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  1. yooohoooo! y'all know the drill! out with your robust pearlscale photos! pronto! ms piggy note: please do not copy, reuse or reblog any photos posted here without requesting permission to do so by contacting the owner of the photo through the koko PM system or our Admin direct. lets enjoy!
  2. Amada! (FishyMandy)... give him back, eh? :rofl "In shades of Finding Nemo, a campaign to find a missing goldfish in Adelaide is gaining ground. It may be a not-so-elaborate hoax, but posters and a Facebook page calling for help to find Buster are drawing attention and attracting likes. The posters describe the fish as a "much loved family pet" which is "microchipped" and a spokeswoman says the family is devastated. She says Buster went missing from an outdoor pond covered with netting at their home in Adelaide Hills, not long after the family had moved house. "We thought the best thing to do was get it out there on social media and posters," the woman, who did not wish to be named, told AAP." https://au.news.yahoo.com/sa/a/33315698/adelaide-rallies-around-missing-goldfish/#page1
  3. i received some really great online service from ebay store http://stores.ebay.com.au/essentials-petsupplies2015 they are located in Qld, but they were happy to sell me just the heads off their sunsun filters to keep my shipping costs down. i didn't expect them to shave any price off the entire filter, but they did so without any asking and sold me two HW-304B tops (with UV bulb and glass) for $60 each and $30 shipping to Vic on the entire package. they are heavy, so i believe that to be fair. they don't sell a lot, but do check them out before your next purchase
  4. hi guys, just letting you know that member Ree put me onto vitamin grocer AU, who is an American company that supplies Australia. 14 days ago, i ordered 2 flasks of Kanaplex, they arrived in 10 days time. Ree also ordered a flask and hers arrived on time too. here is the link, good luck https://www.vitamingrocer.com.au/Seachem-Laboratories-Kanaplex-5gm-p/307834.htm
  5. It was a close one this week, but Helen's just edged it out! What a great photo, tell us more about this little cutie pie! :D :nana :Congrats: :Congrats:
  6. WOOOT!!! Congrats hun.... Thank you for everything you do and being such a wonderful Mod and friend
  7. hello, my tank is in need of a new light system. when i first purchased 5 years ago, the big thing was with long tube globes (yes, i really know nothing ) the actual fixture has now broken and hardly working efficiently. so it's time to buy a brand new unit. i don't want anything too bright, but i want to maintain the good health of my plants. i have anubias on driftwood. 3 piglets bask in it's shining glory for about 16 hours a day. any suggestions? links are very welcome. i have never had LED lights before, but i will be honest with you, the tube lights i have had in the past, i really enjoyed and currently enjoy having. but please share with me what is best as a quick ebay search had me feeling queasy with too many options.
  8. i expect that situations will remain like this for the next few months. since i am waiting for the completion of our new warehouse and cannot accommodate these goofballs any differently for the time being. long awaited update (this is all the stock i currently have). thanks for watching
  9. EDIT: NO LONGER FOR SALE 2 decent size Pearlscale very healthy goldfish, imported from Japan, one blonde confirmed male, one red and white confirmed female.. $400 or nearest offer. they have been in my care for about 4 months. they are disease and parasite free, very active and are incredibly social. i will accept offers from established aquarists who can offer these two a minimum of 40 gallons space (the pair) and have adequate filtration. i will accept offers from non goldfish people only if they are prepared to set up an appropriate environment for them and agree to maintain them as per my instructions. pick up only, i do not ship live stock. so, if you're a Melbournian and would like some awesome quality pearlscales. please contact me or respond to this thread.
  10. My gift came! My buddy was so sweet and sent me a Crocheting Rugs pattern book. It had no name though - fess up, buddy Apparently they're sending me another gift, too. I'm so excited!
  11. greetings!! let me start by saying.. this is not the gift reveal thread. there will be a thread posted for that at a later date. please do not post your received gifts here. thank you the purpose of this thread is for members to advise that they have dispatched their buddy's parcel, so that i can keep track of what's going on. you can also post that you have received your buddy's parcel and if you know who it is, you can say or you can keep it a secret until the gift reveal thread is up i have sent koko PM's advising each participant who their buddy is. if you have not already received a PM from me with your buddy's postal details, please let me know and i will try again i am excited once again to have arranged this. although there was an odd number of participants and i could not match myself with anyone, i find equal joy to be in the heart of the program lets get into the spirit of things!!! i look forward to reading your parcel updates
  12. allo i made a tutorial about a week ago on what steps i took to remove algae (green and brown/black) from my tank. i can happily say that 7 days on, we're looking exactly as we were on the day of the big clean. here's my video. i hope it gives you some ideas for your own tanks.
  13. well, at least i would have been better prepared with 2 spare 120 gallon tanks.. why did this not happen to me? i regularly by from ebay.. NOT FAIR :rofl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzPSmX9ivIU
  14. my darling friend, i wish you a very happy birthday full of happiness and love. i hope you have a wonderful day and that you eat an entire birthday cake during celebrations (please take video ) love you lots
  15. member chrissy bee shared this on fb.. had to share with the community here http://petapixel.com/2013/03/27/rare-parrot-gets-a-little-too-friendly-with-wildlife-photographer/ :rofl
  16. Hello friends, Euthanizing has always and will always be a very sensitive topic. unfortunately, one of my fish needed to be Euthanized. i checked our site and realized there was no video demonstration on how this is done. so, whilst i was contemplating if i should euth my fish and as he took a turn for the worse, i decided that i would make the video to demonstrate how i managed this successfully & humanely. Please understand, there are many illnesses that can be treated, many fish that look like they are knocking on death's door and depending on what the health issue is, some fish can and have been brought back to good health from these conditions with the dedicated help of our wonderful Moderating Team and our Experienced Members/Friends. please do seek help by posting a thread before you decide to euthanize your fish. ********************************************************************************************** ***WARNING*** The following video demonstration shows a fish being sedated and then receiving an anesthesia overdose. Please do not play the following video if you feel that seeing a fish being Euthanized will affect you in any way. **********************************************************************************************
  17. Happy Birthday to us!! my cool friend across the globe! hope it's a fantastic day for you it's such a wonderful thing, being born a Gemini & an even greater thing, being born on the cusp Taurus/Gemini
  18. hello, my 10 year old fantail, Rocky is quite ill at the moment. i was very sure that she was refusing food and giving up, but i was wrong. i prepared syringe food for her, and she surprised me by accepting the feed. i hope this gives her enough strength so that she can receive her medicines well and begin to recover. anyhow, i hope this video that i have made, is helpful to you at your time of need.
  19. hello, it's been a while since i posted an update. i haven't been around a great deal due to work and family commitments. hopefully that will change soon here are my guys. thanks for watching
  20. we're weird and wonderful creatures in AU 'A bony bream with two mouths has turned up in a net at Lake Bonney in South Australia's Riverland. Garry Warrick said he caught the unusual fish in the lake or one of the creeks adjoining it. "Both mouths are actually joined together," he said' http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-17/bony-bream-with-two-mouths-caught-at-lake-bonney-in-sa/6126422
  21. she's been growing this 'yoop yoop' for a while now.. i think it's about as big as it's going to get. i don't think she's unhealthy but i just wanted to share this moment of crazy with the crazies all the other marks she developed during her first few spawning moments... they never disappeared and they haven't caused her any health issues. enjoy!
  22. congratulations to all who have received your gifts thus far and thank you for being a part of the 2014 program it is still ok to wait until December 24, 2014 before you open your gifts, if you have not already done so... i believe this is a thread which requires no further instructions :rofl
  23. Congrats to "Helen" what an awesome shot. Tell us about these guys... 10.Helen best buddies already http://i1011.photobucket.com/albums/af233/stakos/_D7K3748copy_zps86dc9e22.jpg
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