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  1. I just put my baby Ranchu into her 20g long 3 days ago, from quarantine, and she definitely is an eater.. Her diet consists of 1 pea a day, and some freeze dried blood worms. However, I notice that she is always begging, and she eats all of her food in well under 1 minute. Could I possibly feed her 2 peas a day? Is that too much fiber? Or should I amp up the bloodworms that I feed, I'm just not sure.... I feed her a pea everyday because of the floaty problems she has when she was in QT, she likes them, so, I just stuck with it. She is an inch and 5 cm, and she is definitely growing, just wondering - can I feed her more peas?
  2. Hi, I'm hoping for a possible answer for my question. If a betta normally eats the presoaked pellets from the top of the tank, will he eat them from the bottom of the tank if they sink to the bottom? If the answer is yes, would it be possible that he wouldn't eat them from the bottom because he had an undetected illness? I ask because I got home from vacation late Monday night & my one betta was dead at the bottom of the tank. Very very sad. I had my pet sitter feed him 3 NLS betta pellets every other day (2 feedings total) and I was going to feed him the night I returned home. There were 6 pellets at the bottom of the tank. Jackpot, 18 month male, was housed in a 5.5 gallon filtered 78° aquarium x 18 months. Weekly 1 gallon water changes with siphoning. Water parameters were weekly consistent of: ph 7, nitrates 5, ammonia & nitrites 0. About 3 weeks prior, I thought he may have been thinner than I recalled but I can't be 100% sure. He always ate his pellets for me and my husband when I was out of town a month ago. My pet sitter has cared for my fish a good amount of times before without incident. He said jackpot came up during feeding times but I am bothered by the pellets at the bottom. I am hoping that a betta will find food at the bottom, if he didn't that leads me to believe he had an underlying issue. If a healthy betta will not eat from the bottom then that leads me to believe he starved to death. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. I hear different opinions on how many times a day to feed goldfish. Two to three times a day seems to be the common answer, but many aquarium stores feed only once. Is this to cut down on waste? Does the type of food make a difference? Do young fish ( 1 - 1 1/2 inches) require more feedings? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  4. Hi, I have been researching foods and there was a thread from year ago about Southern Delight foods and others. Anyone try them? Opinions? I'm interested in the goldfish one and especially the vegy krill algae bites. Not really cheap for us Canadians but maybe worth it. Thanks
  5. I got my first pair of goldfish yesterday and am trying to get them use to feeding.. where they came from fed floating pellets which I've been told is bad as they can suck in air and get swim bladder (sb) issues. So I bought sinking Hikari Goldfish pellets as that's what was available (if there are better pellet brands you'd like to recommend please do so). Now I'm just having trouble getting them use to me in front of tank+ removing hood=food.. I don't want to foul the water leaving pellets in to land and since I used Black Diamond 'sand' substrate the food tends to blend in a bit. One of them-a blue-black oranda I think is the color term- keeps going into the anubias when I open the lid so having a hard time getting them to see pellets, the other a calico fantail has no problem staying out in the open but only wants to eat pellets as they sink not after they hit the substrate. I soaked the pellets in water for 2+ minutes with a bit of DIY garlic exact before each feeding attempt. I'm curious if anyone has used feeding dishes to put pellets or other foods in at the bottom without having a mess all over the substrate? I might just be over thinking it as a new goldfish owner (not new to fish-have tropicals, other cold water (white cloud minnows), dwarf shrimp, and bettas), since they're the first fish that could eat plants that I've kept with plants.. don't want them making a salad bar out of the anubias because they haven't figured out sinking pellets yet...I put in a cucumber with them, seen a few pecks at it but not much. Anyways any helpful tips would be appreciated!
  6. Hi, I found this video a week ago or so. It's kind of long but I thought the guys brought up some helpful info and shared some tips that seem to be supported by people on this forum.
  7. Oh my goodness you guys... I did it! I finally took the plunge and made my own gel food! It wasn't as terrible as I thought making it would be. Sure, it stank up the kitchen for a little bit, but I can barely smell anything anymore anyway (I've got a terrible stuffed nose right now). Ha! I should just make gel food when I've got a cold in future, it was so much better than expected. I used one of the recipes I found on this site, with tuna, green beans, carrots, and a little squash as the main components. Apparently I added just the right amount of gelatin, as well, because after 3 hours of sitting in the fridge, not only did it pop out of the bread pan smooth as butter, but it was firm enough that it didn't fall apart, too! I sliced it up into "weekly" portions, put them in an airtight container, separated with parchment paper, and off into the freezer most of it went! Only thing I forgot to do was weigh the darn thing before I cut it all apart (I wanted to calculate the percentages of protein, fiber, fat, etc. for the whole thing). Oh well, hopefully I remember next time. As for feeding it? Well, the fishies were feasting tonight! I dropped two little chunks of the gel food into the tank in the area where I normally feed them, and plopped myself down to watch. First things first, the gel food didn't disintegrate into tiny bits and pieces like I'd feared it might. Score! Then came the hungry water babies. I was worried that the chunks of gel food would look too big for them, but apparently they smelled fantastic. My orange fantail took a big 'ole bite out of the chunk before I even had time to think of what I'd do if one of them started choking on it (of course, since it hadn't disintegrated upon hitting the water I immediately worried I might have made it too dense, haha). No problems whatsoever. The consistency seemed pleasing even to the calico, who is kind of my picky eater. The calico even got his fair share, by the looks of it! Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everyone in case there's anyone out there that's still on the fence about whether to make their own gel food or not. I'm so glad I gave it a try, and reading all the recipes posted around here really gave me more confidence (as did the head cold that let me blissfully ignore the smell). All the best! ~ CaliGold ~
  8. I decided to start this blog to keep a log on my accidentally spawned and hatched fry. May be if would be of help to others who go trough the same experience.
  9. Hi, I've started feeding my fry with this once a day: In between thier usual brine shrimp meals. They are now slighlty larger than 1cm the biggest and about half cm the smallest fry. Would it be ok if a add some Repashy soilent green to their diet or it's too early for that kind of food. Also should I try frozen artemia? Thanks.
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