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  1. As title says, I have a single (1) dose of K9 advantix II for 4-10lb dogs/puppies over 7weeks of age. It was given to my husband and I when we bought our corgi pup, however she was already 12lbs by the time she needed her dose so its unused, unopened, also comes with instruction pamphlet. Just pay for shipping $7 via PayPal for USPS small flat rate priority box. Only ship in the continental US. This is a 2 pack but 1 dose was used before we received it. There is still 1 dose left.
  2. Kate89


    Since the 'hair' photos went down so well, I thought it would be nice to start a thread in which I can share photos of my lovely boy in between his hair cuts Dylan is a Patterdale terrier who we've had for about 5 years now. He was a rescue dog from the Dogs Trust, he was taken in as a stray so we don't really know how old he is, but we estimated he was about 5 when we got him which makes him about 10 now, which we think is about right. We say he's a Patterdale terrier, but he's probably crossed with something else as his coat is much curlier than other Patterdales, even the rough coated ones. Anyway, he's definitely a terrier, we can tell that much!! He's my special boy, we got him just before I started my vet degree, and I'm now in my final year, so he's helped me through it and been my little anatomy model and pretend patient on numerous occasions. This is one of my fave photos of him from last year (he had actually just had his hair cut in this one, but there's no sign of the cuttings ). He's much more grey in his face now, but I thought this would be a nice one to start the thread off with. Here's the first of many Dylan photos!
  3. I've been away on a placement for the past month, and found myself missing my boys, a lot. My boyfriend sent me this picture after he'd given our dog, Dylan, a hair cut. It brought the biggest smile to my face so I thought I'd share it with everyone... It's so nice to feel loved!
  4. Hello orange ping pong ball... Click for the video...
  5. Flipper

    Tear Stains

    I was recently looking at pictures of my fabulous pooch when he was younger (he's 6.5 now) and I realized that he has some nasty tear stains now that he never had in his youth I've been wiping the area daily and have read all the homeopathic remedies ie. Apple cider vinegar, tums, peroxide I don't want to harm Dooley I was wondering if anybody has first hand experience with anything working? Appreciate any suggestions
  6. I don't know how he did it, but his knee joint is completely out place and the tendon is completely snapped We noticed three weeks ago he wasn't using his leg, waited a week, took him to the vet, they got us to give him pain killers two weeks later there was no change so we took him back, yesterday he had x-rays (Cost $380 ) And confirmed the damage. Luckily the vet is associated with a company called vetpay, so we pay a 20% deposit and then pay vetpay back in fortnightly installments. So I only had to pay 80 something yesterday. The vet wants him to have the surgery ASAP, so I'm going to be working every day for the next month to try and get the money for the deposit - the surgery will cost $1638 all up. So I need around $400 for the deposit I hate seeing him like this. It's going to be crazy working so long, I'm going to be absolutely exhausted. Why must vets be so expensive I just felt like sharing, I'm worried about him and hate that I can't just say "Ok here's the money do it whenever". He is only 8 years old and the vet reckons he has a good 10 years left in him so I know it will be worth it, and if we didn't get the surgery the bones would fuse weirdly so his joint would always be kind of swollen and he wouldn't be about to use it anyway. The vet said it's a type of injury you normally see in footballlers and waterskiers, so don't know what my little guy has being up to..
  7. So my husband calls me at work yesterday. There's a stray GSP that's been running the area for a few weeks. I've got him tied up here and feeding him small meals. Was thinking of bringing him home and finding him a home.? I listed all the reasons that wouldn't be a good idea but ended up caving. We have two Neutered males (Weim and Pit Mix) neither fond of other dogs. They don't always get along themselves. The pit mix is aggressive to other males especially. This one is an intact male. He took Mr. GSP to the vet on the way home. Yeah he has a micro chip ! Booooo the owner doesn't want him back because he's gun shy. Hello......fireworks going off all around the house and he doesn't flinch.. Booo...he has heartworms, a cyst, infected nipples , broken teeth and diarrhea There goes that extra money we came into yesterday ! Good news is i'm in contact with GSP rescue. They are trying to find a spot for him. He's going to be a handsome dog once he's cleaned up and puts on some weight. He's outside right now on a dog run (pulley set up) that spans our fenced yard as I imagine he could go over our fence like our other dogs do. He's yelping and crying out there. As soon as we're out of site he starts up. I imagine he broke his teeth chewing out of his pen(as told by former owner). If rescue doesn't take him are there any GSP lovers out there ?????
  8. I did a mini photoshoot of my dogs today to test out a new lens and this was my favorite out of all of them Don't be fooled by that sad face though , she KNOWS no one can resist -____- (Her name is Pearly) Notice how she's so scruffy looking... Her fur is a complete NIGHTMARE to manage. Probably because she came from this squirrel-like thing (whom I love). And this is her beautiful mother, Momo: Proof that Pearly is not actually unhappy as she looks:
  9. My house is very very full of furry things. I work for a veterinarians office as well as volunteer for an animal rescue shelter. So I personally have 2 dogs, 4 cats and a rabbit. I rent space at my mom's house so there's also her two dogs. I'm currently fostering a dog for the shelter. They're all spayed/neutered (even the rabbit) except for Carlos. The dogs: Moonpie, 9 year old Bassett Hound, Border Collie mix. I adopted her from Humane Society when I was in high school. (She's my favorite) Carlos, 12 year old Husky, Malamute mix. Rescued from euthanasia May 2012 due to blindness and age. We officially adopted Carlos in October when he became a therapy dog. Suzy, ancient Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso mix. Rescued from living in a dug out hole in someone's back yard. Mom adopted her immediately (back in high school) Lacey, 2 year old Poodle/Chihuahua mix. Rescued from a hoarding situation. Bottle fed with her sister. Mom officially adopted her after 3 months. Roxanne, 4 year old Miniature Bull Terrier. Current foster for the shelter. Owner gave up her and her sibling due to cancer. Has been in rescue since April 2012. We have 2 families interested in adopting her and she's only been with me for 3 weeks (yay!!) The cats: Jason Bond, 7 years old. Bottle fed after surviving Hurricane Katrina. Officially adopted after 3 years of him sitting at the shelter. Deenah, 5 years old. Trapped in my TNR trap back in the day. She was easily tamed and officially adopted after 1 year of trying to find an adopter. Baby aka Snowball, almost 2 years old. Bottle fed two years ago during kitten season. Officially adopted immediately. Spookie Monster, 1 year old. Rescued from euthanasia after head trauma. Because I work for a neurologist I was able to provide proper treatment. He's mostly blind and has some neurological deficits but is able to walk, play, and function like a normal cat again. Officially adopted after he was scheduled for euthanasia once his blindness was determined. The rabbit: Punkin', 7 year old Silver breed. I used to breed the Silver breed rabbits back in high school. I gave that up for rescue and the breed is no longer bred in the state of Florida so they are hard to come by if you want a good quality. He was a show rabbit for some 4H kid. Brought to the shelter at the end of the school year in 2011. I immediately paid to have him neutered despite his age and brought him home.
  10. So, some may remember me posting a little while back about getting a dog... Well, Baby Girl found a home, and I am happy she did. I was a little too late getting back to her after convincing my landlords to reconsider approving me for a dog. I decided that my next dog would be an older dog, preferably pomeranian or keeshond. I decided to include a pomeranian because of a gorgeous little dog I saw on my facebook group a while back who looked exactly like a keeshond, and probably is part keeshond, but small (: Who knew it would be that same dog that I was interested in 4 months ago (: Introducing Koko! From what I have heard, he was always an outside dog by the owners choice and wasn't treated very well. He went to an overcrowded shelter, and out of desperation he was given to his previous owner for free, otherwise he would have been put down. He has lots of little quirks, but he is still a very sweet guy. His joints on his back legs are a little sore. He has very limited back leg strength. He is solid muscle in the front, weighing 22 pounds of pure muscle, and DANG this dog can pull when he wants to! (: So far he has adapted into our lives nicely, and he absolutely loves my BF. He had some aggression issues with the other dogs he was with, and luckily I am a one dog person (: So far he has left the cats alone and tries to avoid them when they are all hissy and fluffy....... Not to say they have returned the favor. So far he has had a rough welcome. My older cats and Otter all hid under the bed and were hissing their heads off. The youngins seem to enjoy stalking him and his food I think they may have just found a common enemy. My house has gotten 3 times more entertaining since bringing Koko home. I have a video of my sickly little black cat stalking him as well, but it was too dark on my computer, even though it was better on my camera \: Maybe someone with a huge display and great brightness can see it XD Probably not though. <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN2517.mp4"> Koko is 7 years old, and a few months ago I told his owners he was probably part Keeshond. (: Because they were super far away in Southern Oregon (Grants Pass... Yikes!) I couldn't go meet him, but they decided to keep him anyways. Well they had to put him back up. I had just posted a want ad for a guy like him too (: The person who owned him was the group Admin's sister, and through the kindness of the admin's heart she drove me 4 hours to Roseburg and back to meet Koko (: I was pretty scared to bring an older dog into our home. After our last experience with a dog, I was super paranoid about how he would do with the cats. I previously had a puppy named Lucy, and she was really hard to handle and almost bit down on Monkeys head while he was in her mouth. So far he minds his own business and doesn't get into trouble with them, and when they don't back off we push them away. They have began to relax in his presence. Except Luna... She is ready to step in as disciplinarian as soon as she is needed My goals for the end of this month is to have him neutered and get bloodwork done on him (: I wanna make sure I give him a nice and cozy life and do everything I can to keep him going strong (: I am already going to switch him to glucosamine/chondroiton food and give him the heating pad so he can relax his little back legs. We are also trying to see if there is a name he will respond to, because he doesn't respond to Koko very much. I definitely feel more relaxed with him here. With other dogs I have been out of my mind stressed and worried about how they would be with the cats. He has shown me that he won't harm them. Even with baby Otter constantly hissing, growling, swiping, and spitting at him... I need to get some videos Weary Otter... TOO CUTE Thanks for looking (:
  11. please excuse the baffle noises in the vid.. it was a slightly windy day today. edit: this is Cherry, she's a 1 year old Jack Russell. i took her in because i believed my mother in law would be interested in keeping her. but Cherry is still a pup and way too active for my mother in law. she's a beautiful sweet girl who deserves adoring owners that have the time to train and care for her. very bright, very willing to learn and totally loveable. i do not believe that she is desexed. all i know is that her owners were deported back to their Country and were not permitted to take Cherry with them. if anyone would like to adopt her, please call me on 0412535013. today is the 26.09.12, i have till the 30th of September to find her a new home or take her back.
  12. http://news.yahoo.co...-144113788.html Makes me cry ): I wish that more pet owners valued their pets as much as they did, though a terrible accident like this could be avoided with a doggy life jacket. Rest in peace.
  13. Drowsy

    Three fuzzies.

    Have three dogs int he household right now. c: Will probably be getting a lab soon. but that is very hushhush surprise. First we have Keiran, the Pomchi. (Pomeranian Chihuahua mix.) He is my dog. c: He is five years old this year. and here is his daddy, Peanut. (Chihuahua) Laying with our neighbors jack russel. And this is my moms pudgy Yorkie.
  14. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/5PlYBzSuvg0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. more stuff with my new camera.....of course I had to get some shots of my baby Maverick. He didn't seem as excited as I was haha
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