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Found 8 results

  1. So many of you know I just recently moved to the Minneapolis area. I thought I'd write this for anyone else in the area or anyone who may in the future move to the area. I have gone to a couple of fish stores after arriving here because I had brought my fish with me and needed to do some immediate set up and care. One of the stores I was most impressed with was Sea Level in Hopkins (South West of Minneapolis). Here is their website: http://sealevelfish.com/ The owner of the store John, is super helpful and very knowledgeable. If you want to understand the water situation where you live and how to make it perfect for your fish, he's your guy. He has a degree in biochemistry as well. The store itself has a wide variety of tanks for sale (used and new and you can custom order), a large variety or products from several different manufacturers, and there are many different types of fish. The tanks are well maintained and he keeps them separate instead of on a sump system, so that there is less danger of contamination from something coming in sick and getting everything in the store sick. As for goldfish, there is not the largest selection, but there were some fancies (black moors, ryukins, and fantails), large comets, shubunkins, and baby koi. Basically, I was so impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of the staff that I may choose this to be my main store over some of the larger ones just for that reason.
  2. Mods if this is in the wrong area please move it ! I went to my Lfs as we were passing and needed a few things . They have one BIG tank in the begging that holds about 6 large goldfish and 2 medium ones m this is the cutie I see , ranchu I think ! ( if only I had the room ) The black dot is just a bit of algae ! Enjoy thanks
  3. <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FVideo0025_001.mp4"> I wanted to share (: The had a bunch of lovely fish and you can see why it is so hard to resist I also wanted to ask a question, is there something wrong with the bubble eyes? They would have just gotten in yesterday. I saw 3 bottom sitting, one with a slightly damaged eye, and the rest are fine. Is there something I can recommend so those guys can get better?
  4. At the lfs I put things on wait lists, if they are still there after 3 visits (which is normally 3 months for me) I will get them. Right now there is a beautiful calico pearlescale there. It was there last month but I noticed it's getting a little head growth so it's a crown pearlie!!! If it's there next time I will get it and make the accomodations. (lucky me I havea 10 gal qt) I just saw a fantail calico with only one tailfin, it has a high humpy back so it may develop into a ryukin which would mean it would be close to a tamasaba (except that it's a calico coloration) Anyone else have a wait list?
  5. Guess who bought a bag of repashy soilent green from the LFS today? It was me! I was so excited to see it there. I shouldn't be shocked because they sell the repashy reptile food. But what I was also shocked to find was calico pearlescales. CALICO. Pearlescales with black on them! I was so shocked. I'm at max but they were very healthy looking, so were the red caps and moors. Ranchus were very long bodied which was nice to see but they were clamped, they were down at the bottom row in the corner which I've deducted is the QT tank from the hob filter and from that being the tank that I always see ich or clamped fish in.
  6. Hi guys, I always hear what are LFS/LPS didn't know or what false information they are giving their customers. What about yourselves? I am now always going in my LFS and LPS and sharing my knowledge and this wonderful site. I actually have become quite the favorite their and the employees always are looking to listen It all started when I rescued Prince and helped them rid their anchor worm problem and other issues. Today when I went to get some things at the LPS I noticed one of the employees telling a customer why they shouldn't put a plec in with their goldfish, and how she should look into a upgrade for her overstocked tank in a very polite manner. I then see that customer leave with a 40gallon breeder tank I am happy to see people listen and the employees and people getting some useful info. I also told that associate about DIY filter media and explained about how carbon isn't needed. She said she can't wait to do this to all her filters and I hope she spreads the word too I know some people won't listen and that is fine and I don't ever push my ways or start a fight. I always make sure I leave on a good note and not pushy I just thought I would tell you what I have done to help my local fish shops to be even better and help fish owners and their fish and if you have done any of this Thank You
  7. There were pretty fish at my LFS. But I was disheartened to see a floaty 'panda' and a sick Oranda. I have the calico ryukin on hold so I can test my water and see if it would be possible to even have another fish. I liked these guys. They were happy to see me (: I really liked this guy (: I am trying to get my 20 for a molly tank and he was so pretty!
  8. So today I was feeling a bit down and left work early. I think I'm getting a cold or something. Anyway, to make myself feel better, I stopped at the mom and pop lfs on the way home. It's a little storefront in a horrible part of town, jam packed with tanks, fish and plants. They breed guppies and have some kinds I've never seen before, and their planted tanks are so lush and green. I get plant envy every time I go there. Anyway, I looked at all the tanks. They usually have only a few goldfish, but today they had some cute little ranchu!!! Gold, calico and bronze. They also had a tank full of what looked like plakat bettas, but there were lots of them all together in the tank. I forgot to ask what they were. They also had 4 different types of White Cloud Mountain minnows - regular, vietnamese, long tailed and gold. I was there for plants, and picked up 2 more onion plants, 3 jungle vals and a really nice anubia with long leaves that have a kind of silvery sheen to the underside of the leaf. I brought them home, dipped them in bleach solution, and put them in temporary pots in the tanks. I am waiting for my order of eco complete to arrive so I can plant things permanently. Here's the Anubia - see the lighter underside of the leaves? It's very pretty! It's a mature plant with several rhizomes that I can separate into new plants. Here's the jungle vals - there are 3 plants in here. I just put them in one pot temporarily. I like the way they sway in the current, yet the leaves are not as long as the onion plant. I hope Fluffy doesn't eat them! And here's the test results from tonight. Progress is being made!! Ammonia - 1, Nitrites - 20 After all that therapy and planting, I was tired, so I got myself a pint of Ben & Jerrys sorbet and sat for a while watching the tank cycle and the new plants swaying in the current. It was a very successful trip to the mom & pop lfs!!
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