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Found 2 results

  1. So it's only just over a week since I lost my lovely Mario, but my big beautiful tank has been sitting empty and I have been miserable about the whole horrible situation all week... what I could have done differently, if only I had antibiotics available straight away, if I only I hadn't gone away that weekend, etc. etc. My boyfriend finally managed to coax me out of my misery hole to go and look at some goldfish shops at the weekend. So we went to our usual places, we even did the hour drive to the place where we got Mario from, but every fish I looked at I compared to him, and so obviously none of them were good enough. But then Baz saw a bronze oranda that he liked, so we went for it. There's no time like the present I suppose. I said to myself that the next fish we get will be a pair, I almost felt bad for Mario spending all that time as a solo fishy. So I picked out the cutest calico ranchu, about the same size as the oranda. So there we have it, an oranda and a ranchu, I'm not naming them yet or posting pictures until they get through their qt (sorry for being mysterious, I just don't want to get too attached just yet). They're in an 80l quarantine tub (I think that's about 20 US gallons?), with the same filter, heater and air curtain I used for Mario's qt (all cleaned and new sponges in filter of course). It was all set up and ready to go before I went fish 'browsing', who was I kidding thinking I was going to come home empty handed?! Here's my thing though - it's uncycled (hence new filter sponges) - I initially used some mature filter sponge from the big canister filter from the main tank, but no matter how much I 'gently rinsed it' in old tank water, it was still dirty looking and throwing bits of gunk into the lovely clean qt tank. So I emptied it all out and decided to go uncycled and be a slave to the bucket for the next few weeks. So my qt plan is to salt for the first week, then start de-worming treatment next week. I got them home yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, and let them into their lovely big clean qt tub after a couple of hours acclimatising. I fed them little and often yesterday, which they ate ravenously, and had a towel over the tub to let them destress. This morning I did as big a water change as possible, then salted to 0.1%. This evening I will raise it to 0.2%, then finally to 0.3% tomorrow morning. It's going to be a faff adding back salt with all the water changes, but needs must. I plan to start worming treatment next week - I've ordered two worming products, as I wasn't sure which would be best (both ordered online as anthelmintics aren't available over the counter here). So here is where I need the most advice, I initially ordered some Kusuri Wormer Plus, as that was what I saw was recommended on an article on here. Then I found an eBay shop that ships to the UK, so ordered some PraziPro as well. So now I've got the choice of using either a flubendazole or praziquantel based product, does anyone have any advice on which I should use? And whichever one I do use can I continue with the salt treatment or should I stop that? Or just lower it to 0.1%? Also, I would really like to add some carbon to the filter to help prevent ammonia creeping up between wc's (I'm doing almost 100% everyday), can I do that with salt? I'm assuming I'll have to remove it when I start anthelmintic treatment though. Both fish look active and healthy but I don't really trust the source they came from - the oranda was from a very overstocked display tank, and the guy didn't seem that knowledgable, I had to catch the oranda myself as he wasn't keen on catching it with his hands and I don't like them thrashing around in a net. Anyway, I must be a sucker for punishment, lets hope I don't have too many problems... Thoughts and advice very welcome as always
  2. I have two hang on side filter with cartridges. Sometimes tiny carbon fragments (from the filter cartridge ) get pushed out while the filter is running and get into the bare bottom tank. The fragments are the size of maybe two to three grains of sand clump together. My fish eats these tiny fragments. The fragments are not big enough for Goldy to choke on. Should I be concerned? My fish is a small month old fry.
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