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  1. Eheim 2217 canister filter with all hoses, intake, etc. plus a spare intake and some sponge media. Working perfectly. $75.00 plus shipping. Or pick up if you are in Middle TN!
  2. So after going through a great deal of trouble tearing down my new 55 gallon tank and restarting it before it had even finished cycling (due to snails), I finally plugged my two Aqueon Quietflow 55/75 filters back in... And nothing. Not a whirr, not a peep. Dead. I spent 3 hours trying everything I could think of to get them to work, and nothing. I've had them 34 days, just missing the date for returns. So now I'm out $80. ANYWAYS, now that I've stopped shaking my fists at the sky in impotent rage I need to get a new filter. My friend who keeps Oscars loves her canister filter and swears by it. She has a National Geographic cf70 uv filter. If I went that route I'd probably go up to the cf80, though that seems a little low, being rated "up to" 80 gallons. Maybe a Fluval 406? I want something I can rely on, that isn't going to break my back, and isn't going to break the bank. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated!
  3. Hi guys. I was going to ask this in the subbies forum but I thought it might be more useful for anyone's future references to ask here. (Thanks Alex for posting in the recent thread by Koko that reminded me of this factor! ) I recently upgraded from a 40 breeder (actual gallonage held is closer to 50 than 40, holding about 49g with canister, 47g without), and now have my girls in a 75g. I did purchase another supplemental filter of an API Superclean 50 after reading about how quiet it is, plus it also has a surface skimmer which totally sold me on it. Reviews were right, by the way. It is dead silent and runs the skimmer very efficiently. Though a weak gph for a 50 gallon filter, I have zero complaints so far. I even had to slightly baffle it as it has several intake locations. My other filter is a Fluval 406 canister. Fluval 406 is approx 380 gph (cleaned monthly) API Superclean 50 is approx 200gph (rinsed twice weekly) Is this adequate for my tank, with my two weekly WCs of 90% and 50%?
  4. Hi, I recently upgraded to a new 75G glass aquarium with stand. I also purchased one of those glass tops tat the light sits on and a cabinet stand for my goldfish. Here are some details: 75G Tank 2 large goldfish (approximately 8-9" each), one is 12 years old, the other about 10-11 years old. Current fiter is filter on my old 29G (Aquaclear HOB) which definitely needs upgrading and fast. I had no choice but to move the fish and the water along with the filter media into the new tank. I typically have green water and pH problems which I can assume are due to the filter size. I currently feed them one time per day and they eat only algae pellets due to a swim bladder illness in one of the two. Algae seems to keep him in good shape (knock on wood). I would like to get feedback on what the best filter would be for this situation. I seem to have trouble with the HOB because they do not seem to fit the tank very well. Not sure if this is due to the size of the filter but I kind of have to force it to sit in a certain way for it to work due to the thickness of the frame at the top of the tank. I am open to any suggestions particularly the type of filter to go for (canister, HOB etc) and brand that will work and last. Thanks!
  5. I never posted much on this part of the forum as I didn't find many things that blew my mind. Well, my fluvial FX6 certainly does! I got it for my 500liter turtle tank - so think LOTS of dirt, ripped up plants, chewed up and spat out sepia bone, mess and more mess! Especially since they just had a growth spurt recently, and the mess has significantly increased! I used to run a large eheim on this tank, but I felt the need to syphon the dirt from the floor every few days, and the water always had particles flying around it in. Well, I ordered my fluvial FX6 after doing some reading and this baby is a BOMB!!!!! I would highly recommend it for larger goldfish tanks. It is SUPER silent (something I didn't expect from such a giant machine), it cleans like a charm and has a no fuss maintenance. I feel like it is the correct price as it is really good quality and made from sturdy components. I tend to feel like Eheims are overpriced (mine always broke on me!). The fluval is a no fuss, heavy duty filter. It might be a little large to fit into some tank stands tho, so make sure you measure yours before hand. Now my water is clear, the floor is soooo perfect I recently added sand because I trust this filter to keep it spotless (which it does), and the turtles love swimming around the output current! I just did a water change today after 2 weeks of nothing and it was just like if the tank had been cleaned yesterday. LOVE IT!
  6. Starting around maybe 2 weeks ago, I noticed the output for my filter wasn't as high as it normally is. I assumed the impeller was possibly clogged so I cleaned it along with the filter media. This didn't fix the issue and now when I leave the filter unplugged for long amounts of time, like when I do water changes, it takes the filter a few seconds to actually turn on after plugging it in. I got this filter used so I don't know how old it actually is, but nothing seems broken from what I can see. I'm not too worried because I just bought an aquaclear 110, but I can't set it up until I can get a hole put in my canopy for it to sit in which might take awhile. I started to think maybe it's an electrical issue?? I use a power bar that includes 7 outlets and all are being used. Theres no other outlet I could try plugging the filter in to test this though because it wont reach anywhere else. Other than doing more frequent water changes I don't know if theres really anything I can to fix the filter.
  7. Hey guys, One of my least favorite parts of this hobby is dealing with wonky technology! Especially since I have no idea about these things. These past few days my canister filter in my 50Gal community tank has started making noises. First the usual 'I have air in me' whistling which I ignored and decided to deal with when doing the water change, then since yesterday it seems to go from high to low/no speed by itself. And finally this morning it started making grinding noises. Since I have had sand with that filter for about 3/4months, I figured some sand might be messing with the motor. So I took it apart, washed all the 'machine parts' well and rinsed out the filter materials. Turned it back on, the noise is gone but now it has basically zero power. Thankfully, I have another filter running on that tank so I turned it off for now. I have a few ideas of what the issue could be; 1. could the sand have broken something? When I emptied it about a tablespoon of my old black sand came out. So it has been in there for 1week+ at least. 2. Thing is, I have stockings wrapped around the intake because I don't want my kuhli loaches to test their daredevil selves and go into the canister! So 1. How can sand even go in if I have the intakes wrapped. 2. Could the wrapped intakes be the cause for the slower flow? Somehow clogging the intake? Ugh! Any suggestions? I can feel the need to get a new filter coming around!
  8. So I have been running my fluval 406 canister filter for about two weeks now, I was just wondering when you should change the large sponge pad part and the carbon. It says every month but I am assuming that's more for other freshwater fish not goldfish. I've also read you don't really have to change the ceramic rings ever unless they are damaged, which makes sense. But anyone have any times on when to change the other media?
  9. I’m currently pursuing to create a Fancy Goldfish aquarium with approximately 5 – 6 Goldfish in total. The tank will incorporate gravel and a few hardy plants (lightly planted) to produce an authentic and natural look. I’ve already purchased my tank, an “Eheim MP OPAL 120” bought online from “Age of Aquariums” (www.aquariumproducts.com.au) at a discounted price. I feel privilege and psyched to own one since only a limited amount of these are available within Australia. The Aquarium is built sturdy and the quality is what you’d expect from an Eheim, the dimensions are 120cm long, 55cm wide and 60cm tall; the tank can hold up to 360 litres (95 gallon). However for my purpose I will consider this a 300 litre (80 gallon) aquarium as I don’t intend to fully fill it all the way and some space will be reserved for ornaments. I’m very aware that Goldfish including the Fancy variety can produce a lot of biological waste so Biological filtration would be of upmost importance and for this reason I will be looking into a canister filter. I’ve also done research and found that a turnover rate of 10x is optimal for Goldfish however I’m not entirely sure how relevant this is to me since it’s mostly targeted at HOB and Internal Filter which hold very little amount of media. Elsewhere I’ve heard that the recommend turnover rate for a canister filter is 4 - 6x since canisters hold far media, and this is also assuming that you’re mostly stocking with bio-media. I also have great concerns over turnover rate as it may produce strong current that can lead to stress amongst my fancy Goldfish, this is because Fancy’s are slower than the common Goldfish. At the moment I’ve looked into various filters available on the market, notably brands such as Eheims and Fluval which are very prominent and hailed to be reliable. However I’m willing to hear out any experiences and opinions on any other brands of filters on the market. I’m deeply considering the Eheim 2075 Pro 3 (600) as a possible candidate, it has a turnover rate of 4.16x and a media capacity of 6.5 litres. I’d really be keen in knowing the suitability of this filter as my primary filter and whether a secondary filter would be necessary. Finally I’d like to take the time to consider a few points with regards to choosing a canister filter: Would the Spray Bar provided by most canister be suitable enough to provide sufficient water agitation to assist with replenishing the dissolved oxygen which goldfish require? The water movement provided by the filter will it be enough to avoid stagnant area in the tank which can lead to the build-up of anaerobic bacteria. -
  10. I've never used canister filters before so I apologize for not knowing much. I'm trying to get the input and output tubes locked into the lid and I can't get the blue handle all the way down. I don't wanna bust it off so I didn't apply a lot of pressure unless your supposed to. Also any priming tips?
  11. Currently i have a Ehiem Pro 3e (canister) *filters 5times of the tank water Ehiem Powerline XL (internal) *filters 3times of the tank water Total is 8times... Can I add in another canister like a ehiem standard which filters another 2-3time more? As I would like to add more media substrate...my waters are clear now...
  12. Hi everyone, so I noticed a minor leak in my eheim 2217 canister last night and made the decision to remove the canister until I could fix the leak. This was so that I could sleep properly. Anyways, I will likely not have time to fix the issue for a couple of weeks. In the aquarium (65 gallons, 5 fancies), I still have a marineland c220 canister which has awful water flow and an internal fluval u4 which are both well established. The eheim 2217 holds the most media and has been in the tank since day 1 (the other 2 filters were subsequently added). Of course my concern is a cycle crash. I was fully cycled and had great metrics. 0 ammonia and nitrite and sub-20 nitrate. Any ways I can alleviate the risk of a crash until I can "reinstall" the eheim? Also, the current media in the eheim will sit dry, so I assume all the good bacteria creation gets destroyed...? This is a terrible situation as things were going well, but what can you do?? Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks in advance!
  13. I'm upgrading from a 10gal and a 20gal to a ~56gal (haven't purchased it just yet) and I'm not sure what kind of filter to get. I have 4 fancies (3 growing, good-sized ones and 1 little one that hasn't grown in the months that I've had it). I think I need a canister filter to handle the 560gph, right? Either way, suggestions on filters and brands?
  14. Hi, I have a 65 gallon with 6 fancies. I am done with stocking. I run an eheim 2217 canister, marineland c220 canister and an internal fluval u4. Total turnover is ~11.5x GPH based on manufacturer output rates, though I know most likely slightly lower in reality. I change 30-40% weekly with prime and params are generally fine. Ammonia is commonly 0-.25ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 0-20ppm I plan on adding a few hardy live plants to help with nitrate control over the next few weeks, time permitting. Please let me know if this is an adequate setup/routine. thanks!
  15. Found it on ebay. My tank is 110 gallons and I want to increase filtration. So far all I have is 350g/hour Sorry I thought I had posted the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/261107831955?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
  16. For those of you who use canister filters: have you continued to replace/add carbon or have you gone the no-carbon route? what types of media do you use and/or recommend? what I'm getting at with this, is whether or not carbon is necessary for filtration? I saw/read somewhere of people that don't use carbon in their filtration. My filter came with media but I'm curious as to whether or not there are other alternatives out there. Or maybe different (more efficient) ways to set up canister filtration then what manufacturers say.
  17. i am considering a canister filter for my new tank & was wondering what other experiences people have had with them... do they work well? are they easy to clean? has anyone had one spring a leak & drain their tank?? are the outlets on the higher powered models too strong for the fish & does it push them around the tank? for now its not ideal for me to get a super big sized one to do all the filtering (it wont fit under the tank stand & i dont really want it on the floor next to the tank as an ugly ornament unless it's really, really worth it!) so i was looking at getting a smaller 1200 litre an hour canister (which will fit under the tank) along with another 1200 litre an hour internal filter with a spray arm which brings me up pretty close to 10x filtration. i would be happy to get a 2200 litre an hour canister filter if they work well & the outlet wasn't too powerful & upsetting for the fish. i currently use an internal filter with spray arm on my 15 gal & am happy with the design. hang ons wont really fit anywhere on the tank as its in a corner of the room & cant be brought out from the wall much more to accomodate a hang on as it will interfere with the walkway. i won't be investing in a big brand name filter just yet... my goldies are still only 2 inches each & once in the new tank will have sooo much room it will be funny to watch them! once they get bigger & i trial all filter types i think i can make a decision on a big name filter then. also, anyone use the canisters with built in UV filtration? is this really necessary or more of a gimmick? i've read the globes can be difficult to find replacements for so would it be a good idea to avoid ones with built in UV? thanks for reading & any input!
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