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  1. So after green water and dropsy plagued my tank, i've been working on a project to make my outdoor aquarium more appealing to look at. I decided to give it a background. I thought about what color it should be and decided on blue. But I didn't want it to be just blue. I considered my options and decided wood and poster board were not for me. The space and the placement of the tank limits what can fit behind it, especially now that it is on the stand against the wall. After ruling other options out, I was struck with an idea. This is what I came up with: So what could this be other than poster board and wood? Well, nothing. The background is painted ON my tank. It was fairly easy to paint when I got the hang of it. I used acrylic paint and sponge brushes. Paintbrush spread the paint too thin, making it easier to rub off while layering. Basically, I painted backwards. Thats what it looked like from behind, and on the front: I tested, and it's actually not that hard to get off. Where there are more layers might take a bit of elbow grease if I ever decide to change it, but warm water, soap, and lots of rubbing seems to do the trick. This is what it looked like before layering the blue. And I learned that a dollar store mop was my best friend for cleaning the glass and scraping algae off of the tank. It is the greatest invention ever. Add some plants, glass marbles, and fish, and you have one pretty tank: (BTW, my filters are set like that because they don't fit behind and the cord isn't long enough. And Tux likes it better like this. And with the space and new plants and toys, you've got some happy fish. Especially Tux. Tux is very happy. He's been up and around the tank instead of hanging out near the bottom. Thanks for reading.
  2. Congrats to you both.... thank you Helen for all your had work as a Moderator and being there when I need ya hun... Thank you Lovelychaos for supporting the site....congrats guys.
  3. Well, I've pulled everyone out of the green water to drain the tank and scrub the walls to get rid of the algae, so I decided to take pictures of everyone to see what everyone looks like. Nova was taken out and placed in QT because he was bottom sitting. He's perked back up. He's probably going to come inside and stay in the 30 gallon tub along with Cream, and Sunny is coming inside and staying in a 20 gallon tub. Everyone's colors have gotten so vibrant. The pictures kinda don't reflect the changes in real life, but in person the differences are staggering! No constipation problems here! Caligos wen has just exploded in growth! It is truly fantastic. Sunny seems to be a girl! She has also began turning more orange underneath her spotted green coloring, previously it was yellow. Look at that belly! Mushu is filling out his ryukin shape, also becoming increasingly more red vs. orange. Renji and the nubby fin! The orange on the side is new. Renji may be a girl, and I'm not sure if I'd rename her or what. BF says Anoue. I say Nub. Unagi has gotten very dark. He is actually developing orange where the white in his fins were. It's a very interesting color! Cream battled dropsy and won, she has gotten pretty big, becoming the largest of the lionhead babies. I'm ecstatic about this, as her brother, Strawberry, passed away from dropsy ): Fio is looking plump and lovely. The small amounts of black she had have gotten much darker. I know the blotch on the side looks green, but it's actually black and on both sides. I've looked at it closely, and it is pigmentation. Sashimi was originally a panda. The orange used to be yellow as well. Tux! He is as gorgeous as ever. I think he even got bigger. His coloring has become more matte, I think this may be affecting his eyes to some extent but I'm not sure. Goodness I just love watching him swim so graceful... Anyways, I am trying to get the funds to build a pond so my stocking situation will be relieved. The green water was fun while it lasted, now hopefully I never have to deal with it again!! My wishlist now consists of tons of nitrate eating plants. Woo! Thanks for looking!
  4. I guess after 3 days of non-stop rain and being covered by a tarp, these guys have become quite attention desperate! I've been working on taking pictures with my camera, and with the natural light outside the quality improved immensely! I use a Nikon Coolpix S100, varying macro, and burst/continuous shots. Im extremely happy with the pictures they might not be DSLR standard but I think I can pat myself on the back (; A couple aren't as great, but I really liked those images because of the view of the fish. Fio Cluster fish! Caligo! And photo bombing Unagi. Strawberry Unagi Strawberry Caligo Mushu Nova Sashimi Minnie, possibly to be renamed Tux. I mean, look at those breeding stars! But the vent is extremely large. Maybe it'll just be named Gender? For now (; Fio Cream Renji and his nub fin. A few of my favorites I looooove this one She is something else :heart Herp derp Sunny, up close. Just look at all of those speckles! "Weeeeeeeee!" My best! Well now you have seen my entire school! Thanks for looking (;
  5. Well, I finally figured out how to use my sisters camera to take pictures of my fish!! I tried tirelessly to figure out her aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings, and after many failed pictures I finally figured out that her camera is smarter than me, and using the auto setting with burst photos makes for some good shots I tried to focus mostly on my more camera shy fish, but a couple more snuck into some of the shots (; My newest fish Nova and Minnie are absolutely gorgeous, and the pictures don't do them justice. Minnie is the same Minnie that Ms. Jenny decided to rehome. I picked her up on the way down from Oregon and I couldn't be more thrilled! She is absolutely perfect and I can't thank Ms. Jenny enough. I hope that even with the overstocking (and plans for a second large tank) this is still a good home for Minnie (: And Nova, I found at a petsmart. I had never seen anything like her! She was labeled as an Oranda, but she is incredibly thin and long. I am not sure if she is just an Oranda or if she is maybe something different? What do you guys think? Without further ado, here are some better pics of everyone in the 125 (: Nova (: I was thinking about submitting one of these 2 pictures for pic of the week. Minnie, she was hiding in the corner and it was hard to get a good pic of her. She likes to stay near the bottom to forage for food (: Fio, wiggling away... A cluster of fish. Mushu, Nova, Sunny, and Cream Sashimi, showing off her color change. Camera focused on the dirty glass ): More clusters! Caligo, realizing I took a picture of her. She likes to turn away from the camera...... Sunny! Anyone know what is up with his coloring? And when I actually get a good shot, the light is too bright ): They all look 10 times smaller in this monster Thanks for looking!
  6. So, I write in after a 9 hour drive from Albany Oregon to Sacramento California. It has been stressful and hectic, but after a nap and some Aleve I am feeling cheery, especially because everyone has made it in relatively good condition. Fishies are a little pale and kitties are a little frazzled, but everyone is getting a well deserved break. Man it's been a crazy ride. Snow, ice, rain, and steep mountain paths and no leg room Question, how should I do a water change? The water is slightly different. My kH is 80 this kH is 110, my pH is 7.6, here is 7.8. They really need one. Had this waiting for me at the receptionist (: I didn't get to meet Ms. Jenny, but I can tell that she is awesome by seeing how well Minnie is packed and how absolutely stunning she is. Couldn't get a great picture but she is gorgeous. Kitties are glad to be in the dry, warm hotel room. Otter and the puppy (bfs moms chihuahua) are playing and cloud is exploring. Not excited for the second half but at least we are halfway there (:
  7. Congrats to you both.... Dan thank you for all your help especially as a Helper... LC thank you to for your help
  8. So, some may remember me posting a little while back about getting a dog... Well, Baby Girl found a home, and I am happy she did. I was a little too late getting back to her after convincing my landlords to reconsider approving me for a dog. I decided that my next dog would be an older dog, preferably pomeranian or keeshond. I decided to include a pomeranian because of a gorgeous little dog I saw on my facebook group a while back who looked exactly like a keeshond, and probably is part keeshond, but small (: Who knew it would be that same dog that I was interested in 4 months ago (: Introducing Koko! From what I have heard, he was always an outside dog by the owners choice and wasn't treated very well. He went to an overcrowded shelter, and out of desperation he was given to his previous owner for free, otherwise he would have been put down. He has lots of little quirks, but he is still a very sweet guy. His joints on his back legs are a little sore. He has very limited back leg strength. He is solid muscle in the front, weighing 22 pounds of pure muscle, and DANG this dog can pull when he wants to! (: So far he has adapted into our lives nicely, and he absolutely loves my BF. He had some aggression issues with the other dogs he was with, and luckily I am a one dog person (: So far he has left the cats alone and tries to avoid them when they are all hissy and fluffy....... Not to say they have returned the favor. So far he has had a rough welcome. My older cats and Otter all hid under the bed and were hissing their heads off. The youngins seem to enjoy stalking him and his food I think they may have just found a common enemy. My house has gotten 3 times more entertaining since bringing Koko home. I have a video of my sickly little black cat stalking him as well, but it was too dark on my computer, even though it was better on my camera \: Maybe someone with a huge display and great brightness can see it XD Probably not though. <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN2517.mp4"> Koko is 7 years old, and a few months ago I told his owners he was probably part Keeshond. (: Because they were super far away in Southern Oregon (Grants Pass... Yikes!) I couldn't go meet him, but they decided to keep him anyways. Well they had to put him back up. I had just posted a want ad for a guy like him too (: The person who owned him was the group Admin's sister, and through the kindness of the admin's heart she drove me 4 hours to Roseburg and back to meet Koko (: I was pretty scared to bring an older dog into our home. After our last experience with a dog, I was super paranoid about how he would do with the cats. I previously had a puppy named Lucy, and she was really hard to handle and almost bit down on Monkeys head while he was in her mouth. So far he minds his own business and doesn't get into trouble with them, and when they don't back off we push them away. They have began to relax in his presence. Except Luna... She is ready to step in as disciplinarian as soon as she is needed My goals for the end of this month is to have him neutered and get bloodwork done on him (: I wanna make sure I give him a nice and cozy life and do everything I can to keep him going strong (: I am already going to switch him to glucosamine/chondroiton food and give him the heating pad so he can relax his little back legs. We are also trying to see if there is a name he will respond to, because he doesn't respond to Koko very much. I definitely feel more relaxed with him here. With other dogs I have been out of my mind stressed and worried about how they would be with the cats. He has shown me that he won't harm them. Even with baby Otter constantly hissing, growling, swiping, and spitting at him... I need to get some videos Weary Otter... TOO CUTE Thanks for looking (:
  9. I love my fish so much They just make me smile and laugh. Is that title better, Alex? Again, this set up is not permanent, most of them will be moved to a bigger aquarium that is being set up at the end of the week (: <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN2441.mp4">
  10. So I have spent the better part of a week trying to get pictures of all of my fish! I got some ok ones, some are better than others... My fish are all very fast. Even Caligo, Unagi, and Fio are incredibly hard to get a picture of, especially since I am working with a camera that isn't faster than my fish. Hah! Mostly I am trying to distract myself with posting this thread, so, here we go: La, blending in with the sand. Look at that behind! She has a great curve and wonderful features, even for having globe eyes. Sashimi, those aren't breeding stars, she is just shiny (: She is camera shy D: Sashimi is funny looking while in the bowfront 'I'm not eating sand.....' Fio! My RG Tilty Chu! She is freaking quick. I have literally over 200 blurry pictures of her... Half of my memory card has failed pictures of her. Look at her beauty :3 This is her, 'I am going to hold still while your camera resets and then I am going to take off as soon as it is ready' face. She threw me a bone. Gave me one good picture so I would keep chasing her with the camera I got tired of chasing her tilty butt and just decided to grab her, she then proceeded to spazz out and roll over before I could get a better picture of her. Vonnegut, with his cool new colors. He has a black stripe going down his face now, and the tip of his dorsal and caudal are black now too. Rowling, as you can see I scared the crap out of her Her and Vonnegut are going to my LFS after winter to be sold as pond/aquarium fish. They agreed not to sell them as feeders because they have had parasite treatment (: 'Camera? Everybody run!!!' - Mushu, Sunny, and Renji His mood is reflecting the Oregon gray. Don't worry, Renji is in the 36 now, still in QT (: Sunny and Kiwi, playing in the 20, B-U-T-T-S-N-I-F-F-I-N-G (gasps for air) I was trying to get pictures of Sunny while he was playing with Kiwi. Someone has a girlfriend! I will let you all know in a few years if I manage a pearlscale-lionchu mix Erm.... Told ya.... Mushu and Sunny, enjoying the sun! Look at that color! And that face! (: I can't help it, he is adorable Again with the tail chasing.... I have myself a little player. Probably one of the clearest pictures I have of a fish butt. Follow the leader! Here is a Kiwi, a super cute little fish I love her so much >.< Kiwi, with attitude! Sunny, what is with Chu's being so hard to get a decent picture of? Unagi! He isn't clamping, he swims like that. His dorsal is very jointed, it looks different than everyone else's. 'o_0' *runs away* Group shot! They all wanted to look at the weird fish that was looking at them for a second, then they all swam away... Caligo! My beautiful red cap. Tui, much pinker after her stay in QT. She is the toughest fish I have... o_0 She nips fins! Well, I hope that was picture heavy enough for you guys. I hope I got everybody... It is very hard to keep track! I went from having 2 fish in January to quintupling my numbers after joining! I blame you guys >.< But I wouldn't have it any other way. For any concerns of overstocking, there will be 5 in a 70, 3 in a 55, and 2 in the 36, and the commons are going to the store after winter (: Thanks for looking! Oh, and, watch your nose on the way out! BRISTLENOSE!
  11. I have always loved animals. I have always had something to take care of, whether it was a kitten, a mouse, a fish, or a turtle, I wasn't happy unless I had an animal to love. Well over the years, I have had and lost many animals. It was out of my control, but incidentally, I believe it to be the reason I now have 6 cats and am fostering 6 more for a grand total of 12 cats, along with my 7 fish, and my puppy, and I still want more animals. Luckily, I can clean up my house very well so I don't look like I have that many animals (; I don't do too well with people, and most of the time I feel like I can only be comfortable with animals. I am introverted and cynical, and I feel like the only thing that makes my soul shine is my animals, and taking care of animals. It's my life's calling, and I hope to work at a Humane Society one day (: (Or become a world famous Conservationist and save the Cheetahs, either one really) It started back up with Chip. She is my crazy girl, and even though she is anti-social she still adores me and likes to sleep on my side. Chip loves Luna and Ashelia, but not any of my boys. I got her in 11th Grade when she was 8 weeks old and I vowed to take her with me when I moved. She still lives with me (; Luna was my second baby, and I nursed her back to health. She had severe conjunctivitis and was sick with an Upper Respiratory infection. Her vet now believes that her breathing problem is because of a congenital defect that she has because of her being inbred. She is such a sweet girl, and there is no boundaries to her love. She is such a lover and she follows me around the house. I adore her so much. She is just an amazing cat, and she is still kitten sized weighing only 3-4 pounds full grown. She is a little girl with a huge heart <3 Ashelia was my third cat, I got her from a neighbor when I realized Luna would be happy to have someone her size to play with (: Sadly, Luna got sick shortly after getting Ashe. Instead of letting her terrorize Chip, we happened into Lucky. Our Landlord caught a man trying to put Lucky into a recycling bin, because he didn't want the kitten to get into the busy street I live on, and he couldn't take him home. My Landlord called me and asked me if I wanted him. I couldn't say no. He was the loudest kitten ever. He would only stop crying when I was holding him. He has been a mommas boy ever since (; Him and Ashe absolutely love each other, though their relationship has been strained since he was neutered. He was super skinny when we first got him. He was all fur. He fattened up really quickly though! I was content with 4 kittens for a while. Then it became spring. I happened upon a craigslist ad asking for an SOS for a tiny week old kitten. I wasn't looking for a kitten, and it was posted on the free section which is notorious for allowing animals to be cruelly killed. I acted immediately. I couldn't get there till later at night, and I told the woman that if no one claimed him by then, I would take him. Cloud was my first bottle baby, and he still acts like a baby. He hugs my face and gives me lots of kisses. He loves me as much as I love him (: I was smart enough to get a good picture of him the day after I got him Monkey was totally unexpected, and was originally a foster. But I didn't want to give him back to the people who were fighting over him. Neither were good people. Both were drug addicts, neither took care of their animals, and neither would have been able to get him better. Luckily neither claimed him when he was 8 weeks, and I am keeping him no matter what! Monkey was 4 weeks old when we got him. Cloud and him are best friends. Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture of Lucy, but she is going to be going to a new home with someone who can give her the space and exercise she needs. I will miss that puppy. But this is what is best for her. I have fostered 4 bottle baby kittens, and I am currently fostering 4, 8 week old scared kittens, along with a mama stray we named Widget and her 10 week old son, Gizmo. Here is my foster cat blog that I update on the foster kittens I care for through the Humane Society. Check it out! There are cute kitten pictures! http://tinykittenpaws.tumblr.com/
  12. We continue the kitty theme with this week's KOTW winner, LovelyChaos! Tell us more about this beautiful kitten!
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