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Found 7 results

  1. I went to the same petsmart I got my fish Moucho and Moncho, and I saw a very cute ryukin who the worker loved and was wanting him to go to a good home. Do you think I could keep 3 fish in my 40 gallon breeder? It is more like 45-46 gallons. I am also considering a single tail because those are my favorite but do you think it would outgrow my tank? We are working on maybe getting a pond so if it gets to big I will just move him out to the pond.
  2. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fwORHqPkuxs&persist_app=1&app=m this was right after i feed them the ponds doing well so far this year I'm Building a 700 gallon pond with a stream so this might be the last update of this pond it just depends on how soon the new pond goes in . You can see the small fry throughout most of the video I rescued them from the biology lab at my school there's five of them. . And at the end you can see my shubunkin flash make a short appearance
  3. While I'm biding my time until SwimFish gets a tankmate, I'm trying to research out really well what type we want. We're really drawn to the looks of Orandas and Black Moors, and I love seeing pics of gorgeous Butterfly and Veiltails... But I don't want to take on more than I'm capable of caring for properly either. Wen infection, injured eyes, floatiness, torn tails... Our current fish is a Fantail. Is there a list from least to most fancy of the fancies? I'd love to hear your observations on the different types, things to consider, etc!!
  4. I haven't heard much about the Watonai breed of goldfish but they sure are gorgeous. I heard they are a cross between Ryukin and Wakin. I have a common goldfish and was wondering if a Watonai would be compatible. I know commons and fancies shouldn't mix but I'm not quite sure where this fish falls
  5. I’m currently pursuing to create a Fancy Goldfish aquarium with approximately 5 – 6 Goldfish in total. The tank will incorporate gravel and a few hardy plants (lightly planted) to produce an authentic and natural look. I’ve already purchased my tank, an “Eheim MP OPAL 120” bought online from “Age of Aquariums” (www.aquariumproducts.com.au) at a discounted price. I feel privilege and psyched to own one since only a limited amount of these are available within Australia. The Aquarium is built sturdy and the quality is what you’d expect from an Eheim, the dimensions are 120cm long, 55cm wide and 60cm tall; the tank can hold up to 360 litres (95 gallon). However for my purpose I will consider this a 300 litre (80 gallon) aquarium as I don’t intend to fully fill it all the way and some space will be reserved for ornaments. I’m very aware that Goldfish including the Fancy variety can produce a lot of biological waste so Biological filtration would be of upmost importance and for this reason I will be looking into a canister filter. I’ve also done research and found that a turnover rate of 10x is optimal for Goldfish however I’m not entirely sure how relevant this is to me since it’s mostly targeted at HOB and Internal Filter which hold very little amount of media. Elsewhere I’ve heard that the recommend turnover rate for a canister filter is 4 - 6x since canisters hold far media, and this is also assuming that you’re mostly stocking with bio-media. I also have great concerns over turnover rate as it may produce strong current that can lead to stress amongst my fancy Goldfish, this is because Fancy’s are slower than the common Goldfish. At the moment I’ve looked into various filters available on the market, notably brands such as Eheims and Fluval which are very prominent and hailed to be reliable. However I’m willing to hear out any experiences and opinions on any other brands of filters on the market. I’m deeply considering the Eheim 2075 Pro 3 (600) as a possible candidate, it has a turnover rate of 4.16x and a media capacity of 6.5 litres. I’d really be keen in knowing the suitability of this filter as my primary filter and whether a secondary filter would be necessary. Finally I’d like to take the time to consider a few points with regards to choosing a canister filter: Would the Spray Bar provided by most canister be suitable enough to provide sufficient water agitation to assist with replenishing the dissolved oxygen which goldfish require? The water movement provided by the filter will it be enough to avoid stagnant area in the tank which can lead to the build-up of anaerobic bacteria. -
  6. Hey guys! I posted in the welcome board the other day with a picture of my 3 fishies. I was told by PetSmart (only got one there...other two came from a local pet store) that Speckle (pictured below) was a calico ryukin. She's definitely calico, but her tail is a lot longer than any of the ryukins I've seen so far....she is starting to get the "hump" but hers isn't nearly as pronounced as Pickle's. So....what is she? Besides a mystery
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