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  1. Hi everyone! First post I have had a real issue with what I now call "The bachelor tank". A few months ago I set up a new 40B with three small butterfly telescopes and my only ryukin/telescope fry (now about 8 months old). I am adding a new 40B this week so it wasn't permanent stocking. Simple sponge filter and 40 gallon HOB, a few live plants in planters, bare bottom, LED light. SO! I am posting this to see if anyone has experience with bachelor tanks and chasing. I also just want to post my experiences/ observations for others if they run into this problem. So I wanted to groom/ grow out these fish and track their growth. I added a heater to raise the temp to around 77 and fed lots of Repashy, New Life Spectrum pellets, and various frozen food blends. It was all going very well. The fry doubled in weight in one month, catching up to his LFS telescope buddies. Well, now i've had to stop the whole grow out because they all developed breeding stars on their gill plates and fins (DUH! What was I expecting >_<). They started out chasing, what turned out to be, the sole female, my black moor. I kept an eye on it but I was pretty confident she was too young and too new to my tanks to have eggs yet. Unfortunately they ran her ragged and she had to be moved to the 55gallon. I thought without her they would stop....I was WRONG. They chase each other incessantly! ALL DAY! The ryukin fry and my calico telescope are good swimmers and can give/take the chasing without too much issue. The orange telescope, Bumble, is NOT a good swimmer (hence the name) and he gets tired out quickly. They gang up on him, pushing, chasing all over.... I separate bumble in a floating basket for a few hours to give him a break at least once a day. I don't want to remove Bumble if I don't have to, but even with the tank at room temp (68 F), a more limited/ less rich diet, and less daily "sunlight"...the stars and chasing remain. I did some reading on this forum to see if anyone had spoken about this already and I came across a linked article about male goldfish hormones. http://wordpress.cfans.umn.edu/sorensen/files/2012/08/goldfishpheromone.pdf So, it seems even without a female present, who is almost ready to release eggs, the males release their own hormone into the water. It seems that it's a way to assess the competition and gear up for when a female shows up. It seems it triggers the males into chasing each other and battling it out for dominance. My calico telescope and ryukin fry seem to be tied for dominance... SO! In theory if I do more frequent water changes it should lower the amount hormone saturation in the water. Hopefully "calming" them down and lessening the frequency of chasing. Also, maybe exposing them to a mature female for periods of time. Maybe one male to a female, can help get rid of the mating urge? Anyway....I hope to get this figured out. I really like have serene tanks...but these BROS are killing me with their urges!
  2. So I have two small fantail goldfish. They are around an inch and a half to two inches long. When ever I put broccoli in the tank one of them chases the other around. I put the broccoli in the bottom of the tank for 20 mins and then take it out after, but while its in there (cheeto) chases the other (sushi) around. They both still eat some of it, but I was wondering if there was anything I could do to stop it? I think they are to young to to be breeding and it only happens when there is broccoli in there. Any questions or advice in appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, At long last, I have introduced my established fish of at least 6 years to her new friend, Victoria, who is a little juvenile oranda (2 inch body length). However, after matching all of the water parameters, etc. , Duchess seems to be 100% freaking out about this blind friend-date. Vickie keeps coming up to her in what seems to be a non-threatening manner--no biting, no charging. She just kind of seems to be trying to swim with her, but Duchess is having none of it and hiding and swimming like a bat out of hell. She is so discombobulated that she's having trouble remembering how to swim it seems like! They were circling each other a little but now D has had a total meltdown and is hiding and bottom sitting. I didn't think they'd be like betta fish for God's sake! Is this normal? I shut off their lights ad they've gotten a 60% happy water change today with the tank at .1% (for both of them until I taper it down). Duchess has been fine lately other than healing up some scrapes (they are all healed). Vickie otherwise has always seemed friendly, passed QT with flying colors, etc. I'm not sure what to do. I guess I could put Vickie back in the QT/holding tank, but I bought her to be a companion for Duchess after her tankmate of her whole life died in early March. When I had introduced D to her former tankmate, she had admittedly just come from a Petco where she had been living with friends. Is she just a weirdo solitary fish now whose heart will always pine for Queenie? Is "new friend anxiety" normal for goldfish? I feel bad for upsetting her and Victoria just seems to want to hang out.
  4. Been a long time since I've posted, my Ryukin, Yamato has been doing really well, he's about a year and a half old now. Sadly he's been plagued by floating issues so I have had to keep him on a strict blanched peas diet. Anyways, I figured it would cheer him up to have a buddy in the tank with him, so I purchased and quarantined a beautiful Black Moor who I just introduced to the tank yesterday. The Black Moor, Othello, made himself right at home but almost immediately began chasing Yamato all over the tank. Yamato swam away with great speed at first but over the past day has gotten more and more apathetic about the whole thing and Othello now spends his time headbutting Yamato. I was really confused at first why the new fish would show this kind of aggression towards the established fish, especially since Yamato is larger, but then in dawned on me: THIS WAS MATING BEHAVIOR Yamato might be a female...whoops So I guess I'll just let nature take it's course and hope that maybe if Yamato lays some eggs it may help with HER floating issues a bit. My one concern that I wanted to bring up for discussion (and something I haven't found a straight answer to so far), how do male and female goldfish get along when they're not breeding? Can they coexist happily in a tank? Does this chasing behavior happen year-round? I don't want Yamato to be harrassed everyday all day for the rest of her breeding life so I'm hoping this only happens at certain times of the year. Also, is there anything that can be done to discourage breeding season, like raising water temp, etc? Thanks in advance for your insight!
  5. The fish I have in my 100litre tank: 1 x zebra danio (female) 1 x long finned danio (male) 1 x pearl danio (male) 1 x albino white cloud (male) 2 x white clouds (females) 1 x tele goldfish Nitrates- 5 Ammonia- 0 Nitrite- 0 pH- 7.8 WC yesterday (80%) My female zebra danio has started to behave like a little madam and aggressively chases the others. Littles fights and chases break out between everyone once in a while but this is becoming persistent and its always her now that seems to do the bullying. I've put some small dividers at the top which they can swim through, but I thought it would break up the chasing a little and give them a few more places to hide. It has helped but she is still targeting everyone (except my goldfish thank goodness). Is there anything I can do?
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