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Found 3 results

  1. My dwarf puffer isn't exactly eating or when I observe it, it hasn't at least. The little dude goes for the bloodworms until they hit the floor and then leaves them alone apart from having a look at them and he also goes for the snails but is too small for the ones he tries to eat what should I do??
  2. You remember Sam Rockwell, the cute little dwarf puffer I introduced a while ago? Well, he's dead. Lesson learned. We had an issue with the filtration. Apparently these tiny guys really do not do well with lots of filtration. His 5g was filtered 50gph HOB filter (10x filtration), which for me is "standard filtration" as I am overstocked in all my other tanks. In those I aim for 15x filtration or more in addition to bi-weekly 85% water changes, and even neons do fine with 300gph in a 20g tank. Because of that, I unfortunately felt too confident about the "high" filtration of the dwarf puffer tank. Initially this was not a problem, but a few weeks ago I decided to remove the TMS - not knowing that substrate too acts as a current buffer. Since dwarf puffers move slowly and are generally difficult to spot even in a moderately planted tank, I did not think much of it when I did not see him for almost a week after removing the TMS. Then one day I saw him rolling over the bottom of the tank, being pushed around by the current like a plastic bag in the wind. It was the same scene as back when I got the two baby angelfish and had them in QT with 15x filtration, and one morning found them tumbling around like in a dryer one morning and had to reduce filtration (they recovered after changing the filter). Anyway, I immediately unplugged the filter, and Sammie recovered to a point. He was able to somewhat swim again, but during the days that he was unable to hunt down snails while trying to fight the water current, he lost a lot of weight and his appearance resembled that of a tadpole. His condition declined gradually. He clearly lacked the strength and appetite to kill snails and - as before - refused to eat anything but live snails. I moved him to a QT container, tried to get him to eat thawed bloodworms that I'd stick onto a tooth pick and swirl around right in front of him to simulate live food, but it all was in vain. In the end I had to euthanize him when there was no more hope. Two days ago, absolutely by accident, when Steven and I went for a ride up to Charlotte to go to a Petco (just for the heck of it), Steven forgot to bring the directions for Petco. We never made it there, but instead ended up at Pet Supplies Plus. I like that store, and so I went in while he went to Party City next door. Looking at their tanks I saw the cutest bubble eyes and almost bought a cute orange and white one, when I came across a tank that held about a small group dwarf puffers....... Although I was not ready to get another dwarf puffer (the filter in Sammy's tank had been unplugged for a couple weeks and the BBs pretty much dead aka uncycled tank), I fell in love with two fish. A super cute, fat girl with deep yellow base coloring, and a super cute boy with quite crazy "leopard" markings. Although I have two 10g tanks sitting around empty, I don't actually have room to set one of these tanks up. Eventually I decided on getting the little boy for the 5g. On the way home I quickly stopped by Petsmart for a new filter, as the HOB Top Fin 10 was too strong for puffers, picked up a Top Fin 10 internal with adjustable spray bar and flow rate, and set the tank back up. Unfortunately the new guy is still quite shy, since he's only been here for about 48 hours, but he is doing well. I have the TF10 internal on the lowest setting (guessing about 20-30gph) with the spray bar submerged and pointing upwards at a 45 degree angle to reduce the current even further. Funnily enough during the couple weeks since Sammie went into QT - when I had the filter in his 5g turned off with only an air stone going so the water wouldn't become stagnant, no water changes, and a flock of ramshorn and trumpet snails that he did not eat to roam the tank (which BTW reproduced in the meantime) - the plants in the 5g THRIVED. Makes me wonder if the reason that the live plants in all the other tanks look unhappy or die is that I am changing the water like I'm mental, even though all my tanks are overstocked. Anyway, I have a tad of footage of the new guy exploring his tank. His markings are so nice! He is nervous when he sees the camera so he does not look quite as spectacular in this video as he really is, but it's better than nothing Also a couple pics of the tank. Considered he is only maybe 1 inch in length, you can imagine how tough it is to find him
  3. Does anyone on here have dwarf puffers? I'm thinking of getting a couple for my dorm next fall, but I have a few concerns: Would 2 work in a 10gal? Could I do a male and a female or would they fight like bettas? Would a 20gal filter be adequate for a 10gal tank? Do I need real plants? What kind of substrate? How do I go about breeding snails to feed them? I'm looking for minimal expense/effort. Anything else they need in the tank like driftwood, rocks? A LFS guy told me they use rocks to grind down their beaks (not sure if he is right or not). And anything else you might think I should know about them. I really love puffers and how they follow you around the tank I hope I can get some!
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