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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, How do I tell if my pOdge and Louie are male or female? When should I expect breeding stars? Here is a link to my photobucket if you need pics. They aren't great quality. There aren't so many photos of Louie. He is camera shy... and normally squashed by pOdge! http://s1298.photobucket.com/user/Reesbucket/library/?sort=3&page=1 Thanks so much....
  2. In a 10 gallon tank with a divider are 2 male bettas! One of them (the red and green) is a agile little guy and manages to somehow get over/under/around his barrier to chill on the other side of the tank! They have not actually "met" though (thank goodness!) Here they are: Right now the names I'm stuck on are "boring" and "more boring". :lmao:
  3. Can I keep a male and female Betta together? I have enough room in a lightly filtered tank for them both but I don't know if they would fight or not! Don't they have to be together sometimes at least to breed? I'm soo confused! Thanks! -Elaine
  4. I’m worrying over one of my newest fish. He’s a large male (has spawned and has stars) black moor with a ryukin build (demekin). I only noticed this in last weeks WC. It could have been like this when I got him, or started any time since, as I’ve never actually probed his belly before that. He seems 100% happy and healthy and himself, but his stomach is soft. I've never had a fish with a soft stomach (besides females for a few days coming up to and post spawn) before and it's kind of freaking me out. All I can think is that worst case situation it's an internal infection or infestation of some sort (nematodes?), but if his stomach is soft that would indicate (based on other people’s experience with internal infections and issues) that it's pretty far progressed and I'd expect fluid retention and/or dropsy and abnormal behaviour if so. On the other hand I guess it could be an issue with osmoregulation or something along those lines, which means it could get worse over time (if he is retaining fluid and that is why he is soft) The unusual thing is he is 100% happy and healthy. He’s a very large demekin moor, and I’ve had him for 3 months or so now. Naturally he has a very high back and deep stomach, being very ryukinish in his build, but even with fish with that build and large abdomens I’ve never experienced a male with a soft belly. I guess being male and lacking the larger female reproductive organs he could just have ‘spare room’ inside and that’s why he’s soft, but I doubt it. He also has odd eyes (not perfectly symetericial) which do have a slight ring at the base, but it does not seem like pop eye to me at all, just the same base of the eye many of my teles have had before. Having no idea what’s going on I thought I’d ask for suggestions. So far I’m leaning to a course of metromeds (or, being in Aus, making my own gel food with Flagyl/Metro and feeding that out) and trying to get some fecal samples and a microscope to do some slides and have a look. I think this will have limitations though (if it is something it would have to be in the intestinal tract to show in such a sample, ie something infecting the liver would probably not show) Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level (tank): 0 * Nitrite Level (tank): 0 * Nitrate level (Tank): 0-5 (fluctuates, live plants aid in absorption) * Ammonia Level (Tap): 1 * Nitrite Level (Tap): 0 * Nitrate level (Tap): 0 * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): 8 (hardness mid range) * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): 8 (hardness mid range- Sorry, my kit for GH and KH is strips and awful) * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops?: API drops * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)?: Overhead sump, ceramic and sponge media (x4 p/h but a large amount of media- it’s a very effective filter that follows the principal of water-media contact time and not flowrate itself as the determiner for the effectiveness of the filter) * What kind of water additives or conditioners?: Prime, show master goldfish ‘salt’ electrolyte mix * Water temperature? 20*C but can get higher in summer * How often do you change the water and how much?: 70% every 5 days to a week * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change?: Today (3rd May) 70% * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running?: 25Gal * How many fish in the tank and their size?: Two large moors (This is QT, hence smaller size. I QT for 3+ months on older, more expensive stock for safety’s sake now. Permanently I’d like to house them in at least 50+Gal together) * What do you feed your fish and how often?: NLS Sinking pellets, occasional blanched veggies, fed twice daily for these two. * Any new fish added to the tank?: No, these are new purchases (3 months ago and same source) and being QTed together * Any medications added to the tank?: No * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.): Slight ick when bought, treated with salt * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus?: Soft belly, otherwise normal * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.?: No * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank: were salted and prazi’d as per the general way done here upon arrival. Pictures incoming- Please bear with me. The lights in my tank have died and I'm waiting on replacements so good photos are hard to get! Not that theres anything really visually wrong with him anyway.
  5. hi guys! is it possible for a goldie to have breeding stars on just one gill?,i think i see them on the fins too but cant be sure as (he?) just wont stop moving, please dont ask for a pic lol, ive been trying to get one for days, the goldie in question seems to think he has a "good side" and will only show me that one when taking pics maybe they will develop on the other side in time, they must have just appeared in the last week or so
  6. Guest

    New Betta Boy!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum but not new to fish as I've owned many betta and one black moor named cheddar I thought I would introduce Aldo my blue crown tail betta fish! He likes sleeping in plants at night or over his gravel buried heater (which is not seen in this video but was added a day later). He's skittish and kind of scared of people. Anyway here's a video of the first night he came home. His tank is rather temporary as I'm getting a 5 gallon by the end of this month (I'm just shopping around for the right fit for him at the moment because I want to make sure he'll be as comfortable as can be).
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