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  1. Okay, So I thought I would write this post about the things I have learned about keeping goldfish (necessities and what not) so that you guys would let me know if I know everything I need to or if I may have some misinformation. (This is all for Fancy Goldfish) (Orandas specifically) At least 29 gallons for the first fish and 10 additional gallon for every other. Smaller fish won't mind a taller tank as long as there is additional oxygen being added by a bubbler but larger fish will need more swimming space in a longer tank. Filtration must be 10x the tank size for adequate water movement. Activated Carbon is not required or recommended for filters since beneficial bacteria will remove ammonia and other harmful toxins besides chlorine and other heavy metals which should be removed by a water clarifier. Gravel is not recommended because harmful bacteria may build up in it and Goldies like to play with gravel and may choke. River stones are a good alternative to gravel if you do not want a bare bottom tank Live plants remove waste from water but will be eaten by fish An adequate diet involves flakes, pellets, fresh veggies, and a variety of other types of foods A UV sterilizer will add extra protection to the tank (toxin-wise) but may kill beneficial bacteria??? Florescent lighting is the best type for fish since it emits more colors. Better for scales? I believe that is pretty much the gist. I do have a few questions though. Are melafix or pimafix effective at curing fish bladder disease? If not: what are they good for? What is a good and inexpensive way to cure fish bladder disease? How do fish get it? Also, can plants survive without CO2? I've seen people put their fish: is this okay as long as your hands are clean? What types of decorations do Fancy Goldfish like? I know some can harm their scales. Is a heater a good or bad idea? I've heard a lot from both sides. /: Thanks for reading. respond.
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