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  1. Eheim 2217 canister filter with all hoses, intake, etc. plus a spare intake and some sponge media. Working perfectly. $75.00 plus shipping. Or pick up if you are in Middle TN!
  2. I have 2 fantail goldfish in a 65 lt tank. The filter is a hang on back filter but back because i keep it in my room i turn the filter off at night. Does it affect the cycle of the tank or is it ok?
  3. Have way too much stuff and need to clear off some of my aquariums storage shelves so putting stuff up for sale at very low prices. Some items are for smaller tanks but some for bigger! Shipping in US, live plants only in continental US. Payment will be via paypal "goods and services". Shipping cost vary depending no location and items size. Please PM me a list of what you want and your zip code. squares are 1"x1" for size referencing If you have questions feel free to ask. HEATER eheim jagar (comes with suction cups/heater holder) 150 $7 75 $4 25 $25 aquatop 100 watt $4 hydro theo 25 watt $4 cobalt 20 watt $25 finnex 300 heater contoller $75 tetra 50 watt $25 (new in box) themometers $0.50 each FILTRATION Tetra whisper air pump 40 UL listed $4 10 UL listed $3 Homasy 80 GPH Submersible Water Pump $2 each Aqueon SP-98 gph Submersible Pump $2 Aquaclear20, 100ghp $2 Picotope HOB, 40 gph $2 Jardin 6-Layer Sponge Corner Filter $1 HARDSCAPE Quarts $8 for both Rose Quarts $5 Unknwon rock, inert $5 malaysian driftwood $2 manzanita driftwood dark $15 manzanita driftwood light $12 LIGHTS Current USA LED Flex Plus Strip Light, 44" $20 MARINELAND Double Bright LED 24" - 36" $20 for both Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights 36" $20 Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus 36" $20 LIVE PLANTS (pm for photos) Salvinia minima 10"x6" portion $0.50 Nymphoides taiwan $0.50 each Mini Marimo jar $0.50 each OTHER Silk Hosta fake plant, metal free $5 Fake bush plants (2), metal free $ 12 Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 2.3g $10 CHEMICALS ETC Seachem MultiTest Ammonia Test Kit $4 API Ammonia Test Kit $2 each API pH test & ajustment kit $2 API pH & high pH $2 Repashy Soilent Green 12 oz $7 Whisper Bio Bag Medium & Whisper Carbon Cartridge filter for Whisper In-Tank Filter 10i $1
  4. Hi everyone its been 3 months that I have not update my goldfishes. Pebbles,Angle,Jabu Jabu,and Pearl are doing well. Now my filter is dying,I went to petsmart and found a good one. Right now the old one is still running, but die this afternoon. And my brother got it to work. The water not running right and my tank is cloudy. So now I have a new filter not hook up yet,doing it tomorrow. I will show you new photos of my fishes before it got cloudy. New filter Pebbles sorry I could not get her tail in. JabuJabu Pearl Sorry Angle would not stay still for a good photo. By the way Angle dose not have black anymore she is orange,gold,and white on her belly.
  5. So after going through a great deal of trouble tearing down my new 55 gallon tank and restarting it before it had even finished cycling (due to snails), I finally plugged my two Aqueon Quietflow 55/75 filters back in... And nothing. Not a whirr, not a peep. Dead. I spent 3 hours trying everything I could think of to get them to work, and nothing. I've had them 34 days, just missing the date for returns. So now I'm out $80. ANYWAYS, now that I've stopped shaking my fists at the sky in impotent rage I need to get a new filter. My friend who keeps Oscars loves her canister filter and swears by it. She has a National Geographic cf70 uv filter. If I went that route I'd probably go up to the cf80, though that seems a little low, being rated "up to" 80 gallons. Maybe a Fluval 406? I want something I can rely on, that isn't going to break my back, and isn't going to break the bank. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm looking for opinions and advice according the filtration of my future tank. It will most likely be 150cm X 50cm X 50cm (375 liter/roughly 99 USG) sized, though I might go with bit bigger, 150cm X 60cm X 50cm (450 liter/roughly 118,9 USG), once I actually see the house we are going to move and can measure the places and see what we can fit through the doors. When I first started to seriously researching what I would need for the tank I'd like, I couldn't find any filters that could reach the 10x GPH of the size of the tank I want (I know people in koko's like to recommend 10x for HOBs and 5-7x for canisters but I'm going by 10x rule for canisters as well since that's what they taught me here in Finland to do), so I turned my research towards sumps at suggestion of one other online hobbyist I sometimes chat with. However, after browsing through koko's I actually managed to find brand of canisters that could easily handle 10x GPH for either size of the tanks I might end up with. Now I am torn, if I should abandon the sump plan and just go with canisters, or if the pros of having sump (more water volume, more room for filter media etc.) would outrun the "ease" of just getting two canisters. I would appreciate any and all suggestions and opinions.
  7. Hi, I have this tank with built in overhead sump filter... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111600251839?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT And I did have an under gravel filter with scoria gravel over it, but have just taken it out of the tank (have I wrecked my cycling???). It held so much gunk, even cleaning the filter wool and vac the gravel every three-four days I could not get all the gravel vacuumed and clean. Ewwwww! So now only have a handful of the gravel left in the tank till I can get some sand in two weeks. My tank was on a slight lean, and the overhead sump filter would backflow ever so slightly. We corrected that today by spinning the tank around so that it faced the other way. The overhead sump has very limited room for any bio media. Once I have two grades of wool in there it is nearly all filled up. At the moment I have these layers (in order of the water flow), * filter wool 7mm thick? (washed weekly in old tank water & replaced fortnightly) * fine filer wool, about 2mm thick (washed weekly in old tank water & replaced monthly) * scoria gravel in a stocking/pantyhose, about 7mm thick (didn't have access to any media bags at the time) (never washed) * and some activated carbon just before it exits the filter (replaced every 4 weeks). I am trying to cycle the tank, and at the moment the tank has been cycling for over 3 weeks, and although I have been keeping the ammonia at .25ppm or lower, the tank has yet to show any nitrites. This is with the overhead sump, combined with the gravel filter. Tank conditions are volume 100L ph8.0 ammonia less than 0.25ppm nitrite 0ppm nitrate 0ppm temperature 20-24 degrees Celsius bio load 2 goldfish (started off with 6 and reduced to 2 approx. a week ago) 2inch each, and 6 12mm mystery snails water changes 30% every 3-4 days to keep ammonia lower than 0.25ppm (todays water change ended up being more like 70% due to the filth in the gravel) chemicals used: prime conditioner only, nothing else. filter: overhead sump 1500lph as above I have removed the under gravel filter and scoria gravel on the tank bottom today (it was a little too sharp for the fish to forage I think), and am concerned * that my tank is not cycling (am I just not patient enough?) * that I don't have adequate volume or quality of bio media. So back to my questions..... Is my overhead sump enough? Should I be looking to supplement the filtration (treating the overhead sump as mechanical filtration, and getting another filter for bio filtration) (it would have to be internal to avoid modifying the hood... more fishy space gone )? Or ditch the overhead sump for something much quieter (YAY)! Which filter type is the quietest? and which flow rate should I be after (considering my overstocking)? I did not want to modify the hood of the tank too much, it is not removable, and am on a limited budget, so a $600 canister is out of the question I really want to keep two goldfish, and they will be replaced with two fantails when the tank is cycled, so I know I need to be on top of water changes/filtration. Would a filter like this be super super super quiet? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/304B-2000L-H-CANISTER-FILTER-WITH-BONUS-FULL-FILTER-MEDIA-SET-NEW-/400873211528?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item5d55e7c688 Any suggestions? I have a feeling I might be asking the impossible ????
  8. Amazon are now selling aquaclear filters even the aquaclear 70! I will be asking for at least one of these bad boys for my birthday in just over a month
  9. Hi everyone, I'm selling my set up. Is anyone in Melbourne, Australia interested in a super delux upgrade? Includes the following: * 4x2x2 foot tank with glass cover, pine stand, and matching pine hood. * Eheim canister filter (1000 l/hour) * Eheim heater * 4 foot light * Air pump and bubble wall * Willing to throw in assorted accessories - Qt tank with filter, heater, light. Also prime, water treatments, medications, etc. All second hand but very well looked after, and in good condition. PM me for details
  10. Hi, I recently upgraded to a new 75G glass aquarium with stand. I also purchased one of those glass tops tat the light sits on and a cabinet stand for my goldfish. Here are some details: 75G Tank 2 large goldfish (approximately 8-9" each), one is 12 years old, the other about 10-11 years old. Current fiter is filter on my old 29G (Aquaclear HOB) which definitely needs upgrading and fast. I had no choice but to move the fish and the water along with the filter media into the new tank. I typically have green water and pH problems which I can assume are due to the filter size. I currently feed them one time per day and they eat only algae pellets due to a swim bladder illness in one of the two. Algae seems to keep him in good shape (knock on wood). I would like to get feedback on what the best filter would be for this situation. I seem to have trouble with the HOB because they do not seem to fit the tank very well. Not sure if this is due to the size of the filter but I kind of have to force it to sit in a certain way for it to work due to the thickness of the frame at the top of the tank. I am open to any suggestions particularly the type of filter to go for (canister, HOB etc) and brand that will work and last. Thanks!
  11. I am in the process of upgrading to a much much larger tank. The current filtration I have will not be sufficient so I'm looking at filters at the moment. My husband has proposed making me a sump saying it would be cheaper than buying a big filter and more efficient and less work for me (I have two surgeries coming up so will be convalescing for some time and the husband will be doing the cleaning/water changes - which is probably why he suggested the sump ). What I wanted to know was if anyone here has made a sump that worked well and if it's really going to be cheaper and better than a shop bought filter. The husband is handy enough but has never made a sump. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome!
  12. I've had no problems with my AC70 for a year, and now it's starting to drive me nuts. The motor began to make these awfully annoying and loud grinding sounds, like the impeller was grinding against the chamber. I tried cleaning it this morning and no dice. Can someone tell me the proper way of cleaning the impeller chamber, by the way? I feel like I'm doing it wrong. Also, another weird thing. It always starts in the morning. Never at any other time. It woke me up this morning. Here's a video of the noise: \Sometimes it does it continuously, other times it has "bursts." I don't know what to do! Is there a chance of a fire happening with all the friction going on in there? Is a warranty still applicable? Like I mentioned, the filter has been running for almost a year.
  13. Hi all, I know this topic has been tackled to death, but maybe from a different angle each time? Anyway, I've only had HOB filters since I've been in the hobby (about a year) and although I like them well enough, I've always been curious about canisters/other methods. My HOBs are a bit loud, and don't quiet upon cleaning, which I do regularly. It doesn't bother me, but they seem to go up and down in volume and I worry about whether something is wrong with them!! In addition, they seem to get clogged up pretty rapidly, even with weekly cleanings. My friend has a canister and really likes it, but that's mainly because it doesn't sound like running water all the time...I guess it made her feel the need to use the bathroom all the time while I don't have that problem, the noise does bother me a bit! I currently have 2 HOB Aquaclear 110s, running on high, on my 75 gallon tank. I also have a whisper air pump which doesn't seem to be "whispering" very well. I think THAT may be louder than the HOBs....anyone have a better option for oxygenation/water flow, or a better brand of pump? My tank is in a 2nd floor apartment on the most even floorspace I could find (corner right beside the door, that opens to the hallway...I am on a far end of the building so that seemed the most stable) and the floor is warped because the building is old, but the warping isn't bad where I put the tank. I looked into doing a sump but I'm worried it will be too much weight on the floors. I have the 75g tank written into my lease, but nothing else....so a sump tank is pretty much out of the question. What do you guys like best? I will also potentially be moving a long distance (like, across the country...we will cross that bridge when it comes...) next year, and am wondering if a canister might be easier to move. How's the GPH? I remember it being substantially lower than the HOBs. Thanks for any help!!!
  14. I recently set up a 16 gallon tank--the original one my goldfish came in--as a betta/snail tank. The filter it came with is an Aqueon 20. Is this too much of a flow for a betta? It seems to send a pretty strong current right down the middle of the tank, and I can see all of the plants moving. What kind of filter would you put on a tank this size for a betta and snails? Thanks! Sara
  15. Hello, this is cross posted from a different forum, but I feel like I need some help fairly quickly, so I'm posting here too! If you're curious about our back-story, you can read it here: http://######### A very helpful member clued me in to the fact that there are different kinds of cartridges for my in-tank filters: carbon or bio. I have no idea what I have, and I'm having trouble finding enough info online to help me figure it out (even having visited the manufacturer's website!) I feel like I really need to know, because we're finishing up a fungus treatment, so I have the filters out thinking they were carbon. But if there's a chance they are bio-filters, I understand I should have them back in the tank? *Added complication* my tank is not yet cycled! I think I may actually have 2 bio-filters, but I am not sure. Nowhere on the packaging can I find it specified as bio, but they both look the same, with a blue clip across the top. They are different from what I bought to have on hand as replacements, which do specify carbon and have no clip. So in that case, I should definitely put them back in even while treating, correct? Side question - then after this is all over, would I be using the carbon ones in there with the bio, instead of, or a bio in one and carbon in the other filter? I'm attaching pictures of: the box one of the filters came in the cartridge that came with that filter next to the box of carbon filters I have not opened yet and the cartridge with the blue clip held up to the light trying to show how it's made. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  16. Starting around maybe 2 weeks ago, I noticed the output for my filter wasn't as high as it normally is. I assumed the impeller was possibly clogged so I cleaned it along with the filter media. This didn't fix the issue and now when I leave the filter unplugged for long amounts of time, like when I do water changes, it takes the filter a few seconds to actually turn on after plugging it in. I got this filter used so I don't know how old it actually is, but nothing seems broken from what I can see. I'm not too worried because I just bought an aquaclear 110, but I can't set it up until I can get a hole put in my canopy for it to sit in which might take awhile. I started to think maybe it's an electrical issue?? I use a power bar that includes 7 outlets and all are being used. Theres no other outlet I could try plugging the filter in to test this though because it wont reach anywhere else. Other than doing more frequent water changes I don't know if theres really anything I can to fix the filter.
  17. cheap cheap! i've been running these for about 6 weeks now.. very awesome! go ahead & score yourself a bargain! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/200745840332?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  18. Hi, as you know I got a 20 gal. long tank with a ranchu(one and only princess in the tank) I have a sponge filter I believe is proVII well the biggest one in the market. then I got aquaclear 70 set up and running, fully cycled but now I just got more media I want to have running, how can I make this possible? I got no canister and I don't know if I want to have one just yet, well yes I want but the sizes of those things scares me, so I was thinking what if I take my breeder box(you know those boxes that flotes in the tank to keep pregnant fishes so the fry does not get eaten or lost in the tank) and fill it up with all the new media and sponges I got and put it right underneath the water dropping from the aqua clear 70 filter? does it sound like a good idea? and what is more important to have sponge filter or media filter? I know both of them are essential for the tank, but what makes a different the most? I heard that the more media the more bb and so I heard for the sponge. so how to do this? thank you for the help.!
  19. Hello! I was wondering what the recommended flow rate is for goldfish aquariums equipped with canister filters. I know that for HOB filters the recommended rate is 10x tank volume per hour. Is it the same for canister filters? Taking into account that the water passes through much more media, would it reduce the amount of flow needed to effectively clean a tank? I know that there are some that still firmly believe in the 10x rule even for canisters, while there are others, like Jennie from SolidGold, who recommend only 5x the flow rate for tanks that are being filtered by canisters. Any answers are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi everyone - Just looked over at my tank to see a few drops of water leaking down the back side of it....I think...GREAT so I go and take a look and it turns out there's a crack in the plastic of one of my aquaclear 110s. It's leaking, albeit very slowly. I just bought these filters in July from Fosters and Smith....I still have one running on my 75 gallon tank. Will this be OK until I can resolve the problem and get another filter going (I'm going to call them and explain my issue)? What do I do with all my media while I wait? Is there something I can use to seal it in the meantime? I will be running with only one filter until at least 5pm tomorrow even if I try and seal it. Thanks for any help! I have, at the moment, a whisper air pump and stone & ONE aquaclear 110 running (usually have 2). My tank is slightly planted.
  21. Hi Guys, I went to check on my oranda tank this morning and noticed that one of my filters was having trouble drawing water. I figured it was the impeller needing a cleaning. I left it for 15 minutes to make a coffee. When I went back, I realized someone was missing from the tank. I looked over at the filter and the bottom of the intake had fallen off. I immediately knew. I called my husband in to check…I just couldn't look. Sure enough, Glen the red cap came out of the upper part of the intake. I am so upset and typing through tears. His eyes are popping out (one moreso than the other), his mouth is sticking out like in a big pout and his fins are clamped down tight. I feel so terrible! Is there anything I can do? I'm not thinking so….
  22. I'm not sure how to pack my filter. Should the contents be loose, fit (fill up most of the space), or be tightly packed. My contents include ceramic rings and a thick, dense filter floss. The problem is that if I pack it loose, it will allow the poop to get stuck in the larger surface of the filter floss, but I would have to reduce the amount of ceramic rings I have in. But if I pack it fit or tight, it would mean the poop/food would get suck on the side right next to the pump. I've included photos to illustrate. The floss in the photo below is one whole piece, It's not folded or anything. And below I used the arrows to demonstrate how the muck is getting trapped. Since I have it fit, the red arrow, , the muck and dirt is getting trapped on the side which is portrayed by the blue and grey lines after the red arrow. Or would it be better to leave it a bit loose so the muck gets stuck on the larger surface arrow and end where the blue arrow is? But doing this would mean I would have to reduce the amount of ceramic rings in. Is it necessary to put in that much? Or should I use thinner pieces of filter floss next time?
  23. I just received my large aquaripure filter and set it up Wednesday on my 75 gal. I have high hopes it will do what it claims which is to bring nitrates to zero. As of 5:00 pm my nitrates were <5ppm. I did a water change Tuesday or Wednesday. I think Tuesday but can't remember (getting old peeps).Anyway if it was Tuesday...usually by now my nitrates would be around 40ppm. I will be testing daily and posting results. I have one oranda 7 inches and one black moor 5 inches in the tank at this time. I have a rena filstar 3 basket canister filter and a hob penquin bio wheel 350, 2 inches of eco complete and a couple plants. At this time my tap has 2ppm ammonia,0 nitries and 0 nitrates. ph is 6.6. these levels fluctuate. Does anyone else have an aquaripure filter ?
  24. I’m currently pursuing to create a Fancy Goldfish aquarium with approximately 5 – 6 Goldfish in total. The tank will incorporate gravel and a few hardy plants (lightly planted) to produce an authentic and natural look. I’ve already purchased my tank, an “Eheim MP OPAL 120” bought online from “Age of Aquariums” (www.aquariumproducts.com.au) at a discounted price. I feel privilege and psyched to own one since only a limited amount of these are available within Australia. The Aquarium is built sturdy and the quality is what you’d expect from an Eheim, the dimensions are 120cm long, 55cm wide and 60cm tall; the tank can hold up to 360 litres (95 gallon). However for my purpose I will consider this a 300 litre (80 gallon) aquarium as I don’t intend to fully fill it all the way and some space will be reserved for ornaments. I’m very aware that Goldfish including the Fancy variety can produce a lot of biological waste so Biological filtration would be of upmost importance and for this reason I will be looking into a canister filter. I’ve also done research and found that a turnover rate of 10x is optimal for Goldfish however I’m not entirely sure how relevant this is to me since it’s mostly targeted at HOB and Internal Filter which hold very little amount of media. Elsewhere I’ve heard that the recommend turnover rate for a canister filter is 4 - 6x since canisters hold far media, and this is also assuming that you’re mostly stocking with bio-media. I also have great concerns over turnover rate as it may produce strong current that can lead to stress amongst my fancy Goldfish, this is because Fancy’s are slower than the common Goldfish. At the moment I’ve looked into various filters available on the market, notably brands such as Eheims and Fluval which are very prominent and hailed to be reliable. However I’m willing to hear out any experiences and opinions on any other brands of filters on the market. I’m deeply considering the Eheim 2075 Pro 3 (600) as a possible candidate, it has a turnover rate of 4.16x and a media capacity of 6.5 litres. I’d really be keen in knowing the suitability of this filter as my primary filter and whether a secondary filter would be necessary. Finally I’d like to take the time to consider a few points with regards to choosing a canister filter: Would the Spray Bar provided by most canister be suitable enough to provide sufficient water agitation to assist with replenishing the dissolved oxygen which goldfish require? The water movement provided by the filter will it be enough to avoid stagnant area in the tank which can lead to the build-up of anaerobic bacteria. -
  25. I've never used canister filters before so I apologize for not knowing much. I'm trying to get the input and output tubes locked into the lid and I can't get the blue handle all the way down. I don't wanna bust it off so I didn't apply a lot of pressure unless your supposed to. Also any priming tips?
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