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Found 7 results

  1. I did this digital illustration because I was inspired to draw my six new babies. This is my first post since returning to the forums. They were draw/painted from scratch using the digital painting software ClipStudio Paint with my Huion Pen Display GT220 tablet. I used a reference for each fish, but they were drawn by eye not traced. Let me know what you think ^__^ I do a lot of drawing and I really enjoy art. I have an art orientated YouTube channel iTHERart which I feel will have a lot more artworks featuring my goldfish now that I have these awesome six in my life.
  2. Hi everyone I thought I would just show you guys the new art work that I am starting I have done one goldfish drawing that I spent a great amount of time on which was of my goldfish George who sadly passed away but I just started a new one earlier this night Here is the picture of the fish: Here is the drawing so far : Hope you enjoyed
  3. I'm an illustration student, and I'm working on a fantasy goldfish line of designs to sell on various products. So here is the first in the series: This is a Blue Phoenix Eggfish princess Sorry about the watermark from my deviantart, but since I sell it I can't risk people taking it and using it (not that I don't trust you guys). I'll use this thread to add new images as I make them so I don't keep making new threads The design is available on phone cases,canvas prints, framed prints, and greeting cards on my Society6 account, which is Pandadragon Illustration
  4. I am feeling like a really special person right now i commissioned Aubrey (Flipper) to make some hook art for me. after seeing the artwork she sent member Black for Christmas, i just knew right then and there which of my favourite photos i wanted replicated by her wonderful talent this is the photo: of my late fish, Leonidis and Electra. many months went by (since there was no deadline).. and i was busting for a photo update here and there, but, never pushed!! and i am so happy that i didn't receive a photo update. it made receiving this masterpiece that more special! today, it arrived from the US.. a huge tube with my name on it! i was so excited to get home and open it!! but had to wait a few excruciating hours until the business day was over.. finally i arrive home and bust open the tube.. rolled out my 'rug' and cried from joy! HOW BEAUTIFUL!! i really could not love it any more than i already do.. i am in super awe over it! thank you Aubrey! i love it so much! i really feel very fortunate to own such a beautiful, personal peice of artwork such as this. :heart
  5. Hey guys, just thought I'd make a thread here for my etsy shoppe I've been focusing mostly on goldfish illustrations and have recently branched out into making hand-drawn greeting cards.... Feel free to check it out, please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions ! https://www.etsy.com/shop/MochisCorner Current Greeting card 4-pack for sale: soooooo cute also, am willing to give free shipping to any kokos members who would like to make purchases (simply message me here before you make a purchase on the etsy store so i can adjust the shipping costs )
  6. i am a friends with Daniel, from Nevada Goldfish on a social media network. i asked permission to use his photo initally saying it would be in the subies section on kokos. he said, you can post it anywhere on that site, they're nice people. he's right i love this photo! it's so cool
  7. i found this pretty cool to watch.. i kept the volume down, there is no talking, just music that my ears didn't care for, but the art is just amazing, i am sure our many talented members would love to attempt to make these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACOdN1c4z80&feature=related i think i might attempt a few myself
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