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  1. Oh my goodness you guys... I did it! I finally took the plunge and made my own gel food! It wasn't as terrible as I thought making it would be. Sure, it stank up the kitchen for a little bit, but I can barely smell anything anymore anyway (I've got a terrible stuffed nose right now). Ha! I should just make gel food when I've got a cold in future, it was so much better than expected. I used one of the recipes I found on this site, with tuna, green beans, carrots, and a little squash as the main components. Apparently I added just the right amount of gelatin, as well, because after 3 hours of sitting in the fridge, not only did it pop out of the bread pan smooth as butter, but it was firm enough that it didn't fall apart, too! I sliced it up into "weekly" portions, put them in an airtight container, separated with parchment paper, and off into the freezer most of it went! Only thing I forgot to do was weigh the darn thing before I cut it all apart (I wanted to calculate the percentages of protein, fiber, fat, etc. for the whole thing). Oh well, hopefully I remember next time. As for feeding it? Well, the fishies were feasting tonight! I dropped two little chunks of the gel food into the tank in the area where I normally feed them, and plopped myself down to watch. First things first, the gel food didn't disintegrate into tiny bits and pieces like I'd feared it might. Score! Then came the hungry water babies. I was worried that the chunks of gel food would look too big for them, but apparently they smelled fantastic. My orange fantail took a big 'ole bite out of the chunk before I even had time to think of what I'd do if one of them started choking on it (of course, since it hadn't disintegrated upon hitting the water I immediately worried I might have made it too dense, haha). No problems whatsoever. The consistency seemed pleasing even to the calico, who is kind of my picky eater. The calico even got his fair share, by the looks of it! Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everyone in case there's anyone out there that's still on the fence about whether to make their own gel food or not. I'm so glad I gave it a try, and reading all the recipes posted around here really gave me more confidence (as did the head cold that let me blissfully ignore the smell). All the best! ~ CaliGold ~
  2. Hello again I am seriously impressed by everyone that makes their own gel food! And even more so when they post their awesome tried-and-true recipes here so some of the newbs like myself can get our hands dirty, too. So, I've been reading just about every gel food recipe I could find on here, and I have a few questions for those of you that have either made up your own recipes or are taking the plunge in making someone else's... Does anyone ever calculate out the exact proportions of the final nutritional value of their gel foods? I mean, if you get repashy's soilent green, there's a guaranteed analysis on the packaging for percentage of protein, fiber, fat, etc. So my question would really be more of how you judge exactly how much of each food you add and why? Are you aiming for a certain percentage of protein to roughage, to fat, as well? Also, could anyone explain to me the difference between "crude protein" and normal "protein" in terms of food labeling? And if this matters, or factors in, when you're making your own gel food? If there's anything else those more knowledgeable could add about the how's and why's of certain ingredient choices or ratios in making gel foods for our goldies, I'd really love to learn! For now, I'll continue using the recipes you all have been kind enough to provide for my experimentation. Thank you all! ~ CaliGold ~
  3. Hi All, Figured I'd make some gel food for the freezer while I'm cycling my tank. That way I have it when the fish arrive. Been reading the gel food posts and info on vitamins and wonder if it would be better for the fish if the veggies were raw (maintaining heat soluble vitamins). My vitamix can liquify anything. What are your thoughts? I understand I'll have to cook the fish protein though.
  4. Hi Everyone My 6ft tank is surviving with plants For those that have watched my planning for this tank I would like to report the bare bottom bit is covered in a thin layer within 72hrs. but its super easy to clean. Please watch my little video of the 6ft tank almost finished (hood to go on next) and my fish eating gel food from my hand Hope you like it !!
  5. Hi, I am just wondering if there is a difference when weighing gel food vs pellets. I'm trying to stick to using a % of body weight. It seems like such a tiny bit of gel food. Jadzia is 6g Cherub is 10g Thanks
  6. I've fairly recently started incorporating fresh/frozen blood worms (Omega One brand--it's what was available at the store and said that blood worms were the only ingredient) and gel food (Repashy Super Green) into my girls' diets. I bought the blood worms when I bought my juvenile oranda, thinking that a younger fish might benefit from some extra protein, especially since she might develop a wen. Otherwise I feed them NLS Thera-A almost daily, peas occasionally, a strip of nori sometimes, and sometimes some flaked spirulina but I think it might not be the best quality so I am going to toss it. Anyway, I have been keeping the fresh foods in the freezer until I need to use them, and put the gel in ice cube trays. I think I made the cubes a bit big though, still, and am I worried about how long such foods keep in the fridge after I thaw them. I will make them smaller in the future, of course. I check the blood worms every time I feed them (I smell them, etc), and they seem OK, but I don't want to hurt the fish. I think they are too little to eat a whole cube in one feeding, so I usually wind up using the blood worms over 3-4 occasions, and sometimes keep them for a week in the fridge in an air-tight container. The same with the Repashy. Am I endangering my fish? I am more concerned about the blood worms since they are "meat" than the vegan Repashy.
  7. You’ll have at least 1.5 cups of reserved water. Add enough filtered or bottled mountain spring water to make 2 cups. Heat in pot with 2 tablespoons of agar agar until boiling. Reduce heat and barely simmer for 5 minutes until agar thickens. Add the 2/3 cups(70g) of Repashy's Soilent Green. Mix well while still on heat. Remove from heat and immediately mix with your homemade vegetable, fruit and grain mash. Mix again in food processor IF you have room AND it is cool enough. I ended up using the big mixing bowl of my stand mixer to incorporate the hot gel with the veggie mash. NEXT
  8. In a food processor or mixer purée the carrots. Then add the split edamame and the ½ roasted red pepper. Keep processing, you’re aiming for baby-food consistency here. You don't want to see any chunks larger than your smallest goldfish's mouth. If necessary use a ricer or masher, then process again. carrots, roasted red pepper and edamame Next, add the cooked oatmeal, green leafy veggies, mashed or roasted garlic. I then added 2 sheets of nori soaked briefly in reserved water and chopped fairly fine. Process well. Nori (dried, no salt. The kind they wrap sushi in) 2 sheets – dipped in reserved water, cut small before processing Wheat germ 1/8 c. IMPORTANT for Fall-Winter-early Spring feeding Garlic – 4 large cloves, crushed or paste from roasted garlic (for immunity and to help them locate food) Bonito flakes ¼ cup (to help them locate food and for taste) Chilean fish oil OmegaBrite pills, 2 drained (omega 3, 6 & 9) Koi Clay - 2 tablespoons of Ultimate Koi Clay (for digestion) Krill - Freeze dried and chopped as finely as you can. 1/2 cup Organic baby food - 2 small jars. I choose garden vegetables- peas (for digestion), apples & apricot (for taste) Add each ingredient one at a time in order of it needing to be mashed. You're aiming for a thick consistency like this: Make sure you give your mixer, blender or food processor's motor a breather if it starts to get hot. NEXT
  9. I'm making a feeding schedule for my future goldfish and I wanna make sure that I get it right the first time. I've been reading that variety is key and I think I've got that down. As for the staple food source, I'll be feeding 2% of the fish's body weight, correct? This percentage does not include supplemental food like brine shrimp, bloodworms, or spinach, etc. Would the Repashy gel food be considered a staple food source, like sinking pellets? Or is it supplemental? Should I consider it to be a part of the 2%? _____________ The feeding schedule: Every morning, --Sunday, frozen krill --Monday, edamame --Tuesday, frozen daphnia --Wednesday,green leaf lettuce --Thursday, frozen bloodworms --Friday, peas --Saturday, frozen brine shrimp with spirulina Every mid-day, 1% (or 2% if the gel food is considered supplemental) body weight of Omega One sinking pellets split into two to three times. I'll be using an automatic feeder since I'm at work, any recommendations of which one is good? Is there any reason why I should be using Hikari sinking pellets instead? Every night, 1% body weight of Repashy Super Green and Soilent Green 50/50 mix. ______________ When feeding the frozen foods/supplemental, should I just plunk in one of the cubes or should I feed a certain percentage of the fish's body weight? How many peas, edamame, and spinach should I feed per fish? Also, should I be feeding the gel food in the morning instead of at night, vice versa with the supplemental? Doesn't really matter to me, just wanted to know the best order to feed for the fish. BTW, I have a 75 gallon "low-tech" aquarium, heavily planted. I'll be getting two Orandas eventually. I figured if I understocked and feeding pretty well they won't destroy their home that I've spent months creating. Thanks for reading. If there are any changes you think I should make, I would greatly appreciate your advice. Sorry if it's long and there are so many questions. I tried to keep it short and to the point.
  10. I made gel food today for my fish with a multivitamin added into it. Didn't realize until after I finished it that there is iron in the multivitamin. Is iron harmful for the fish? I've googled it and looked in the forum, but am unable to find info on it. The reason I'm concerned is all the gel food recipes I've looked at that use a multivitamin say "no iron". Just looking for more information here but, if iron is harmful what are the reasons? I was unable to find anything on google about it. thanks
  11. The water needs to be boiling to set the gel, but you probably don't want to heat up any fruit or frozen ingredients you plan to add. This is the time to add any mashed fresh fruit, blood worms or frozen brine shrimp. Avoid feeding your fish too many fruits with a high sugar content. If you have a pond, you might enjoy watching them play with a slice of orange occasionally. The vitamin C is healthy. A small amount of fruit incorporated into the gel food probably improves the taste. However goldfish don't digest sugar very well and too much fruit can cause digestive issues. If you think your fish has constipation or other digestive disorders you may want to avoid fruit entirely. Think babyfood here, and remember to remove any skins and mash the fruit well so that there are no chunks larger than their mouths. Here is a list of fruit that is safe to feed your goldfish in small amounts: Apples Grapes Strawberries Raspberries Mango Bananas Apricots Plums This recipe makes 2.6 pounds of fish food (1180 grams) which fills three16 oz containers for freezing. Only 4 ounces of that is fruit, or about 10%. In this case the fruit was a baby food jar of apples and apricots and no fresh fruits were used. In this recipe I used four small blood worm packs as shown above, thawed briefly and chopped with scissors. I used 15 grams of frozen brine shrimp or about one quarter of the package shown above. NEXT
  12. Yes, yet another thread about Repashy, sorry! But have you guys seen this? Ted Judy makes these feeding disks for the gel foods, and they look kinda neat.
  13. Heya So I have been reading all the mad shout outs for this gel food and now really want to try it. I went to a couple stores here to see if its gets distributed here. I am in Wellington, NZ. But no luck so far. Does anyone know if it can be found here? Or will I need to find a distributor who will ship me some from the US? Have also been trying to find koi clay but I get really blank looks when I ask for it here. Does it have another name? Thanks guys.
  14. Hello all! I'm going to be getting a black moor soon for my new tank and I am really interesting in trying repashy gel food as a staple food for him/her. From what I have researched, I want to buy soilent green. I have one question though, how much should I be feeding of the gel food... I will only be housing one fish in my tank, and I dont want to overfeed or cause swim bladder or something. Also, should I be feeding him/her other things besides veggies? Should I add another type of dry food into the mix like sinking pellets? Thank you so much for all of your help, I really want to be prepared for when I get my new fishy <3
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