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  1. Aquaclear 110 is rated for 500 gallons per hour. I have a 60 gallon. Planning to keep 3 orandas. Will the flow rate be too much for the fish. Do they prefer hobs with a faster flow rate or sponge filters with a slower flow. Thank you
  2. Hey ya'll I know I have been asking a lot of questions, but better to know than to not know. I am aware that it is better to have too much filtration than not enough filtration but I'm going to ask anyways. I was thinking about purchasing a canister filter. Would this be alright in addition to my two HOB Aqueon Quietflow 50's? Since I'm already filtering at 400gph with the HOB's could I do with a smaller canister as an additional bio/mechanical addition? I was also thinking about getting rid of one of the HOB's eventually (or replacing it with a aquaclear 70) because it makes AWFUL noise, the other runs super silent. I've tried everything to silence the noisy one but nothing works. I did notice that the bushings that were supposed to be on the impellers WEREN'T THERE but Aqueon is sending me some bushings for free, so I will see if that silences it once and for all.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have just learned of Fluidised Sand Filters. From what I have been reading they sound like a good idea and seem to be very efficient. I was wondering if this type of filter would be a good filtering system for my 300 liter (79 gallon) aquarium. I have two internal power filters in my goldfish tank at the moment but I am looking for a more efficient internal filter. Does anyone have any thoughts on the suitability of an internal fluidised sand filter for my tank? If this sort of filter in a good idea what sized filter would I need for my tank? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  4. Hi guys. I was going to ask this in the subbies forum but I thought it might be more useful for anyone's future references to ask here. (Thanks Alex for posting in the recent thread by Koko that reminded me of this factor! ) I recently upgraded from a 40 breeder (actual gallonage held is closer to 50 than 40, holding about 49g with canister, 47g without), and now have my girls in a 75g. I did purchase another supplemental filter of an API Superclean 50 after reading about how quiet it is, plus it also has a surface skimmer which totally sold me on it. Reviews were right, by the way. It is dead silent and runs the skimmer very efficiently. Though a weak gph for a 50 gallon filter, I have zero complaints so far. I even had to slightly baffle it as it has several intake locations. My other filter is a Fluval 406 canister. Fluval 406 is approx 380 gph (cleaned monthly) API Superclean 50 is approx 200gph (rinsed twice weekly) Is this adequate for my tank, with my two weekly WCs of 90% and 50%?
  5. Hello, People of Koko's! This week has been pretty hectic with school starting, my sister being in the hospital having a long-needed hysterectomy, and me being out of commission a full day after sedation for a medical procedure of my own. So, only yesterday did I notice that my AquaClear30 was plugged in, yet doing NOTHING besides having an extremely hot motor. It must have broken several days before, because the beneficial bacteria, residual gunk, and algae had had plenty of time to die and rot. As soon as I lifted the filter media out to clean it, A HORRID STENCH PERMEATED THE ENTIRE ROOM. In my partner's words: "It smells like you burned a bag of poop down here." I threw out the way too far gone fiberglass rectangle that had been on the bottom of the basket. Then I washed and washed and washed and washed the remaining media (a sponge and a big bag of ceramic pieces) with soap and chlorinated tap water, then I washed and washed and washed them just in tap water until there was not even a hint of soap. I put the sponge and bag of ceramic pieces on paper towels to dry. Today, they're BONE DRY, but still smell sorta like mildew. Is that normal? Are they safe to put back into a working filter? I know that the normal stuff in filters doesn't smell like roses, so I wouldn't expect filter media to ever come completely clean of odors. EDIT: No worries about my goldfish! My faithful AquaClear70 is still working perfectly. 45 gallons. Three 4-inch and under goldfish. Whole lotta algae and scraggly nibbled-on mossballs. The parameters are normal. And today I've done my usual just-enough-water-to-cover-the-goldfish water changes. I need to know how much of the filter is beyond saving before exchange/replace it.
  6. This has probably been discussed in an older thread so please pardon me if it is redundant Excluding canister filters, I am just curious about your hang-on-back filters. This is not to say that they are all noisy. I have a pretty silent Fluval C2 and I HAD a pretty noisy Fluval C4 (2 of them). I also have a humming Aqua Clear. Is it just luck? 'hit & miss'? Some people might think this is a petty peeve but I find a 'more than normal' amount of noise coming from a filter annoying. A little sound coming from the filter is to be expected. However, I have been through several NEW hob filters because it either has an annoying 'HUMMmm' or it Rattles. Is there a brand that is proven to be quiet? Which brand have you found to be the quietest? I have replaced motors & impellers. I know sometimes the rattling is caused by the impeller or the plastic parts. I have tried silicon on the impeller shafts which has sometimes worked temporarily. I have put thin layers of aquarium sealant on the lids in an effort to limit noise. Just curious... How do you like your hob? and what brand?
  7. Hey guys! I feel like I've been posting a LOT but I'm learning so much here that I keep having new things to share! I modified my Aqueon HOB filter today! I tried to follow this tutorial as well as I could. I left the cartridge in (with the carbon cut out) temporarily so some bacteria can transfer to the new media. How'd I do?? Is there anything I need to change/move around? I'm pretty excited I actually did a modification to something! I just have my Aquaclear HOB left to do. For that should I just remove the carbon bag and add more ceramic rings? I haven't found any advice on how to modify power filters but I may be searching for it wrong! Thanks for looking!
  8. I have two internal filters (one 200 litres/hour, one 600 litres/hour) which are malfunctioning. One of them was working quite well until recently, and it just stopped working completely. The other one still works but makes a huge amount of noise (which is not normal). Does anyone here live in or near London in the UK and know how to fix filters? They are small filters but I still don't want to just throw them away. I've tried to fix them myself (opening them up, etc), but to no avail.
  9. Currently i have a Ehiem Pro 3e (canister) *filters 5times of the tank water Ehiem Powerline XL (internal) *filters 3times of the tank water Total is 8times... Can I add in another canister like a ehiem standard which filters another 2-3time more? As I would like to add more media substrate...my waters are clear now...
  10. Hi guys, I am trying to be thrifty here for setting this up cause I have lost 4 filters in the past 8 months and lost all of the receipts >.< I love Marineland so much but they are a little expensive... Same with Aquaclear. I'm not saying I don't want to spend money on a good filter, I am just saying I don't want to spend a lot of money on a filter if there is something less expensive and suitable. So besides Tetra and Aqueon, which filters can handle a 20l gallon with 6-12 fish? I was also looking at a brand called Aleas, has anyone ever used this brand? The XP-80 was only 14 usd.
  11. hey ladies and gentlemen:) So today I finally made my decision on upgrading to a 40 gallon breeder. I like the breeders because they are more wide than tall and this is a problem I have with my 29g. It's a pain to get into and I am pretty short. I have a 20 gallon right now with a fish who has about 2 more rounds left of prazi/salt and is doing wonderfully The 29 gallon, which is cycling right now with two fish are also doing great. I'm not sure where I'm going to put everyone yet, or if I'm going to sell my 29 gallon. I think I may just keep it and get another fish to put in the 40g with otis (my petco has pearl scales right now and I had to kick myself so i wouldn't buy one since I don't have the room right now! They are so cute) I was a bit hesitant to even think about upgrading to a bigger tank due to water changes, but i got myself a faucet adapter and all my worries went away. (why didn't I get one to begin with?!?!) I've been doing some research on filters, ect and I was wondering what filters you guys suggest for a tank this size. I've been looking at canister filters which I am considering. I just have no idea on which brand to get ect. I have an aqua clear 50 which is on my 20 gallon right now, but I'd like to get another provided I need a filter for qt or anything. I'd just steal the media. I've also been looking at aqua clear 110's OR I was thinking about getting another aqua clear 70 to pair with another filter or canister. Can you guys tell I'm a fan of Aqua Clears? I'm planning on setting it up within the next month or 2 so I've got some time to figure everything out. Anyway, what do you guys suggest?? Thanks for reading!
  12. The other day I pulled out my ancient Diatom filter which I haven't used in months. I've had a few of these over the years and their excellent at water polishing. Those who use one know they'll remove particles less than one micron in size - including parasites such as ich. Setting them up is always a pain, they're messy and difficult to maintain - but the results are astonishing. Well, I set it up, primed it and the motor was dead. Rather than repair it I considered replacing it, but then I came across some positive feedback on the Marinland Magnum 350 which can be used as a canister filter and double as a water polisher. Unlike the Diatom it looks so much easier to use. No diatomaceous earth to deal with, instead it uses a pleated micro cloth cartridge. Unlike the Diatom it self primes and has the same flow rate of 350 GPH. The Magnum lists for $329 most online sellers have it at about $250 - Amazon.com has it on sale for $94.00 The Diatom XL runs $169.00 whether you buy it from Vortex themselves or online. If anyone has a suggestion, information or experience with the Magnum 350 VS a Diatom, I would appreciate it. Here are links to both. Magnum http://www.amazon.co...33116072&sr=1-1 Diatom http://www.diatomfil...m_xl_filter.htm
  13. The stand was not in very good shape and needed some cleaning. I also put a shelf in it to keep things a bit more organized. I also used my DIY method of attaching the stand to the wall in case of earthquake. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/88234-diy-earthquake-brace-for-tank-stand/page__fromsearch__1 I ordered a fluval 405 filter, but decided to return it and make do with the Power Filter 3 and the fluval 204. This will provide 465 gph, which should be enough given that one of the filters is a canister. I've never set up a canister before. Luckily the guy I bought it from showed me how to do it. I set it up about a week ago and ran it on the old tank with some old media mixed in with the new. I hope this will jumpstart the cycle a bit. Then I placed the tank on the stand and got ready to fill it. The HOB filter didn't work at first, so I had to take it all apart and start it up again. Luckily it started on the third try. It's pretty noisy right now. I hope it gunks up quickly and gets quieter soon. The fluval is quiet and seems to work like dream. The brown saucers are the planters where I'll put the plants. I added Nutrifin Cycle and some ammonia to feed the cycle. I hope to get good test results in a few days and move Fluffy over to the new tank on Monday. New fish on Tuesday!!!! (if all goes well) Full tank shot: Thanks for watching!
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