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  1. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! I don't know if I have put this in the right section, so please move it if needed! I am currently towards the end of fishless cycling my 220L tank. It is a second hand tank, and the fish in it previously had died of illness, but I don't know which illness. It had been stored dry for at least 5 years when I got it. I cleaned it, and disinfected it with straight white vinegar, then gave it a really good rinse out till I couldn't smell the vinegar any more. It sat for four days filled with primed water, then I did a 90% WC, then filled it again to start the cycling. It hasn't had a water change for about four weeks. I had originally started the cycling with comets, and these had not been treated for flukes/worms, so I need to treat the tank for these too. The comets were removed three weeks ago and had been in the tank for about 4 days. When I last tested the tank four days ago these were the parameter's: ph8.4 ammonia 0ppm nitrites 2ppm nitrates 4ppm. Our tapwater KH usually sits at 130 (API test 7.5 drops) and the GH about 179 (API test 10 drops). I am going to test the tank again tomorrow. I have been putting a really really big pinch of fish food in every second day (enough to feed one goldfish for a couple of weeks), and there is a heater in there set at 29 degrees Celsius to speed up the cycling. The tank has a 200Lhr canister filter which was not switched on all the time (due to a noise in it, then when I investigated the noise ended up with water all through the electrical equipment, power boards etc... DOH!) but has been running constantly for the last week. It also has a small biofilter I made and had in my previous tank. That tank had just cycled when I moved the homemade biofilter to this tank to start the cycling here, so it would have been in the tank maybe three weeks. The home made biofilter is scoria gravel in a shampoo bottle with an air stone in the bottom to create the circulation. There are holes in the bottom for the water to draw in and in the top for air/water to escape. Four days ago I had to pinch the air pump from this tank for the QT tanks which I had to move from near the 220L tank. So I have had the small bio pump running again for the last two days. The biofilter is the only airstone in the tank. The canister filter outlet (the pipe where the clean water comes out of the filter back into the tank) is underwater so provides no aeration. I noticed when I put the air pump back on some white-ish gunge stuff growing up the airline in the tank. There is very little light, in that corner of the tank. I was wondering what it was... also is it going to be harmful to my fish when they are put in there.... or is it my beneficial bacteria???? Have I created a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nasty's???????? Please let me know ASAP... I am having an OCD overload today I am sure, and more than likely overreacting.... but Louie is so much better now, and I need to know if I need to strip the tank down and disinfect everything and start the cycling again before she can go in there (she will probably be in QT for another week or two). Thanks sooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I so appreciate having people who can answer my bizarre questions. I just hope you don't loose patience with me. Sorry the pics are sideways (how do you rotate pics in photobucket? )... the top is on the left, so if you all lower your left ear to your left shoulder you will be looking at it the right way up.... or should I say the correct way up. The green hose is the canister flow back into the tank and is on the outside of the tank, the silicon is the corner of the tank, and the airline is the airline going into the home made biofilter.
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