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  1. Hi everyone, I have a loooong rant/story ahead, if you care for the backstory here. I would really appreciate genuine responses because this is a really big decision for me and I’d like to make an informed one. Dividing this between story and the actual question. (Story=Quote) The Ropefish. I adore my ropefish so very much. They’re considered an oddball fish – not terribly common, more of a weird-people only fish. I’m sure I’ll need to explain what these are like. Here’s a profile: http://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/erpetoichthys-calabaricus/ I have already witnessed several accounts of Ropefish and Discus co-habiting, but what about fancies? Now look, I completely and totally understand why goldfish are generally kept in a species tank. They're filthy. But just as I am aware of that, I am aware that there are fish that break the mold, much like Dojo Loaches (which I know people have successfully kept with Orandas). Now before you look at Ropefish and scream and shout at me for even considering this, imagine a ropefish as a large but much more calm Dojo Loach. A predator yes, but playful and nothin’ but gentleman. They aren’t aggressive and only consider small fish to be food. They are hardy, and they eat from my hand so I don’t really need to worry about the goldfish out competing them for food. In my opinion, the only thing that’s up in the air is the recommended temperature for the ropefish. Some sources say 73-86, some say 79-86. I would get more opinions about the specific needs of the ropefish before going forward with anything, but basically I wanted to get opinions from the goldfish experts first. My ropes are currently with my lone Angelfish and kept at 79F. Not comfortable with keeping fancy goldfish at higher than 75F. I feel confident that my set up and water change habits from raising discus will enable me to keep a happy and healthy goldfish tank. The tank is a 105 gallon w/ two Marineland C-360s and I have a nearly automatic water change setup with aged municipal water. So keeping up with water quality really isn’t a chore for me. So… thoughts? Anyone ever try this combination?
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has tried a Siamese Flying Fox and Goldfish combination? I have heard the Siamese Flying Fox are really very good for algae consumption, and generally peaceful fish. They grow to about 12cm, so would not be a snack for larger fish. They are tropical fish, but would suit the higher temp range goldfish are suited for, I think (but not 100%). They also appear to suit the same ph range as the goldfish. This is where I got my info from: http://www.thinkfish.co.uk/fish/siamese-flying-fox.html Is this a really bad idea? or does anyone have any experience with these fish or this combination of fish? Thanks so much!
  3. Hello, I have all the supplies I need for a tropical aquarium. I know how to cycle the tank/set it up/etc. I have all the plants and decorations to set it up with plenty of hiding spots and caves. (I have three tanks available. 10 gallon, 20 gallon long, and 35 gallon...) What I'm asking right now is what fish that I have listed below are compatible? (Similar temperaments, food & water requirements, and will basically just be able to live together well.) Mainly interested in these (In groups by possible combinations I'm interested in like I listed below. Really not too picky!): With all possible groups: Pink Ramshorn Snails (at most 3 - very interested in these!) Ghost Glass Catfish (Fairly interested) Tetra Group: (Most interested in these!) Von Rio Flame Tetras Long Finned Blushing Skirt Tetras Other Group: (2nd best choices.) Cherry Barbs / Gold Barbs Rasbora Brigittae Maybe: (Not very interested but still possible.) Ghost Shrimp Basically I want fairly inexpensive fish that I can get at a Petsmart or Petco. As for getting other suggestions: I'm interested in either clear / glass / transparent fish or red colored fish. Right now I'm just looking for what will be compatible in terms of getting along together / temperament and in terms of feeding / water needs... Once I know which fish I'll look into how many of each and any other special care needs. The tank choices I have (I already own) are 10, 20 gallon long, or a 35 gallon. Thanks soo much! -Elaine Selene
  4. I have read multiple conflicting answers to this question: do or orandas and lion heads make good tank mates? They're some of my favorite species and I already have them in the same tank (both juvenile) and was wondering if they would have problems living together later on.
  5. Hi all! I have a friend who is going off to college, and he was wondering if I would like to have his oranda goldfish! Naturally, I really want to take him, but I am not entirely certain that he will be compatible with my fish. I am getting a 40 gal tank, and I will put in it my fish (a streamline/fancy cross) and hopefully his fish. So, Would a large Oranda be compatible with a small mixed-breed fish? My little guy is not a streamlined type of goldie exactly, but he isn't quite a fancy either... Would this work out? Usually my fish isn't very fast, but if he got bigger would the oranda have trouble competing for food? The oranda is 3 inches and my fish is about 2 Thanks! -Cyprinidae
  6. I am buying a 330 litre tank (87US gal) I want to have goldfish, rosy barbs and a rubbernose pleco, would this be possibe? I know that goldfish and rosy barbs can go together and goldfish and rubbernose pleco can go together but would the 3 species be okay in one tank? I will be having a planted aquarium.... I will also be having 3 guppies in my 20 litre tank and will feed the fry to the goldfish occasionally, would the barbs be able to feed on the fry too? If i cannot have a pleco with the two other species or cannot find a rubbernose pleco i will just have the barbs and goldfish... What numbers of each fish do you suggest?
  7. Hellooo. I am looking into getting some balloon lyretail mollies and some black lyretail mollies. Can they be housed with cherry barbs? I may get a maximum of 4 mollies and maybe 6 cherries. I am also looking for a bottom feeder, and so far I am only interested in hillstream loaches or bristlenose plecos. Can someone tell me about those bottom feeders? I wish I could have had a bala shark but the poor cherries would be picked on. How compatible are these fish together? I haven't gotten any yet so i wanted to make sure they would work together before I got them (: Oh and this may be a stupid question but could a betta go with any of these fish? I would imagine he would have maybe some problems with the mollies.
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