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  1. As you can see from the photo below on a nearly 48" towel I have a [censor] ton of Ceratopteris thalictroides, more commonly known as water sprite. Asking $26 shipped. I've kept this stuff in goldfish tanks before-this batch is from a fish-less/snail-less tank. Goldfish are fine with the plant jsut give them some blanched leafy greens or repashy soilent green to eat. Water sprite grows fast-this is more than 4x what I had in the tank 3 months ago! Great for absorbing nitrates from your poop monsters. Payment Via PayPal. Shipping in Continental US only. Will be shipping in a medium priority box, I ship Mondays through Thursdays. Disclaimer: they did come from a tank with duckweed. Iv'e washed it out as best I can. But that's why I am only asking ~$12+ shipping cost for so much. Have in a tank with a clamp light for now, would like to get these sold by Monday 22/10/18. Or I may dump them or use in other tanks.
  2. I bought some anubias barterie (honestly I think it may be a hybrid as the leaves are wavy like anubias coffeefolia, or a young anubias broadleaf) Was suppose to be a 12x12" ish portion plant but I got a TON. Way more than I planned or have room for (trying not to set up more tanks!) so wanted to let someone else enjoy these big plants! I can't find my measuring tape anywhere! (wtf did it go???!!) Placed anubais on background board for 20g long- 30" long 12" high Most are huge, few smallish one, and 2-3 just rhizome chunks that will grow into big plants with time. Taken it all for $30 shipped (needs medium priority box which costs $13 last time I checked? so $17 for plants +$13 for shipping). Continental US shipping only. Payment via Paypal. Add-ons: I have a small anubais nana I separated from the main plant 5 leaves, this will stay small leaf size compared to above anubias $1 2 sandwitch bags of salvinina minima (floating plant) probably about 30x18" area coverage $1 If you want just add-ons shipping is $7.50
  3. Have about 12 Nymphaea Taiwan available, $0.50 each, take all for $6. Shipping is $7.05 Can include free salvinia minima as much as I can pack in the small flat rate priority shipping box, just ask for the free floaters. Shipping in continental US only, PayPal only.
  4. Selling off a large helping of flame moss. This is a vertical growing slightly wavy moss. Typically its sold in gold ball size portions, this is several golf balls worth. Does well in low light but also in medium or high. Not ferts demanding, great for attaching to driftwood. If you want tips on tieing down moss just ask. $10 for all the moss, $7 for small flat rate priority box. Flame moss pre-trim in tank(behind the water sprite): Free Extras: I can include as much water sprite as I can cram into the small flat rate box along with the flame moss. I also have a roughly 9"x5" mat of riccia (floating plant, does not form roots, great for betta tanks). disclaimer: water sprite may have diatoms aka brown algae. Only shipping in continental US, only taking PayPal payment. PM me for faster response.
  5. Sorry no local pickup-had a bad experience once. Payment through PayPal, Shipping in continental US only. All plants are grown immersed (under water). Plants may have cherry shrimplets or blue eye gertudea eggs (my guys constantly courted in this stuff). Ludwigia sp Red and AR (Alternanthera reineckii ) $14 shipped Note: this is not the mini version of AR. I have over 25 ludwigia red stems with roots, 19 are over 8", many are over 17" (off the right side of the board) Also have 2 3+" AR and 3 smaller stems. The ludwigia can be cut into 4x as many shorted stems to plant a large area, or left as is in a taller tank! Does ebst with medium light and iron to keep the lovely red hue. Can be grown immersed or emersed: great for emergent driftwood, planted HOBs, Wabi-Kusa. Creeping Jenny $12 have a [censor] ton of this! it takes up a 10"x6" tub with 2" depth of plants! Many long stems over 17". Rotted plants. Great easy to grow plant does well immersed or emersed: great for emergent driftwood, planted HOBs, Wabi-Kusa. Buy everything and save, all plants for $16 shipped. I had these plants together in a tank, made great contrast with the red and light green If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  6. I saw this listing on ebay for a 7" fantail goldfish that was local pickup in North Bergen, NJ. I know there are a TON of Kokonuts in NJ on here and thought I'd share it in case anyone was interested. Looks like a nice fish, they just don't want goldies anymore. http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-RED-FANTAIL-Imported-Goldfish-live-fish-for-koi-pond-/121610246210?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c50891842
  7. I bought this purse a couple weeks ago on eBay, but it's too small for the amount of stuff I carry around on a daily basis. I thought I'd offer it to anyone here before I put it back on eBay. It's really cute. It measures about 10" long by 7" tall, but is only about 4" wide when you put stuff inside. The straps are kind of short, 22". It is still new with the tags. Same print on both sides. Price is $10 plus shipping. If you're interested PM me with your zip code and I can tell you what the shipping would be. I'll ship to anywhere in the US, Canada --anywhere else ask and I'll look into it.
  8. *I can't find the "for sale" forum, so mods please move this if necessary! I currently have a 60gal tank with 3 beloved goldfish who unfortunately need new homes. As much as I hate to do this, I don't have the time or opportunity to care for and enjoy them as much as I need to. The tank is stuck at my parents' house while I live in a college dorm in Detroit. I have to come home every 2 weeks just to do a water change and then I go back to school. I have a little bit of a diatom problem because of the less-frequent water changes and because I don't have real plants, and my parents are complaining that the house is starting to smell like a pond (true). I need to find a new home for my babies and the tank + stand so they can get the care and attention they deserve. Here are my babies: This is Sarge, my oranda. He was bought from a LFS as a baby and used to be solid green! He's now almost completely lost his green to be replaced with a pretty orange. He's grown in a nice wen and he's a VERY healthy fish. He is a confirmed male with breeding stars and is now about 3.5 inches long without fins. He's a little bit of a piggy and has a personality to live up to his name! He is my favorite. This is Snowflake, a pure white ryukin. She is from Petsmart and is my oldest and smallest fish. She has a history of floating, but only when fed gel food or when water quality is poor. She also had a bout of dropsy last month, but MetroMeds brought her back from near-death, so she needs MMs available. She's a delicate little girl who needs extra care to make sure she gets food (not hand-feeding, she just needs some extra time to find the food). I know some people aren't fans of white goldfish, but she's not really veiny at all. She is a suspected female and is 2.5 inches without fins. This is Mai Tai, a blue-ridge calico fantail. She is from Petsmart and is my biggest goldie. Her coloring really is amazing, much brighter than this photo shows. She's kind of a piggie and loves to eat! She is a suspected female (Sarge used to flirt with her A LOT) and is very fat, about 4.5 inches long without fins and 3 inches deep. She has a history of edema (fluid retention/swelling) but it cleared up on its own, so I'm not sure if it was an infection or what. I really love these guys and want them to go to a healthy home. I am not asking for any money for them, just that they are taken care of and that you pick them up (no shipping). They're all fed Hikari Lionhead and are doing great with it. If you're interested in any or all (I would prefer them to stay together, but as long as they get good homes), please post here. I will need to see a photo of the tank you plan to put them in and some assurance that you do adequate water changes and have MMs. If you are also interested in my tank, see below. This is my 60gal tank. It comes with a matching black stand with 2 closed cabinets on top and open storage at the bottom. I just bought all of this new at the beginning of the summer and it's about $500-600 list price for the tank + stand + hoods. I just took out the plastic plants and gravel today, so it is currently bare-bottom. I have 2 AquaClear 70 filters and the matching hood lights to go with it, along with any of the plants, my Eheim Jäger heater, and other supplies you want to take. I'm thinking $300 for the tank, stand, filters, lights, heater, etc. $250 for the tank, stand, and hoods. If you want to be sure I see your serious offer, please email me (my username @gmail.com) with a photo of your tank if you're not buying mine. I'm in Rochester Hills.
  9. Hi Everyone, I havent been here for a good few years as everything was going well, then with changing jobs I just never had the time or energy to visit *sorry* Anyway, not sure if this is the right place to post this, and I apologise to the Admins if this is incorrect. I have a 400 litre fish tank for sale, with double light unit, filter and cabinet. I am due to move house in a few months and have had to down side and rehome some of my fish. The cabinet has seen better days, but holds the tank well and has 2 cupboards, a middle shelf section and a draw above. This does not come with fish dont worry :-) The tank itself has had its lid converted by the previous owner for an external filter, so hoses will go in easily. It is in good condition with a few scratches ( again from the previous owner, im guessing from the live rocks) Its done me proud for 3 years, but its just a bit big for the sort of place we are looking for next. Im looking for a quick sale, within a month ideally, I will consider all offers however collection must be made, and a strong person to help lift it as this beast is heavy!. Email me if you are interested, or know someone h_da_defender@yahoo.co.uk Im hoping there is someone like me on here that brought some fish which grew faster than i could save up, and needs a bigger tank for a happy fish community. I hope you are all well, and I am hopefull my tank will go to a caring owner who will take good care of this and their little friends.
  10. I have 18 water lettuce plants of various sizes to sell. They are 2 for 1 dollar plus shipping. I also take trades for any goldfish plant (you would name how many you want for the plant) They have good roots and were originally with guppies and angelfish. They will be sterilized before shipping, but I recommend a second sterilization afterwards. Just leave a message for how many you want and I will try to figure out what shipping is for you. Also, please be patient because I have never sold over the internet, and I will be trying my best to make sure the plants get to you happy and healthy.
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