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  1. Hi Everyone, we have three fancy goldfish; two fantail and one black moor. About two months ago, the black moor developed a fungus. We did regular water changes, fungal treatments and salts. We also seperated the fish and increased the aeration in his temporary tank. The fungus is mostly gone, however after 6 weeks of repeated treatment, this fish has a pink/red growth/lump coming from behind his gill plate (see photos) This fish still eats and slowly swims but isn’t very energetic compared to the other two. my question is; do we carry on with the treatment or is it more humane to euthanise this fish? thank you for any advice you can give, Lorna
  2. This has been a problem that’s been around for a while. I’ve tried other forums, but nobody even responded to my post. I have an Oranda goldfish with a strange growth on its head. It started on the top of its head and spread to the sides of its head. It had the growth on both sides, but now the one side has no sign that there was anything there. As you can see, the growth on the other side is abnormally large. This just grew to this size. It was much smaller. I can’t seem to figure out what it is or how to fix it. Any help would be fantastic. Thank you for your time. https://ibb.co/9YXLZFm https://ibb.co/8rJ4XTP https://ibb.co/sF7wzY9 https://ibb.co/FK0hMdN https://ibb.co/nf5ywy8
  3. Hello, my goldfish is 1 year old and I just did a full tank change. Now I noticed white growth from one eye and maybe a little on the other eye. What is it? what should I do? My first goldfish!!
  4. I have finally, officially, grown a fish to one hundred grams!!! :o Yeah, I know, for many of you this is nothing, but this is three years in the making and no small feat for me! I present to you Myrtle the Mammoth See, even she is shocked! woohoooo! Biff is almost 70g now - and probably the youngest in the tank - so who knows, maybe he'll be next
  5. Hello, My pearl scale goldfish has a growth on its head. I believe it is a growth rather than a fungus or "ick" because it is not white and cottony, but is flesh-colored, and because it is concentrated in only one area. I think it began last October. It's getting steadily bigger and seems to be curving around and will soon start to poke my fish's eye. My fish is twelve years old. I have some pictures but I'm not sure how to post them, of if I can. Can people perform surgery on goldfish to remove growths like this? I'd be very grateful for any advice you can give. Thank you so much Robin
  6. So I fired up my 10 gallon tank and got a 17 cent comet out of the feeder bin. I am going to record his growth on my goldfish blod and tumblr, and here if I can remember!! My goal is to show people just how fast they grow out of a tank. I have raised many a common and comet and fancy in my day, but documenting it seemed fun and educational. I have also learned that Tumblr is full of trolls. But trolls atleast are bumbing the trend on my first post!! Lol! Anyways Tuttle is 1 inch long with tail, in a 10 gallon tetrapro tank with a tetrapro I filter until I can dig out my aquaclear! Tank was cycled with fish food and treated with prime. Hurrah!
  7. Hi all, I realize that this depends on parameters, lighting, and other environmental circumstances, but I was wondering if anyone would care to share their experience with so-called "fast-growing" plants like creeping Charlie, pennywort (if this is in fact fast growing...), and even thinks like wisteria, which my fish have always destroyed/dug up before it had a chance. For my own part, I'm curious about how quickly stemmed plants will establish roots, although I would be interested in any thoughts on carpeting plants... though these are the plants that my fish seem to enjoy destroying the most. I have a T5-HO light (7,000 K) with a supplemental Finnex LED. I use root tabs and water column fertilizers (Flourish comp and Excel... though I am chaste with the Excel dosing). I also use a neutral sand substrate (Estes "Stoney River" that is both marine and freshwater safe). I'm fishless cycling right now, so the ammonia is around 3-4 ppm and the heat at 82 F, and I am hoping that the plants will have a chance to steel themselves from the fishy onslaught that is coming in a couple of weeks. Thoughts? I am a plant beginner.
  8. Hi all! With the new addition I wanted to begin tracking his growth and also update on Edie's growth which I haven't done in a few months. I am really happy with Edie's growth And I can't wait to begin fattening up my little tiny skinny guy! First Edie: Length (body only): (not much growth in body length, although I think there may be some tail growth ) 2/26/12 - 3.4 inches 9/25/12 - 3.6 inches Weight: 2/2/12: 95 g 2/26/12: 103 g 4/14/12: 111 g 6/1/12: 115 g 9/25/12: 136 g 2/26/12 9/25/12 2/26/12 9/25/12 And now for our unnamed guy: Length: 9/25/12: 3.4 inches Weight: 9/25/12: A sad sad 65 grams 9/25/12 9/25/12
  9. So the gang has been eating Repashy for about 2 weeks and I wanted to see if it's made a difference in their weight: Fluffy 59 grams Hercule Poirot 21 Jelly Bean 9 Emma Goldman 17 on July 19, Fluffy 56 grams Hercule 18 grams Emma 14 Jelly 9 Fluffy has been much less floaty since we switched to Repashy. They all seem to love it and are doing well if the weight gain is any indication. Jelly Bean has not put on any weight...it's kind of strange because I think he looks bigger...time will tell, I guess. Today when I did the water change, I noticed some white 'grains of salt' on Fluffy and Hercule. I decided to dose with .1% salt. So I had to move the snails out to their own container. Here's a picture. They have a plant, a bubbler and a net so they won't crawl out. They look pretty happy. I've put some Repashy in there for food. They don't seem to have discovered its deliciousness yet. That's the news from the Bubbles house for now! Happy Weekend to you all! mj
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