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Found 4 results

  1. I added a water bottle baffle to my filter this morning to entice Castor to swim about her tank more and she's already gone and torn another fin. The one that was torn when I bought her is still healing (it's been kinda long now). Should I add some Melafix to the water to help her heal? It says it's for torn fins.
  2. Hi Guys, So, a couple of months ago I bought a 19L Fluval Chi, And I put my 2 Danios in, and My 2 Minnows in it that I had from a previous tank, unfortunately, one of the danios died. and my mum has 1 of the minnows, sooooooo, when I bought the tank, I went and got a fantail, before any of you jump down my throat about the tank being too small, I know, but I wanted to have a goldfish for a few months, and recently, it stayed at the bottom of the tank, and it had little white spots all on its tail, and it was sluggish and didn't move much except for food, I've seen it move properly for the first time in a while earlier, and I found that on the top left part of it's tail it has a lot of blood, and in the top left part it has a little bit of blood coming from it, and on the bottom fin too. Please, someone help? Thanks, T
  3. Hello! This is my first time ever posting (and reading) in this forum, and I could really use your help! I'm a somewhat beginner fish owner, I've had my tank for 2 years but it's pretty simple and I don't know a whole ton about fish. Here's my problem though: I have 2 goldfish (the cheap 13 cent ones that you buy at the pet store) and they're both roughly 2 years old. In the past few weeks, one of them has started to have periods where he just sits at the top of the tank (not right up to the surface, but close) for 10-15 seconds, then he'll move around a bit and do it again. And within the past week I've noticed that his tail has started splitting right down the lines of it. It doesn't look shredded or like pieces are falling off, it's just literally splitting to about 3/4 of the way down. It doesn't look white at the tips or red anywhere, just hangs a little limply maybe. And other than the spacey-ness, he seems totally fine. I'm not sure if this is fin rot or something else. I haven't changed any decorations in the tank within the past 6 months, and nothing is sharp enough to cut him anyway. I started putting melafix in the tank last night, but today when I got home from work I noticed that there's another new tear. I have no clue what to do to help him! Please keep your suggestions somewhat basic or "dumbed down" because I don't know a lot of medications or what to do with them. I also do not have a separate tank that I can put him in to medicate him if need be. Here's what I can tell you about my tank: 16 gallons (yes I know it's too small for 2 goldfish) 2 goldfish, 1 pleco (just got him about a month ago) We've always had good water testing results (I'll do a test as soon as I get some new strips) I change about a quarter of the water every 2 weeks I treat the water with water conditioner, bacterial supplement, and aquarium salt (and now melafix for the past 2 days) The other fish I have vis completely healthy, and this seems to have come out of nowhere (it was a few extra days before I could change the water, but I don't think that's it). PLEASE HELP ME! I don't want to lose my little buddy.
  4. Good day All, Just a quick question this crisp Ohio morning. I picked up a Blue Oranda from a local pet shop over the weekend that I couldn't resist. He is perhaps one of the best examples of a "true" blue that I have encountered. Most blues that I have seen (in person) are mainly silver with large amounts of bronze and green. This guy's body is almost entirely steel, with a thin bronze line on the side and his fins are a dusty blue/grey color. He is about an inch long with a deep, plump body and has good head growth for his size. My only concern is that his tail fin seems to have been damaged in transit to the store. One side has a minor kink in it and the other side a slightly split. I know the kink will probably not go away, but I hope that it will get "better" as he grows. The split fin is very shallow (maybe 1/8" to 3/16")and reminds me of the tongue of a small snake. The ps employee told me that it will heal, but I have some doubts. So the question is, will the split fin truly "zip" back up and is there anything I can do to help it along?? Thanks for the help!!
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