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Found 6 results

  1. My step-son inherited a pond when they bought their new house and he originally started with goldfish and some small koi, he has now moved up to buying large, expensive koi. He does not want to keep the Goldfish and small koi that he has, and actually there are a few larger koi as well. He only wants to keep the really expensive Japanese ones. I think there are about 10 goldfish ranging from 4 to 6 in and the koi are probably 6 or 7 in, with one or two being about 10 inches. So some of these are big enough that they should probably go in a pond and not a tank. I just wanted to see if anybody wants them for a pond or large tank because I don't know what he's going to do with them and I don't have room. They live north of Seattle but I would be willing to help transport to the right home. He has had these fish for about 2 months and all seem to be healthy. He may also be getting rid of a 7-inch pleco too. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. I have 4 healthy pseudomugil-gertrudae also sometimes called Spotted blue eyes, I'd like to re-home, want to try a different fish in the tank they occupied. They're vibrant, active, and eat well. A bit pale in photo because they did NOT like being netted out. Just pay shipping for Priority mail box (with insulation)- pm me you zip if interested! I'll calculate shipping cost. Payment will be via paypal. Can only ship to Continental US. I can include a starter (soil-less) culture of grindal worms with them (1 scouring pad with worms) if you'd like for free.
  3. As title says, I have a single (1) dose of K9 advantix II for 4-10lb dogs/puppies over 7weeks of age. It was given to my husband and I when we bought our corgi pup, however she was already 12lbs by the time she needed her dose so its unused, unopened, also comes with instruction pamphlet. Just pay for shipping $7 via PayPal for USPS small flat rate priority box. Only ship in the continental US. This is a 2 pack but 1 dose was used before we received it. There is still 1 dose left.
  4. Hey everyone, I tried to make this happen earlier, but the thread kind of died...so I'm going to try again. My large aquarium decided to leak all over the floor when I was evacuated during the Black Forest Wildfires, and I had to get rid of it. I'm not allowed to put another "large" tank in the house. I know my black moor, Opis, isn't going to be happy forever in the ten gallon he's in....he mopes around all day and sleeps a lot (he's not sick, he's just active all night and asleep during the day...I accidentally threw off his clock by only turning on the lights at night...it was a stupid mistake). I'm sure he's lonely. As much as I love him, he needs to go live with some buddies in a larger tank, because I may be moving to Japan by the end of the year. I don't know if I'm willing to part with him right away, but it will happen eventually. I would rather he go to someone who knows goldies, and not someone who'll just put him in another little tank. I'm in Colorado Springs, CO...is anyone interested? Here's the link to the other thread, and there is a picture of him there. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/111233-tank-leak;-need-new-home/
  5. I am an art student. I studied for about 2 years at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. I've been into art since 8th grade. Please view examples of what I can do at ElaineSelene.deviantart.com Show me your BEST PHOTOGRAPHS of your goldfish and I will do FREE artwork (of your choosing from one of the listed below) if your picture is of a quality I can use. Give me as many pictures as you like, I will choose between 1 and 3. Will take a list of the first (up to 20) pictures I like to get done over the next month (that being my goal) PLEASE, I don't know if I will choose all or any of your pictures so even if there are 20 pictures on the list before you, keep posting! I will do: Drawings in black/white/sepia charcoal on white or toned paper, Paintings in watercolor with black ink lines, Digital manipulations and paintings. (Only the best reference for these) My favorates are B&W Charcoal and Watercolor/black ink. WHAT TO DO: -Show me as many EXCEPTIONAL photographs of your goldfish in LARGE SIZES that you'd like. -Tell me what kind of artwork you want done If you want to buy the originals PLEASE tell me right away you MIGHT be interested because I will do them at a smaller size for shipping. If you want to BUY the originals the price is a flat $20 so I can afford shipping as well as materials. FREE IF YOU ONLY WANT THE DIGITAL COPY. Thank you and looking forwards to seeing your work and doing some art!!! -Elaine Selene Black and white CHARCOAL on TONED PAPER: Digital ART VECTORING: Digital Manipulations: Digital PAINTINGS: Digital WORD art: Watercolor and ink: (NOTE: Please don't judge by the quality of work above. I have improved ALOT since these.)
  6. Dunno how many people here are in the capital region of New York, but there's some fishies up for grabs it looks like. http://albany.craigslist.org/zip/2907549887.html From the ad, I'm guessing Convicts are the guppies of the cichlid world.
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