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Found 3 results

  1. I don't really know how to put this simply or elequently, so please bear with me. When you hold a goldfish- be it to move it, measure it, weigh it, etc- how much 'give' should there be to it's belly? Like. . . human flesh only goes so much when you press on it. Avocados have certain hardness, too, to tell you whether or not it's ripe. So. . . how should a goldfish feel? Like a tomato, or a clementine, or. . . I'm sorry if this is a really absurd line of questioning, it's just that I read in someone's post that they had to euthanize their fish and one of their reasons was that it was 'squishy' from SBD issues. Thanks! edit::: not that im gonna go squeeze my fish to compare. . .
  2. I just tested my tank and tap water and I'm not sure what the values mean. All I know is that there is a big difference between my tank and tap. Can anyone explain these and tell me if the values are good? Thanks TANK: KH 107.4 GH 143.2 TAP: KH 71.6 GH 125.3 Edit: it's the API drop kit and the instructions didn't help at all. They even gave conflicting "normal" values
  3. Hey guys! So I've been fighting with my new tank and it's water. So generally I've had no nitrites (yay!) but since I set it up (about a week ago) I fought with ammonia levels and Nitrate levels. Now I've gotten to the point where ammonia is under control for sure! One thing is the Nitrate levels... I had a bottom sitting scare but Basil turned out to just be playing a cruel joke on mom sooo he's fine but I had posted a forum in the diagnosing section and they said that because I was not having much problems with ammonia or nitrate then my filter wasn't cycled. Right now I've been checking my water everyday sometimes twice a day and have hada few time where my nitrates got high and did a water change. How long does it usually take to cycle a filter? Things seem to be better now as last night and this morning the readings were at or under 5 pmm. Do you think my filter is cycled? Next on my list of questions is my pH it's been at a steady 7.2 which is a little low but better then what it was (6.6 ). Now it did that on it's own slowly. But I know it's still low so should I add a buffer? Next on the list is hardness. I have a question about figuring out test results. I know that it's by drop but when you are reading the chart (I have the API kit) is the number with the little degrees sign by it the number of drops? If so I had 4 drops so would thatbe 50-100pmm? And then is that okay for water hardness or should I worry? How do you make the water harder? Whew.. sorry for the crazy post once I got the ammonia and I think the nitrate levels now under control I had other questions! Go figure! Thanks guys!!
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