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  1. note: these anubias would probably do better in small tanks like for bettas rather than in 50+gallon goldfish tanks.. they are TINY plants-look at my finger holding the micro below. *RARE* Anubias Micro Rare and extremely tiny anubias plant-smaller than petite! I've had these plants for over 2 years. Healthy algae free, snail free, duckweed and riccia free. No scuds or detritus worms from their tank either. comparison shot: micro left, petite right micro for sale, take it all all for $35 Anubias Petite Anther small leafed anubias species, but larger than micro. petite for sale, take it all for $30 Buy all the micro and petite for $60 Driftwood 2 large ghost wood pieces, LxWxH (as shown in photo) 32x12x4" the other is 30x17x4" take both for $10 ($5 each) + cost of shipping (please pm me you zip so i can calculate shipping cost) Plant shipping: I ship Monday through Thursdays 2 day priority mail small flat rate box. Shipping cost of plants is $7. If you buy everything (plants and driftwood) anubias will be shipped separately from wood to avoid damaging the plants.
  2. Hello KoKos! I absolutely LOVE the look of driftwood! I am trying to fill out my aquascaping, currently have one piece and would like more. I was wondering if anyone knew any links with a large list of appropriate driftwoods, and what to stay away from. Or a site with tips and tricks for driftwood care/use/selection. Things I know; Goldfish shouldn't have pokey driftwood or driftwood with holes for stagant water, air or goldies getting trapped in. Graceful animals to look at but not always in practice. Driftwoods, depending on type and piece can take 2 weeks, 2 months, 1 year or will never soak enough to submerge Each piece should be boiled to remove bacteria, help submerge faster, and remove tannins (tannis? the dye stuff) Some woods like bogwoods are denser than water and sink without all the huffing puffing and extra work (and for goldfish i've seen these preferred, Lis had some beautiful pieces she posted to instagram that made me google it lol). My questions are; Some woods like Mopan i've been told turn your water red no matter how much work you do to remove the tannins, are used for tropical fish like rams, and alter your water parameters. What other woods are similar and should be avoided? What are their effects? Are some woods better for growing mosses on, like christmas, java, willow etc? What are some driftwood dangers to watch for besides what i've mentioned? I do keep Ranchu exclusively and don't have worries about large celestial eyes etc. What are some woods known to sink faster/submerge quickly? Whatever I have now took 2 weeks (plus the square slate screwed to the bottom that it came with) in order to be waterlogged enough to be held down by sand. I liked that timeframe but was looking for a wood darker than that with more character. What natural woods are okay to salvage? I live in eastern Ontario, Canada and have a MASSIVE river by me with large smooth stones, beaches, mosses and DRIFTWOOD! Rocks I have taken, boiled and bleach dipped some rocks but haven't been brave enough for driftwood since I know so little. What are some good driftwood sterilization procedures? Ive used boiling, but not a bleach dip since the wood was so porous I worried i'd have to submerge it in pure prime to remove the bleach, if even possible. Vinegar maybe? Here is my driftwood: Sorry I was being longwinded, thank you for looking. Excited to learn! -Amy
  3. I got a big bunch of java fern and decided to super glue it to a little piece of driftwood I have. Made a quick video on how to super glue java fern (or anubias etc.) to driftwood or rocks I look terrified in that screen shot
  4. Hey guys! I'm going to start setting up my 55gal soon and I've decided I want a big piece of driftwood in there. So far I've been looking at pieces online but I worry that they may end up being too rough for my goldies. So, have any of you guys bought driftwood on line? How could you tell it'd be smooth enough not to rip your fishes fins? Did you go with fake? Would love some help finding a nice piece. Thanks!
  5. it has been a while since i've posted but this is how my tank looks these days. not the clearest, or straightest photo but you get the idea! my 4 goldies going well (& getting bigger) & have 3 apple snails to help with the algae. did a big clean of the main driftwood & anubias a couple of weeks ago & got all the algae off it. there's a couple of banana lillies in there which would look really nice if the lilypads didnt keep getting eaten! also removed what was left of a large amount of wisteria that was picked clean down to the stem. at least the java fern has been off the menu...
  6. Guess what! It's Review Time! A couple weeks ago I bought a piece of driftwood from http://www.ebay.com/usr/surfsnow123 This is the piece http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODcxWDExODI=/z/XOcAAOxydgZTIOYl/$_57.JPG Unfortunately the piece arrived broken in half, which was an easy fix with some silicone. I contacted the seller and was immediately offered an apology along with either a full refund or a free piece of wood plus free shipping. Of course I picked the free item The wood was as dry as a bone, and it took a while for it to soak and stay at the bottom. Initially I had to place a couple large river rocks on top of the slate, but now after a week and a half in the tank, the wood stays in place on its own. The rocks won't stay in place though, because my fish all think they are interior decorators. "THIS ROCK DOES NOT GO THERE!" The wood also does not affect the pH at all. After arrival I boiled it to remove tannins, but the water barely got a yellow tint. Overall, even with the mishap during shipping, I was very pleased, especially considering how accommodating surfsnow123 was when I told him about the damage. The seller does not have a ton of pieces at a time, but adds new pieces to his listing every week, and I like that there are many "goldfish-safe" pieces without sharp edges, which is something I can't seem to find at any of the LFS around here. I will be giving a positive review and 5 stars on anything. Item was as described (minus the shipping accident), shipping was fast, customer service fantastic, great quality driftwood. This is my wood in the tank, and you can see a couple of the tall anubias I got from suntsova. This here is a beautiful piece he currently has up for sale. It would look fantastic as a center piece in someone's tank! The only reason I did not pick this as my free item is that I was looking for a longer piece of wood. http://www.ebay.com/itm/DRIFTWOOD-Art-Aquarium-mounted-on-slate-Clark-Fork-River-Unique-And-Different-/121336338324?pt=Decorations&hash=item1c40359794 And this is the free item I will receive some time next week. It is 22" long
  7. They've been a member since 1999, and have 100% positive feedback, out of Minnesota. Anyway, they have a lot of smooth-looking driftwood from Lake Superior. Thoughts, experiences, other vendors you like to buy driftwood from? From one of their listings: You are bidding on a unique piece of natural driftwood straight from the shores of Lake Superior and surrounding areas. It is perfect for use in an aquarium, reptile habitat, craft project, or any one of hundreds of other purposes! Make your project truly one of a kind with this piece of driftwood! A few things to consider before adding it to your aquarium/habitat: * I only collect driftwood that I would feel safe putting in my own aquarium. Anything rotten, moldy, or questionable is left on the beach. * As with ANY natural driftwood, you run the risk of introducing something in your aquarium/habitat that you do not want in there. To minimize this risk, I have taken the following steps to prep all my driftwood placed in my aquarium, and have not had any problems: 1) Boil or pour boiling water over this driftwood to kill anything. 2) Place in sun to dry out for a couple days to make sure everything is dead. 3) Boil again for good measure. * As with ANY piece of driftwood, they have tannins in them which can cause a brownish tint to the water. Boiling helps release these tannins, but some may remain. Water changes & activated carbon filtration help remove these tannins from the water. This driftwood has been floating in Lake Superior for who knows how long, so most should be tannin free, but there might still be some lingering. * Most of these pieces will initially float in water. Boiling will help quicken the water-logging process, but some method of weighing the wood down will almost certainly be required. There are many methods to do this that you can read about online. The method that I have used numerous times is to take a piece of slate tile, drill a hole through it, and use a deck screw to attach the driftwood to the tile. Then simply bury the tile in your substrate, and your driftwood looks like it is naturally submerged. For an additional $5, I will provide a piece of tile with a few holes drilled in it and a couple screws for you. Just send me a message and I will send you an amended invoice. Shipping on this piece is to the USA only. Be sure to check out my other auctions for driftwood and rocks! I will combine shipping on multiple orders. The highest shipping rate will be charged initially, after that $1 for each additional piece will be added. The more you buy the more you save! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking!!
  8. Hi All! I have a large piece of Mopani Driftwood up for grabs if anyone wants it! It is too big for my 55 gallon, plus I have very soft water here so I am not daring enough to even try to use it! I bought it new at my LFS in Washington DC for about $40 (I believe). It has never been in my actual tank, but I did have it soaking in dechlorinated water in a plastic tub for a couple weeks. You should probably still boil it to release the tannins and disinfect it/soak it in dechlorinated water. Approximate dimensions are 13" x 12" x 6". PM me if you are interested! I would love to trade it for anything/something of comparable value (I love Anubias/Java Fern hint hint! )....but really just looking to get rid of it in the end! Pictures posted below!
  9. Got some anubias anna from petsmart today and attached it with rubber bands to a piece of driftwood. i hope it survives.
  10. I'm going on about three weeks with boiling my driftwood. After I got it, I boiled it for a couple of days and swore it was finished. It went into the 10 gallon that was housing our pleco, and when I moved everything into the big tank I gave it another boil, just to clean it. Then I discovered lots of yellow water Ever since, it's been in a pot, boiling for 3-6 hours each day and sitting in hot water that I change as often as I can. I feel really bad for the pleco! He seems happy enough in there and does have a hiding spot when he isn't exploring, but I think he'd be happier with brief visits from his driftwood. Would it be okay to put it into the main tank twice a week, for an hour or two before water changes?
  11. So I FINALLY have two pieces of driftwood to attach an anubias (or a few) to. My question is what is the process for attaching anubias to driftwood. And which anubias are the strongest/hardiest? I've never had plants in my tank except for some free-floating anacharis. I know I could google this. But I'll rather get the info from people who have "done it and tried it".
  12. I just got a 60gal that is long (instead of squarish) and I want one big "rock" or "driftwood" thing for the middle. But all the pet stores sell is that painted resin stuff that always chips for me. What does everyone else use that's safe and cost-effective?
  13. I'm looking for a piece of driftwood, large enough to be visible in a 110 gallon tall tank. If you are selling or giving away please let me know!
  14. i eventually want to add anubias to my tank (attached to driftwood). I was wondering where you get your driftwood from? I went to a fish store yesterday and they only had rock (small and expensive)
  15. Hello hello, everybody! So recently I have been looking into a second plant type to put into my tank. Reading plant guides always leads me time and time again to Anacharis. It's so perfect and I love everything about it... except the way it looks! I think it looks rather plain planted by itself or just floating, which is why I've always been hesitant to buy any. Has anybody had success with tying down anacharis to driftwood? Is this even feasible? My idea is tie the bottoms of the anacharis onto the tips of this fake driftwood: http://www.drsfoster...fm?pcatid=18456 Then, the rest of the anacharis would float around like "branches" and the overall picture would look like a lovely willow tree! What do you guys think?
  16. Hello everyone! So I just purchased a new 45 gallon for my goldies along with a beautiful piece of grapevine driftwood as decor. As I was reading through some older posts, I noticed that some people were saying that driftwood can sometimes be unsafe for the goldfish and can affect their water negatively. Should I finish soaking my driftwood and just add to the tank and keep on eye on it, or should I ditch it all together? I would love to hear any opinions on the matter. Thank you!
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