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  1. We are moving this weekend and I'm quite worried about moving with my fish. Luckily we are literally just moving down the street, but it's complicated because the weekend we are moving me and my friends are going to a music festival. I have a big tub I got to put my fish in, but they would have to sit in there for 2 days while the tank gets moved and set up and I'm scared about having high ammonia since they are both large. I honestly just don't trust my family with taking care of my fish and need some advice on what to do. I will be able to put my aquaclear 110 on the bin but not my canister filter. How can I keep the media in the canister alive? Should I fast my fish a few days before the weekend to make sure ammonia stays down? My tank is 75 gallons and non planted with 2 goldfish. I also have a 10 gallon divided non planted betta tank, how should I prepare them?
  2. Hi friends. I'm getting down to the wire with my cross-country move, and I still have about a dozen babies in my tank. If you are interested in any adorable little ranchus or the others, please let me know asap. The ones with dorsals are either ranchu-ryukin mixes or ranchu-oranda mixes. Some look more ryukin-like and some look more oranda-like. Here's a clip from today. The big one is coming with us, and Molly has dibs on two ranchus. http://www.flickr.com/photos/37542328@N06/12951587675/
  3. I turned my filter off to do my water change. When I went to turn it back on when I was done tons of tiny wriggling brown worms shot out of my filter all over the tank. I was horrified. Obviously my fish started eating them which caused me to walk away from disgust. I just wanna know if these are harmful or not. I started treating my fish for flukes today. Those couldn't be worms related to flukes could they? I wont be able to get any pictures because they are too small.
  4. Hi peeps!! Long time no see!! I thought I'd pop in with an update and my last photo of my tank for awhile. My husband and I have talked about trying to move to Texas from Michigan for a long time, and now it's happening! And it's actually happening kind of fast, so I've been extremely busy trying to get house projects done so we can sell it and move. My first showing is Saturday, and it's very promising. I don't think the fish could handle the move. It will be two days in the car, plus I won't be able to set the tank up for awhile. I had 10 goldfish in two tanks, plus some trops. I talked to the good lfs, and they said they would take them. The owner told me that they would adopt out the fish with disabilities -- they usually end up in the owner's wife's goldfish tank. So, I took most of the goldfish to the store a few days ago, but I kept four until we get closer to the move. (The tank will look better with fish, and I don't have time to tear it down right now.) I'm going to keep my big corner tank, and I'm going take the plants. They might survive in a bin for awhile. If not, oh well. I'm going to miss my fish, but I think they will get good homes. And taking them and letting the suffer and die is not a better choice. When we get a new house and get settled, I'll either set up this tank or get one that fits the space. I want to limit it to four fish in the 77 gallons with lots of plants. And here's the jungle now with 4 big goldies. There's also 11 glowlight tetras in there because I couldn't catch them the other day -- the power went out, so the tank was too full and there wasn't enough light to see them. I couldn't catch any of them until I had the tank almost drained. They are ninja fish! Shawn
  5. I am leaving the island and moving back to California at the end of this month and am worried about the welfare of my fish i know i have to ship them overnight but thats about it, if you guys could please help me on telling me what it is that i need i would greatly appreciate it. Also i have a big Styrofoam box i got from petsmart i treated my fish with prazi, and i gave them all a salt dip. ive been feeding repashy, veggies, and hikari color enhancing pellets so i hop that ive done good so far. This is probably the only thing really stressing me out like you wont even imagine ive dealt with many big moves before so its no a problem for me but this is driving me insane.
  6. Right after New Years I will be making a 17 hour move down south to San Diego. I have browsed a couple of threads about moving goldfish, but it seems the longest trips are only 4-5 hours. This month we are doing our planning for the move. I plan on using 1 or 2 sterilite tubs, about 36 gallons each to move 11 goldfish, and fasting for 3 days beforehand. It is a 17 hour drive from here to my home in San Diego, traffic permitting. We make about 4-5 stops on the way down. I will also have a couple of bubble wands in with the goldfish and my plants/bb's in a separate bucket. Has anyone done a move this long before? How can I give my bb's the best chance at surviving? What do I need to do for the goldfish on the way down? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I won't be driving, thankfully, so I will be able to take care of anything that needs to be done. I am so nervous about this, but I would rather make a crazy move with the fish under my care rather than giving them away up here (: Advice?
  7. First off, Cyrrus is headstanding ): I'll post in d&d soon. Second, there were casualties. Before leaving, Tui and La were dropped with their tub. Bf felt terrible but we got to them quickly. They seemed to be in shock, so I just kept them dark till we got to Sacramento. I checked on them and they looked ok, a couple of ripped fins, so I changed the water salted them to .1% and double dosed with prime. On the midway stop, I went to redose with prime, both were gone ): you wouldn't have even known it. They looked like they were alive but I checked gill movement and nothing... The shadows of their lives were still there... Fate decided to rub the salt in my wound extra hard... My 55. An entire panel, cracked from corner to corner. Infuriating. Bfs mom is bringing me her late fathers bow front because we had to leave ours for room. But now I am stuck. Luckily my grandma is going to take us shopping tomorrow so we can check prices on tanks. If nothing good comes around, we will be getting two 50 gallon storage tubs until we can get it sorted. We were going to one anyways, but now the poor fish have no aquariums ): we are going to go look at a 100 gallon tomorrow. Just so frustrating, the second half of the trip was terrible until home was in sight. Happy to say everyone else is doing ok. They are a little slow, because the water is cold. I am letting them destress for a little while before starting salt and prazi. My family is enjoying the fish (: I have had people let them nibble on their hands. Minnie is just the center of attention. No one has seen a goldfish like her before! They watched me hand feed her and were commenting on how pretty she is. My crazy mom decided to pop a hole in the bag without me knowing, so while we were unpacking I had to rush to put her in something else. She dwarfs everything around her (: The actual driving parts were long and boring. Very noisy with a chorus of cats realizing they were trapped in tiny cages. Very squished. But at least I got In N Out for the first time in over a year (; San Diego greeted me with Oregon like weather and a nice reassuring sign from the heavens: Full, double rainbows. Couldn't fit the whole thing in the shot. The stress of this trip was ridiculous and I feel like almost everything went wrong. I thought we had this well planned but there were so many accidents that just made things so much worse. My head is hurting. My aquarium is broken. My telescopes are gone ): the only thing that has made this entire thing worth it is the plans for the pond and getting to keep my precious animals. I am happy that things weren't worse, but I am thinking the next time I need to move fish near a family member, I'll just overnight them there.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some advice on this. The story is, there is my 7 year old ryukin, Cosmos, at my parents. He is in a 40L tank which I am aware is small for him, I believe his growth has been stunted. I want to keep him in my new place with a bigger tank. I've gone out and bought him a 70L tank setup and I'm hoping to move him this weekend. What I was planning on doing was to bring all the water I can from his 40L tank, put him with his current tank water in a bag for the travel and also take his current filter. Then, after a 30min car ride to my place - put his tank water into the new tank, then fill it up the rest of the way with tap - condition it - and also have his old filter setup in the new tank running, along with the one that came with the new tank (on low). The obviously let the bag float for a bit with him in it etc... Is all that ok? Is there anything I should account for or change? Thanks
  9. Hey all, just made the drive to move my actual fish. This new place is a basement unit so I can upgrade as much as possible which is awesome! This is a tank I got from craigslist along with lights, hood, biowheel, fluval canister and a million other things (literally three huge boxes I haven't even gone through) for $140 so I'm pretty stoked on that. The tank has been running for a few days with no cycle bumps so I added the fish. The marble and cast iron stand for this tank was given to me by the lady whose basement I moved into. How rad is that? Downside... I totally tore my hammy moving a giant slab of marble. Anyone surprised? Here are some pretty terrible quality videos of the tank but it shows how much more space they have. Right now it's 5 orandas and my ranchu but soon the ranchu will be moved to the 55 gallon. Hopefully will have some ranchu bros to pall around with in there eventually - and two ryukin in my 36. I'm going to keep the 75 stocked at 5 unless I find a large oranda that blows my mind. Before in the 55 - see how they needed more room? lol The 75 is much wider, possibly a bit shorter and just as long. They seem really happy to have the space. http://s7.photobucke...09-13at2219.mp4 http://s7.photobucke...09-13at2216.mp4 And yes, there's just one filter on it right now - apparently the smaller hob filters don't fit the back of the 75! Makes sense I guess. And my big heater died yesterday so this baby one is cranking out the heat until I can get back home tomorrow to get my other one. Also... no idea how the fluval or biowheel filters work so... help? Yay upgrades!
  10. My husband is being transferred for work, so we will have to move. They're letting us choose general geographic areas within the US that we are interested in, and then they will give us a few options to choose from based on this. I haven't been to many places in the US, so I'm asking you guys for some help. If you had to move somewhere, which state or geographic area would you choose, and why? Secondly, what state do you live in now, and what's it like living there? Do you like it? I would love it if you could describe what the landscape and the wildlife is like there. Thanks guys! p.s. I'm not sure if Hawaii or Alaska are options, but I will find out. Hawaii might actually be interesting, but it's so far away from my family. :/ Alaska... no. I don't want to move any farther north than I am now (we live in Minnesota).
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