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Found 3 results

  1. My three lionheads are now each about 2 1/2" (6.35 cm) long (including their tails). I got them in mid-July (and immediately began the salt/Prazi-Pro regimen you all recommend). Since that time, they've each gotten much rounder, brighter, and about 1/2" longer. They act very happy and appear to be doing really well. They have absolutely no thickening or lumpiness on their heads yet (neither do their tankmates that are still at the LFS, while orandas their size often do have at least the beginnings of wens). I'm feeding them each 4-5 small New Life Spectrum Goldfish pellets twice a day (except for one feeding a week where I substitute pellets for 2 blood worms each) and fasting them on the day of their weekly 66%+ water change. Edit: They're in a 45 US gallon tank, with (HOB) 10x filtration and an airstone. -At what size do lionheads' wens begin to grow? -For those of you here who have lionheads and/or ranchus, how big were yours when their heads began getting all lumpy and extra-adorable? -Is what I'm feeding them good for wen development? I know it's bad for goldfish's wens to start when they're too young, as they continue to grow throughout their lives; I'm asking because I read somewhere that a certain nutrient is needed for wen growth and I don't remember what that nutrient was.
  2. Hi =) This is my first post. I'm pretty new to owning fish and stuff. I had a fantail goldfish (named Kiyoko) for about 5 months at the beginning of the year..kept it in a bowl.. it died after a new fish gave it fin rot and fungus.. But anyway. I now have a 16litre tank. I have a black moor. I had another but it died of stress and wouldnt eat. BUT> Now I have recently bought two new fish, lionheads, 2 days ago. And I've noticed now that they both have little white spots. The one lionhead has one on his tail that I can see so far and two close together on his head on the red growth/lump, they look kinda cottony but I'm concerned. The other lionhead has the same thing. I NEED TREATMENT HELP =(.. The black moor is healthy though. I put a tablespoon of course salt in already about an hour ago, and a couple drops of this solution called STOP FUNGUS (8 drops. but it says 4 drops per 4 litres) in just in case (didn't actually work for my last fish) two days ago . My lionheads, the one is quite big, maybe 2-3 inches and the other i little smaller maybe 1-2 and a half inches. I do a 50% water change weekly in general. I use water conditioner, I dont have it with me at the moment but it's a blue liquid that disappears as soon as it's put in the water. I have a basic water filter, can't remember the name sorry.. I last did the water change not this week but the last thursday before that because i'm not sure if i should wait till this thursday to clean it cause of the new fish. I feed my fish once a day with general goldfish flakes about half a tablespoon and occasionally a boiled pea or two.. I need as much help and info as possible, I've become very interested in having fish now and i'd hate to lose these ones.. =( HEEELPP???
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