20L/5 gal. tank so I'm having to do regular water changes to keep the ammonia and waste down (the filter's not that great either - just air blown through a sponge, rocks and activated carbon really). They have the names that the children there gave them (the child who owned them wasn't told that they were being sold). Dora is the gold fat one (fantail?). Porschia is the white one (comet?). Lenny is the skinny gold one (comet?). I'm still not sure what kinds of goldfish they are, as you can tell. I've decided to join this forum because I was using a lot of the posts for information and feel like I should join in. Thanks to this forum, I've decided that I'll be having a barebottom tank with a few anubias and other plants attached to driftwood. On Tuesday I'll be buying a 193L tank (~50 gal.), with a stand and foam, and three pieces of driftwood. I've ordered a 1800LPH/475GPH filter (they're only about 6-9cm long at the moment but I'll probably upgrade the filter when they're bigger and messier), a pH/high pH/ammonia/nitrite testing kit and a bubble curtain. I've had to pretty much gut my savings account to do this but I couldn't leave them in such a tiny tank. I was worried that they'd end up with people who didn't know how to look after them (or care) . I love these little guys. They crowd up to the side of the tank when they see me now, it's really cute. I'm so glad they got better, I thought they were all going to die! Thanks for reading and I hope that I can be a useful part of this awesome forum .
  10. So last week I decided to take the kids to the LFS just to look around and find a veggie clip for the comets and they had just received a fresh shipment of baby orandas. I texted my DH a pic and he was like "run away!" After he came home from work he said well what are you waiting for, let's go rescue your fish. This little guy/girl (no idea) is about an inch long and we are calling him/her Jacques because one of my kids said he looks like he's wearing a tiny red cap/beret. First week of QT has been smooth sailing.
  11. I've always loved the idea of big bulgy-eyed goldfish in bowls, like a cartoon. I tried to adopt a goldfish with the intent to put it in a bowl once, and the lady at the pet store refused to sell it to me. I respect that now. So a bit later, nearly a year ago now, I found myself in a PetSmart on a Sunday afternoon impulse-buying a calico telescope goldie and what I thought then was a very luxurious 5 gallon tank. (It's a Fluval Chi, and, while I know now that it's not right for my fish, it's still pretty. ) I did my goldfish research and learned that I was an idiot, but put off upgrading because of budget and space constraints, and, being totally new to fish, not knowing if it was worth investing too much in if I was just going to end up a fish serial killer. BUT I'm finally moving to a bigger apartment next week (yay!!) and I feel like Ms. Tallulah Fishsticks probably should, too. But I'm incredibly picky and never really liked the look of framed rectangular tanks. I did a whole lot of research on goldfish in biorbs, even the mega-huge ones, and finally admitted to myself that that would be a mistake too. So what about frameless cubes? I've looked at the ones made by Mr. Aqua, which come in 25 and 60 gallon, and some in acrylic that are a lot more expensive and I'm guessing would get scratched up easily. What about company? While I'm trying to make up for past mistakes, is my fishy lonely? I think she'd look gorgeous with a black moor friend, but that means even more gallons, which gets to another concern… Stands? Furniture? I have my 5 gallon on a dresser. After noticing it was starting to leave a footprint on the wood, I stuck a thick bamboo cutting board under it to distribute the weight a bit better. I don't really like the look of the things traditionally sold as aquarium stands (getting annoying, aren't I?). Is it possible that some pieces of "normal" furniture could support the weight of, say, a 25-35 gallon tank (I don't think I'm ready for too much more than that yet)? So I'm looking for help from people who know more about goldfish keeping than I do…both from the standpoint of keeping the fish happy and making me not have to invest in a fishtank I really don't like the look of. Is it possible to keep both of us happy? And is the poor thing's growth stunted already? Will she grow if I get a significantly larger tank? Obviously kind of clueless, but trying to work on it.
  12. Hi there, My name is Véronique and I am new to Kokos goldfish. I am new to the hobby as well. I have taken in 4 goldfish from a pond for the winter. It gets pretty hairy here in Montreal in the winter. I am a newbie and my tank is over stocked... there were so many pretty fish I wanted to take in. I have a 20 gal fish thank with four 3" goldfish in it. I am in the process of cycling the tank... with fish, I know it's hard, and I am almost done. I do water tests everyday and my ammonia levels are at 0 and my nitrites are around 2-5 ppm. I am doing 50% WC everyday and I am using prime water conditionner to detoxify the levels of nitrites and of course treat the new water. I think the fish are doing well all considering. They are active and are looking great. No signs of ammonia/nitrite poisoning. I've been doing a lot of reading on the signs of that here on this site and on the net. I am not going to upgrade the tank since I have the fish only for the winter and I already spent a lot of money to set up that one. I hope it will be ok for them as long as I keep the water conditions good. You can totally call me on that if that is wishful thinking or plain stupidity. In any case, I have a question regarding changing to a new more powerful filter. Right now I have a marina slim 20 filter that came with the tank kit. I ordered a aquaclear 50 and I want to replace my ###### filter with the better filter so that the water conditions are better. So my question is: How should I go about this? A. Do I add the filter right away to start filtering along side the old one? B. Do I wait until the current filter finishes it's cycle and use the media to populate my new filter? C. Should I put fish back in the pond so that I am not over stocked... I would hate to have to choose which ones have to go as I have grown to call them "my guys". I know I will get good advice from you guys. thank you V.
  13. Hello- I am from Missouri, USA. I too have a little zoo. I have kept angel fish, lots of cichlids, australian rainbows, 2 stingrays from the Amazon and lots of tropical community fish over the last 15 yrs. However, I just caught the goldfish bug... I'm addicted. I just traded in my Tanganikan cichlids to free up my 29 gal tank. I have a 2in calico ryukin(Flipper) and a 1.5 in orange with black dorsal fin and black tail (Mr. T). I just sucked out all the sand and have anubias, moss ball and crypt in a bare bottom tank. I plan to get a bubbler this weekend after work. I'm looking forward to learning a lot and meeting many new folks. Flipper
  14. Hello!!! I have finally joined this wonderful forum that has been so helpful, my goldfish and I would like to say a big thank you. You guys and your wisdom has saved a little life a few times when starting out. My husband and I have two gold fish at the moment, a black ranchu/lionhead called...Ranchu....real creative I know. She will be a year old in a month and is just over 4" not including her tail. We love her so much, even though im sure she loves my husband more as he feeds her and cleans her tank. She comes up to his face when he puts his face to glass. We also now have a little Oranda that sadly im still calling the other guy we have had him since Valentines Day...he is a super cutie. Oh and a little loach that i rarely see who is a year old too. I think at this point in time im going to be spending a bit of time reading up on thoughts of filtration and tanks....I suddenly have a lot of question :/ just saw before i came here to say hi there is a full section on this stuff, yeah? Any way maybe to jump-start the search here is the situation i am in and why/how it is. Its not super ideal but i have to try to make it work for a few more months...if there is a string already running you think will help please let me know. Also sorry if im over sharing in this section, it is a bit of an essay. Just feel like i need to get it all out there ASAP :/ Ranchu was doing well in a 10 gal tank till about a month ago when she just started to hang in a corner and was swimming more parallel then vertical. So i knew it was time to get her a bigger home. I went out in mind of buying her a 20 gal till I saw a lovely 16 gal that was a bit taller and would fit better in our tiny apartment so i forked out the extra cash. I know it is more for a tropical set up but at the time it was just her and i know there should be a larger surface area but when she was littler she liked to power swim from bottom to the top almost doing a back flip...so the taller tank seemed to suit her better and it did!!! she was back to her normal vertical, back flipping self in less then a week...it was great to see her happy. BUT.... ....for V day a week or so after buying the new tank i wanted to take a trip to the pet store and get a blue mystery snail after work and that was going to be it for the tank till we moved we could get a nice big tank and maybe a new fish hopefully a panda moor How ever to my surprise I came home to a blue and a white mystery snail and the cutest little oranda with a most brilliant wen i have seen on a fish his size (other then on the net). I will put some photos up soon. So now I'm kind of stuck. I felt bad telling my husband about it but have since explained that the tank is not really big enough for the amount of waste that is being produced by everyone, even though everyone is happy physically in the space for the time being and that is why the tank/water is looking dirty quicker and why we need to do more regular water changes than before. Also stuck as we can't really afforded to dollar wise and space wise get a bigger tank plus filters just yet. We toyed with idea of taking the little guy back but I think I am attached coz i have not been able to call and ask if i can bring him back. So i have been looking at filters again thinking this could help but there are a lot of different options. I was already planning on buying a up to 40 gal HOB filter but trying to work out if the 160 GPH will be efficient or better going with a 240 GPH but not sure if that will be too much movement in the water? And now after doing some research im thinking that a canaster might be needed, but not sure if that will be too much movement for a 16 gal tank.... and i don’t mind spending money on that as im sure it will be necessary in the future. Does any one have any recomandations or should i stop being selfish and take the oranda back and hope he makes it to a good home? Thank you for your time in reading this. I look foward to talking to you about your fish, appreciate any advise and hopefully i can contribute some knowledge back and $$$ soon
  15. First off, I must thank all of you who've been helping me with my fish! It's very much appreciated. I've been keeping goldfish for about six years now. I hate to admit that I am still probably stuck in that "tragic beginner" level of goldfishery, but I certainly know a lot more about them than I did then. Seems that most people who love goldfish have made all those mistakes, but it also seems like the ones who care the least are the ones with invincible fish! After Hurricane Sandy we lost our two common fish due to power outages and bad timing. Christmas came and went and we recently got our tank set back up. Husband tried hard to turn me on to another type of fish, but when we got to the back wall of Tropiquarium (all you New Jersey people had better go there, an amazing store!) he lost the battle. He didn't even know there was a battle, that's how quick it was over. We came home with Cleo (oranda) and Scooter (the ryukin below) Unfortunately we lost Scooter yesterday afternoon but she was pretty enough to put up here for one last ooh and ahh. Cleo seems to be doing okay, looks like we've got a journey ahead of us with this ammonia problem but I hope hope hope she'll pull through. Very eager to get acquainted with all you, it's not often that you find real-life friends who get the passion for shiny fat fish you have. Probably looks really weird to them!
  16. I promise I don't always talk like the title, I just couldn't bear to add to the list of 'hello's. I'm new to the website and also to owning goldfish. I just recently got a pretty little goldfish by the name of Vera, and had to make an account so I could show her off! Here's Vera: She's only about the size of my thumb right now, and I look forward to seeing her grow!
  17. So this girl in my dorm won 5 common goldies at a carnival, not too long ago. Dorms, of course, do not have a lot of room, so she had no idea where she was going to keep these little guys. I walk into her room and my little animal loving heart pretty much broke into pieces upon seeing five, severely sick goldies swimming around in some sort of ziploc dish ware filled with dirty, untreated water. I asked if I could take one and so I soon became a new mom to a cutie I named Remy. I quickly rushed to the pet store and scrounged around and picked up what I could afford and ordered more equipment on Amazon. He was extremely stressed at first, and stuck towards the bottom and clamped his fins and hid a lot, as was expected, but his ammonia burns have turned black and are healing and his fins have started healing as well, meaning so far, he's been doing okay. I've been slowly cycling the tank, doing frequent, small water changes to keep ammonia levels within reason. I've had him for about 2.5 weeks and he's been doing okay so far, and was pretty calm until yesterday. Yesterday, I had noticed the ammonia levels were up, so I did a 30% water change and added a little bit of ammonia converter that had just come in the mail that day (ammonia-safe by tetra) to convert it all to NH4+ so it wouldn't harm him, but still be used by the bacteria. After a few minutes, he started to swim around erratically everywhere--sometimes even swimming backwards, swimming up and down over and over again or treading water really rapidly! He looks like he's going to have a heart attack or something! I'm so worried and I don't know what to do. He hasn't been running into or rubbing against his decorations, so I'm pretty sure he's not flashing. He'll also gulp rapidly towards the bottom of the tank though...not at the top for air, so I don't know if that means he needs more oxygen or not, but to possibly help with that, I've been taking the lid off when I'm in the room and that seems to calm him down a bit. So right now I'm not sure if it's the ammonia-safe that made him freak out or if there is anything else I should be paying attention to. Please help if you can! Test results for the following. Ammonia (tank) Today it looked like a little above 0.50ppm, but not as high as 1.0 ppm. Yesterday the level was around 0.50 ppm too...much higher than I'd like, but as I said, I added ammonia safe so this shouldn't be harming him but still helping to develop the bacteria. Nitrite (tank) 0ppm Nitrate (tank) 0 ppm Ammonia (tap) 0ppm Nitrite (tap) 0ppm Nitrate (tap) 0ppm Ph level tank Today it was 8.2 (higher than I'd like, but I'm looking into purchasing a pH stabilizer, any recommendations? also, I figured this is probably due to the presence of NH4+ and trace amounts of NH3 since they're basic...perks of being a chem major) Ph level tap 7.5-8.2 most recently it tested 8.0 but it has been lower before....perhaps the different sinks have different phs? I'll have to look into that Other required info Brand of test kit - api master test kit drops Filters -under-gravel with regular gravel maintenance What kind of water additives or conditioners ? API stress coat+ and most recently ammonia safe (tetra) Water temperature ? 68 F (20 C) How often do you change the water and how much ? The tank is small, so I've been doing a four day cleaning cycle that has appeared to be working until all of this happened Day 1- one 5% water change in morning and one 5% water change at night Day 2- one 25% water change after he poops (which is normally in the morning) with first 1/2 gravel siphoning to remove excess food and solid waste Day 3- one 5% water change in morning and one 5% water change at night Day 4 - 25% water change and second 1/2 gravel siphoning I know this "slows down" the nitrogen cycle, but as I said, my tank is small and I'd rather his burns heal first so he can rebuild immunity and regenerate health before the cycle reaches full force How many days ago was the last water change and how much ? This morning I did about 20% because I saw him freaking out still and thought that perhaps the ammonia-safe freaked him out, so I'm hoping I got some of that out...The day prior was the 30% change with the ammonia-safe, and the day prior I did a 25% with 1/2 gravel siphoning Tank size , how long has it been running ? I'm not sure of it's exact size...I know it's less than 10 gallons (please don't scold me...I do realize goldfish should be kept in larger tanks, but I can neither afford one, nor do I have the space...my main priority was to get him out of that small, overpopulated and unfiltered bowl he was living in before) it's only been running a few weeks, so I know the cycle has taken effect, but as I said earlier, I want to get him healthy first. If you have any recommendations for larger (10 gal), small space and college student budget friendly tanks, please let me know How many fish in tank and size ? only him and the tank is maybe 15 in tall and 8 in wide and deep....again, please don't scold me, I couldn't afford a good sized tank, but I'm hoping that if he can pull through for a few more weeks, I'll be able to get a better tank What do you feed your fish , how often ? Tetra flakes soaked 1x a day around 2pm Any new fish added ? No Any medications ? No List previous issues ? Ammonia burns and torn fins from previous living conditions--but when you compare him to the fish still living in that girl's room, he's doing extremely well. Hers have turned almost completely black and white....I feel so awful for leaving them there, but I'm doing everything I can for this little guy--I may not be able to save them all, but if I can save Remy.... Any unusual finding on fish ? No List entire medication treatment . None Thank you for your time! I'll keep updating. If I've left out any information please let me know!
  18. Hey there! My 65 gallon is fully cycled and ready for fishies! I put my beatiful black moor in about a week ago, and now im ready to buy 4 more Goldies:D I will be getting either 3 Orandas and 1 Fantail or 2 Orandas and 2 Fantails:) I have never done a QT before (i am only 3 months into the hobby) so i have some questions:) 1) how big does my QT tank hve to be? Minimum? Can i QT multiple fish together i they come from the sane tank/store? 2) for how long (minimum) do they need to be QT? 3) do i need a light? Filter? 4) i really dont have that much $$ to spend, so ko i HAVE to QT? Thank you!
  19. Hi everyone! My name's Krystal, I live in Puerto Rico and I'm a new aquarium owner... I have tons of questions, and lots to learn from you so I hope to hear from all of you soon! I found this forum online and got real good advice from past posts, so I decided to join. This is my story: I remembered being 5 or 6 years old and having goldfish tanks in my house, I use to love them... So when I saw a Marineland 20 gallon LED kit on sale at PetsMart I decided to go for it and start the adventure of raising goldfish. This was not planned so I'd done no research when I got my tank, I also received very bad advice from the employees there, for example they told me I could get like 7 fancy goldfish into my 20 gallon tank as long as I did BIWEEKLY 25% water changes! Talk about being overstocked and poorly maintained! Still I listened and bought my tank, after letting the tank run for two days, I went back to the store and got 2 goldfish: an oranda and a black moor. About 4 days later I went to a LFS and was also poorly advised, the guy told me to put no more than 5 medium sized goldfish in my tank, so I bought 2 more: a lionhead ranchu and a red cap. I decided to get a water testing kit and tested the water before adding my 2 new fish, ammonia levels were at 0.5ppm... I'm currently a slave of daily water changes, and have succumbed to the feared New Tank Syndrome. My current setup is a 20 gallon aquarium with a Penguin 150 and a Whisper 40 air pump. I have 4 fancy goldfish in it: Jacob the black moor, Goldy the oranda, Einstein the red cap, and Ponyo the lionhead ranchu - I also have a water lettuce (or what's left of it after the pecking party), 2 anachiris and another plant I can't name... You don't have to tell me how irresponsible this is - I already know - so I bought a 60 gallon aquarium and am thinking about starting a fish-less cycle tomorrow if I can find the Tahitian Moon substrate around here, if not I'll go with gravel because I really can't wait much longer. For the new tank, I bought 2 penguin 350's and am thinking about getting a whisper 100 air pump for it. I can't wait to put my babies in there and have them roam around in the big tank. I will be posting in the appropriate sections asking for advice on my setup and cycling... So now that you know a little bit about me, hope I can learn a bit about you and hope to talk to you all real soon! Here's a picture of my current setup, and a few pictures of my finned babies Will post pictures of the new tank as soon as possible, it's still completely empty in my living room. The tank, and The Gang -- does anyone know the name of the plant at the left side of the tank? The one with the needle-like leaves... Goldy Jacob Einstein... airplane style Ponyo, with an attitude Goldy having a water lettuce snack
  20. Hi, my name is Julio Andrade. I live in Northern California. I had been following this site for a couple of weeks before I decided to join. I'm so glad I joined:) Now I can share my beautiful fish with everyone on this wonderful site. Well enough about me, let me tell you about my "friends". I currently have 7 fancy golfish (1 Black Moor, 1 Calico Oranda- I think- 1 Calico Moor, 1 Calico Pearscale, 1 R&W Oranda, 1 Lionhead and finally 1 common). I got into this hobby by accident. My sister won the common gf at the fair for her baby around 6 or 7 months ago. She couldn't really take care of it, so she gave it to me. I had never had any kind of fish before, so I went to my LFS and bought a 10g tank. The guy that helped me said I would be fine adding two more gf, so I went ahead and bought the black moor and calico oranda (now I realize that was not a good idea, I should not have listened to him). As the days went by, I started spending more time watching them swim in their new home. I enjoyed coming home from work to my fish. About two months ago, my sister called me to let me know she had gotten an old tank from her mother in law, and asked if I wanted It. Of course I said Yes!!! This tank is a 29g. It had a stand, the hood & light and an aquatech 20-40 filter. I set it up, put gravel in it, filled it up with water and was amazed at how much more room it had than the 10g tank. I still did not know anything about cycling and all that, so the next day I went to the pet store and bought the rest of the fish. Luckily, I have yet to lose one. So here I was, with 7 gf in my new 29g tank... within a couple of days I noticed that the filter was not handling the job, so I ordered a new Marinelan Penguin Bio Wheel 350 and moved two of the fish to the smaller tank. As soon as I got the new filter, I put it on the tank and within two hours it cleared the water up. I know that they are both overstocked, but I am already saving up for a new tank, at least a 55g, so they are just temporary (maybe 3-4 months). Thank God I found this site, it has been so helpful in everything that has to do with my gf. If you would like to know anything else about my tanks, just ask me.
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