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Found 7 results

  1. I know that duckweed is low-maintenance, but I was wondering if and how I should go about doing some water changes on it. I just got a cup of organic duckweed from eBay (seemingly reputable seller), and it's in a shallow 12x18" tub filled with dirty tank water. I plan on keeping it near the window that gets some sunlight in the morning. It seems like it would be difficult to use a siphon in the duckweed tub, but I suppose I could rake the plants to the side with a sieve or something? Or do I just need to add an ammonia source to the extant water without replacing it? Thanks!
  2. A lot of people are interested in keeping duckweed in their tanks. Some see duckweed as a way to remove nitrates from the water, while others just want to raise a tasty snack for their goldfish. The main complaint that people have about duckweed is that it gets sucked into the intake of the HOB filter, and subsequently clogs the filter One of the as a main complaints Here’s a handy little tip for preventing that from happening. I took a piece of airline, about eight inches long, and formed a loop. I used a piece of a chopstick to connect the two ends like this. Next, I took some fishing line and tied one end to the guard, and the other end to a suction cup so that the guard wouldn’t just float around the tank. Put the guard around the intake pipe of your HOB and stick the suction cup far enough away that it holds the line tight so that the guard stays where you want it. This is the end result. This method has worked well for me. I have to make sure the water level stays pretty constant, otherwise the duckweed starts slipping past the guard. I grow my duckweed out in a betta tank and feed it to the goldfish from time to time. You could try growing it in the tank with goldfish, but I don’t think it will last too long. Hope this tip helps. Good luck! J This post has been promoted to an article
  3. Hi guys, So I've wanted duckweed for a while now so that I can feed it to my goldies, however, i haven't been willing to pay for it...after all it is a weed that most people consider a pest! So today, I managed to get some from my universities wildlife pond. They have two ponds, one (more like a lake to be honest) with goldfish in it and a wildlife one with no fish. They both had duckweed in it. I couldn't get any from the fish pond/lake as it's around 8 food deep in the middle and that is where the duckweed was. I did however manage to get some from the smaller pond. I have put it in a bucket in the garden but am just wondering whether there is anything I need to do to it first to make sure that it is okay to feed to the little guys. After all, I don't want to introduce any nasty bugs to the tank. But, i'm guessing that most duckweed comes from outside ponds so a little confused. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  4. How much duckweed can I safely feed my two goldfish? I bought a scoop of it today as I know that my fish like to eat it but instead I put it a good sized, fish-less container which it will hopefully grow in So I will get pretty much a constant supply, how much can I feed them?
  5. The duckweed I ordered from Aquabid came in the mail today I bleached it to sterilize, and I half expected it to turn white (someone? posted a video over the summer of duckweed they had bleached that turned white/yellow), but it didn't It is currently in a 2 gallon container. I am going to go look for a longer shallow container to keep it in this weekend, and this summer I plan to put it in a big tub outside to grow (with mosquito netting over the top so that it doesn't turn into a larvae pool). Before bleach: After bleach: It reportedly came from a 'fish free' aquarium (part of the reason I bought from this seller), but it came with some ride alongs nonetheless. I am curious if anyone can identify them? They look like maybe they are some type of shrimp? The bleach did not kill them so I spent a half hour transferring the duckweed from one clean bucket of water to the next until I got rid of all the ones I could see. I am super paranoid about bringing anything nasty into my aquarium from this stuff, so I think I will just let it sit for a couple weeks before I try feeding it to the fish. Hopefully the bleach was enough to take care of anything, but the fact that it came with things swimming around in the water freaks me out a bit.
  6. I just purchased some duckweed on aquabid with the intent of setting up a small tank for the sole purpose of growing duckweed for the goldies. I am just going to use one of the 1-2 gallon critter carriers so it will just be duckweed and water in it (no livestock). I am assuming that the duckweed will need some sort of fertilization to grow (right?), would dosing with flourish work for this? How often would I want to change the water? Anything else I need to know?
  7. After a full season in a small, totally-natural, captive pond with crystal clear, totally chemical-free, healthy water full of all sorts of native flora & fauna, my goldfish (all 11 of them from hatchlings to smelt-sized) are fast approaching their FIRST in-pond winter. Last year a late-Fall hurricane destroyed the pond but we were able to rescue ALL the fish, and with the help of this Forum we managed to save all but one fish over the winter in two 35-gal indoor aquariums. They have had MINIMAL commercial food since we put them back in the reconstructed pond because they seem to prefer the abundant (and self-regenerating!) Duckweed which is part of the pond's flora. IS DUCKWEED ALONE ( in an all-natural pond) SUFFICIENTLY NUTRITIOUS to prepare these fish for a winter layover? If NOT, what else should we be feeding them? They are in top-notch condition and have been showing aggresive breeding activity most of the summer. (We have about another 4-6 weeks before the water will reach dormancy coldness.) Freeman & John Nova Scotia, Canada
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