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  1. I'm depressed about posting in this particular sub topic in the forum, but I need help. -Ammonia: 0 -Nitrite: 0 -Nitrate: 20-30 -Ph (Tank): 7.6-7.8 -Ph (Tap): 7.4-7.6 -Test Kit Brand: API drops -Water Temp: 82 F (Finishing Ick quarantine) -Tank Size: 51 gallons -Filter: 2 Aquaclear 70 -Water Change: 1x a week 60% -Inhabitants: 4 in all, a Ryukin (6+ inches), an Oranda (5.5 inches), a Lionhead (~6 inches) and a Telescope (6+inches) -Last Water Change: 4 days ago: 60% -Additives: Prime, Salt @ 3% (Finishing Ick quarintine) -Diet: Frozen Bloodworms, Veggies, brine shrimp- 3 different types of pellets ranging in brands: Hikari, Aka-sai, Omega one etc. I feed them 1x to 2x a day. -Medications: Currently on Jungle medicated food for their wierd empty poop casings- I had another thread on this, it got a little worse so I started them on meds. Poop is improving. Treatment History: Oranda and Ryukin have been in the main tank for 3 months and did four rounds of Prazi Lionhead and Telescope were in a seperate 16 gallon QT where they recieved 5 rounds of prazi and salt up to 1% for a month. I transferred both the Lionhead and Telescope into the main tank where I began salt treatment for Ick for the entire main tank. Before transfering the Lionhead, and Tele my Oranda and Ryukin were having poop issues (empty casings) I upped the quantity of food and saw improvement within a week, and as how my QT with Lionhead, and Tele were up I decided to transfer them so I would only have to keep an eye on a single tank. They all did fine up to 3 or 4 days ago where they all were having the empty poop casings again despite me not lessening the food intake, so I decided to treat with medicated food for internal infections or parasites. Now onto the reason for this thread. Somehow my Ryukin damaged his mouth. No idea how, I have a small layer of gravel for them to play with but they are all small enough to be spit back out without an issue- it's the only thing in the tank that might be responsible. I managed to take a picture before my cell phone's battery died. On the left his lip is curled inward and when swimming he's chewing on it. I grabbed him and with a q-tip gently pushed out, I managed to place it correctly but when I let him loose he'd suck it back inward and chew on it. Please tell me this is reversible.
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