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Found 8 results

  1. Eheim 2217 canister filter with all hoses, intake, etc. plus a spare intake and some sponge media. Working perfectly. $75.00 plus shipping. Or pick up if you are in Middle TN!
  2. Hi, I have the eheim Air Pump 3704 (2 x 200L/h). I've had it for three months. I was removing my airline from one of the connections yesterday to add another airline, and the connection lug severed off clean inside the airline. I am always careful to pull straight out, so that the lug isn't damaged. So now I cant attach the airline to the pump. Hmmmmmm.... not impressed! Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this without wrecking the pump? Has this happened to anyone else with the eheim air pumps? I need to replace the pump with a spare anyway (which I have to purchase), but I don't want to purchase another eheim if this is a common problem. They cost an arm and a leg, but I thought I was buying quality. http://www.aquaticsupplies.com.au/eheim-adjustable-air-pump-3704-with-hose-and-diffuser-2-x-200l-h.html
  3. I bought two 150W Jager heaters from Amazon and they sent me twelve. There were six packed to a box and I guess someone in the warehouse just grabbed the boxes instead of opening them. I'll never run out of heaters as long as I live. :
  4. ho hum, yes another rattling impeller question! got a second hand 2213 for a good price. it had been used for about 3 years without issue (apparently!). i just cant seem to get the rattle out? i have a 2217 so i am familiar with the air issues etc that can cause noise. i've pulled apart & inspected the impeller & shaft & all seems fine, nothing broken, missing, dirty or loose that i can see. does the impeller usually need replacing after this time or is it possibly a lubrication problem? this filter has the media as opposed to the sponges that im used to, does it just take longer to get the air out of these ones? looking for experiences & advice. thanks!
  5. I need to start researching canister filters seriously now that we have a 60 gallon waiting for fish to come out of qt. I'd like to compare a couple different ones at the same power level, I'm thinking probably Fluval vs Eheim - I'm just not sure which models will be the right size, comparable, etc. We have an AquaClear 110 HOB that will be used at the same time as whatever canister I get. But I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the GPH for it since it's 167-500. That seems like a huge range, so I'm having trouble knowing what size canister it will take to fulfill the 10x rule. Right now, this tank will be home to three fish - one fantail, one moor, and one oranda. I want to err on the side of over-filtering though, because side question - would it be absolutely unthinkable to have 4 fish in a 60 gallon if someone else amazing swims along later, or could we get away with it? I might have follow up questions, but this is a starting point at least.
  6. I finally got it set up and running. I took a cutt off a piece of filter/sponge from the old HOB and put it in the canister for seeding. I suspect that there's going to be a slight ammonia jump while the bacteria get set up. I'm hoping that there's enough in the tank so it's isn't worrisome. Anyway this is hour one review and I will try to update this in a few months. So, with out further adieu: Ordered the product from Amazon - it was about 20 dollars cheaper than Doctor's foster and smith. The parts seem sturdy and put together well. So well in fact the hose was a bit of a pain to get on all the way - but I don't want a flood so I will take it as a plus. The installation was fairly easy, the only slightly annoying thing with the installation was that there are 3 manuals for it in different languages. So you have to read e.g. the English section in each of the three manuals. It does however come with a CD to put on your computer that has all the manuals, all three of them....Better would have been to have a manual with say, English, french and Spanish for example and the other manuals with different languages. So you only have to keep the one manual. Anyway, my initial thought on this filter is man this thing is quiet! I mean, I whisper louder than this thing runs and the hum of my laptop fan is much louder. I have yet to own a filter quieter than this one, I find myself glancing at it to make sure it is actually running because I can't hear it! A bit about the electronic features: I like the adjustable flow option with a button rather than messing with the intake valve to the canister like my old Fluval. It has an automatic option, the filter is supposed to adjust power as it gets more filled up with what I will call "gold fish love" -this is also the default as I understand it; a 12h bio function (which I haven't quite figured out yet I need to find the manual)- basically you can have a higher flow during the day and a lower one at night so the fish can sleep; there's also stream and constant flow options - if I remember right, the stream will do a cycle flow, it will occasionally put out a higher flow and then go back to a lower flow and the constant flow is well...constant. The canister filter has a service indicator light that tells you how long you have until the filter needs servicing - at the moment it says 6 months (i'll keep an eye on that to be sure). Now if I can just find that manual I can figure out how to use all of these settings. There is a TON of room for media, 4 baskets worth. I have the two bottom filled with Fluval pre-filter media, the next one up Fluval biomax and the top one filled with Eheim substrate pro. This thing is pretty nifty. The spray bar appears to be agitating the surface in a smooth calm way. I see the plants swaying a bit with the current which hopefully will mean that this will be the only filter I will need. I still need to pick up the purigen and put it in. I'm not sure what rack to put it on? Thoughts on that anyone? My only complaints are at this point the size of it, it won't fit under my aquarium stand - but the trade off is that it will be more accessible for cleanings. The other minor complaint is the ever so pretty green tubing and it didn't come prefilled with media, I had to buy my own. I spent quite a bit on media. You should see my poor living room, it is covered with fish supplies/boxes from amazon. So photos will be out for awhile until I can get this place cleaned up. I only have about 4 weeks left of school so probably by then. Things I'm considering getting for it later on down the road are the internal heater and I'm not sure but I think there might even be a UV sterilizer for it too. Overall, thus far I am very happy with my purchase.
  7. So, my recently acquired used eheim classic 2213 canister filter has developed something of a... rattle. This much vaunted workhorse isn't invincible after all. I'm pretty sure this is down to the impeller. I have cleaned it, greased it lightly with vaseline and just taken it out hopefully and put it back again, but to no avail. The rattle persists. Is it time for a new impeller? I did notice slight wear on the white plastic bearing at the base, but this is so slight I'm not sure it's the cause. Any comments and advice greatly appreciated- I want that famous eheim near-silence! Thanks, Andrew.
  8. For over 25 years I've relied on eheim filters. From my experience with them - they trump any other brand. Aside from unparallel build quality and flawless performance - their Canada based headquarters offers outstanding support. You can call eheim toll free and someone will always take your call. The techs know the product inside out and are determined to help - it's just a level of service you don't see much of anymore. For example, I recently called about my 2080 but tech support was closed. I left a message and my number. Within an hour I received a call from a tech on his cell phone and we did about an hour worth of trouble shooting. The next morning they placed a follow up call to make sure the problem had been resolved, that's the kind of support you get. The newer eheims are more expensive then the classic line but whichever you choose you really do get what you pay in the long run. I have two classics both over 20 years old and they work as well now as they did back then. Every part from the motor to the intake tubes, spray bar right down to the suction cups drip with unsurpassed quality. As an engineer Gunther Eheim was a maverick when it came to both his passion for keeping fish and improving water quality. Many of the ingenious developments he implemented, especially in regard to good bacterial filtration remain one of the most important advances in superior filtration. From the home aquarium to the giant public aquariums that keep marine life thriving and healthy all owe a nod of thanks to his life's work - which continues today, some 50 years after the introduction of his first filter. All eheims are virtually silent. In fact if your spray bar is below the water level - you'll find yourself placing your hand on the canister to make sure its working - they really are that quiet. One of my tanks is right by my bed and I wish the filter would make SOME noise - to drone out my bulldogs infernal snoring. You can't go wrong with the Pro3 . * 450 GPH * For tanks up too 350 Gallons * Total flow control * Self priming * Auto air release * Holds a ton of media * Large snap in baskets * Amazing tech support Most eheim filters come with all the media you need. Unfortunately, with the exception of a fine and coarse filer pad - you have to buy your media separately. The media kit for the Pro 3 includes 8 lbs of Ehfisubstrat and 4 Lbs of Ehfimech - and if I remember correctly an extra fine and coarse filter pad. The media kit is expensive at around $179 but you'll never need to buy media again - and IMHO it's some of the best, time proven media there is As for the filter itself -Yes, at $479 it's expensive, I got mine on sale for much less - there are great deals out there if you shop around. But rest assured the Pro3 will exceed your expectations. And like all eheim filters they'll provide you with a lifetime of dependable, silent and trouble free service.
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